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  1. In an ideal world: 22nd: Barnsley - They try so much to say they ain't bothered about Wednesday and it's just another game to them but come the week before the game and the day of the game it's their cup final and they "hate" us all of a sudden, I think they're just trying to be a Rotherham and be mini pigs but it just doesn't work as they just look so desperate to fit in. 23rd: Leeds - Vile place, fans living in the past and they actually think that they're still relevant when they haven't been for years, add on top of that they think they have a divine right to be promoted every year (much like the it's our year for Liverpool thing) and their fans are just morons! 24th: Pigs - Do I really need to say why?
  2. Nuhiu

  3. Best available 11 for Saturday.

    Wildsmith Venâncio Lees Pudil Hunt Hutchinson Bannan Reach Boyd João Nuhiu Subs: Jones, Van Aken, Rhodes, Loovens, Dawson, Pelupessy, Abdi
  4. This 352 nonsense.

    I said we should go back to 442 on the team against Bolton post. It has to go back to 442 next week Team: Wildsmith Hunt Venâncio Lees Pudil Boyd Pelupessy Clare Reach João Nuhiu
  5. No Almen Abdi today

    Listened to the post match interview and not even a question as to where Abdi was? In the pre match interview he said nothing about Abdi being injured (which he probably will be)
  6. Remaining fixtures and my predictions but I honestly don't know where the next win is coming from: 17-03-2018: Leeds vs Sheffield Wednesday (2-1 Leeds) 30-03-2018: Sheffield Wednesday vs Preston (2-0 Preston) 02-04-2018: Sunderland vs Sheffield Wednesday (Sunderland are relegated effectively so no pressure on them so 1-1) 07-04-2018: Sheffield Wednesday vs Fulham (3-0 Fulham) 10-04-2018: Queens Park Rangers vs Sheffield Wednesday (1-1) 14-04-2018: Hull vs Sheffield Wednesday (2-1 Hull) 21-04-2018: Sheffield Wednesday vs Reading (1-1) 28-04-2018: Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Sheffield Wednesday (3/4/5-0 Wolves) 06-05-2018: Sheffield Wednesday vs Norwich (2-1 Norwich)
  7. Team for Bolton

    It's time to get back to basics, players are possibly struggling with the formation as well as they'e clearly not fit so I would go back to 442. Dawson Palmer (by default) Lees Venâncio Pudil Clare Abdi Pelupessy Reach Nuhiu João Subs: Jones, Fox, Rhodes, Loovens, Boyd, Wildsmith, Stobbs
  8. Why didn't we get Pulis?

    Silly question but how do I listen to the podcast? And where?
  9. Why didn't we get Pulis?

    Why? What was said?
  10. Apparently radio Sheffield watch this site

    If any of you are on Twitter and like the football heaven page or check out the iPlayer radio site with football heaven you'll see yourself they favour pigs above anybody else, they absolutely love them!!!
  11. Loovens: release (hopefully retire unfortunately age has caught up with him, makes too many mistakes that are costing goals and he's just not good enough due to his legs going, he doesn't even read the game well anymore) Pudil: 2 year extended (as shown he has excelled at centre back and tbf is probably still our best left back too) Nuhiu: 1 year extended (I'm not his biggest fan but he does put his all into playing be it as a sub or starting and is a handful for opposition defnders) Wallace: release (age has just caught up with Wallace he's just not the player he was unfortunately)
  12. Wildsmith Palmer Venâncio Nielsen Thorniley Pudil Boyd Pelupessy Reach João Nuhiu Subs: Hunt, Jones, Rhodes, Loovens, Dawson, Wallace, Stobbs
  13. Fox or Beswetherick?

    Beswetherick but Fox ain't far behind him tbf. Problem is Pudil is doing better at cb than at lb, if you put Reach there then you're taking him away from the midfield where he's been playing well so unfortunately Fox by default has to play there :-(
  14. David Jones

    I agree with the one sided refereeing, at the time I couldn't see what Matias had gone for and I still don't know what he did, the only violent act is the Birmingham player: https://youtu.be/fQL7jsQGDzs
  15. Loovens subbed on 24min

    Loovens is clearly done! Tbf I thought in a back 3 he might be ok and wouldn't be exposed, how wrong could I be! He's been a great servant to the club but age clearly ha caught up with him and he should retire at the end of the season.