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  1. If they decided that they would judge offside position on say the hips or chest of a player, and stuck to that, a toe or quiff would not come into it, make a sensible ruling and then so what if body angle was odd, hips were level so not offside, simple for var to see and rule on
  2. I think it was a cross..... Great shot and good on him
  3. We are guaranteed to get Newcastle in the cup this season!
  4. "they asked me to describe how I feel when stood next to Atdhe Nuhiu"
  5. Crap reply from the BBC Thanks for contacting us about our coverage of the Chelsea v Sheffield Wednesday FA Cup match. We’re sorry that you were offended by the comments Danny Murphy and Ruud Gullit made about Steve Bruce. These were their personal opinions at the time based on the facts around his appointment and not as an attack on Steve personally. Alex Scott in the studio did offer a counter view that family time and life is bigger than football. After the programme, Danny did acknowledge that he made the comments “without knowing all the information”. We hope this explains what happened and we can assure you that our Match of the Day production team have been made aware of your complaint as they take a keen interest in what our audience are saying and use a lot of the feedback to help shape future programmes. Many thanks again for raising this issue with us, we hope this allays your concerns. Kind Regards BBC Complaints Team www.bbc.co.uk/complaints
  6. Wouldn't a clause that stops him taking a new job until 1st Feb also apply to the backroom team sacked with him? I'm assuming they were with him at villa...
  7. I tried to once, went round in circles :-)
  8. Have submitted a complaint too, joke of a website that complaints one!
  9. Purely from a professional feedback on production perspective, don't lean your head back so much when delivering the talk as it makes the studio lights reflect in your glasses, looks like aliens are attacking. Head up straight, problem solved!
  10. Any link to the Sheffield Star posted should invoke a 6 month band for the poster! Worst website EVER!
  11. "And you say this move worked well for Zidane in the World Cup yes?"
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