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  1. Beat Wycombe and we are guaranteed playoffs so pressure off, then win last two and see where we are
  2. Finished season 4 last night. Quite like the pacing of the seasons to be honest. Found this last season a bit gentler than previous ones but still enjoyed
  3. Watched this a while back, bit cheesy but had me hooked. I still fear rain slightly
  4. Well It all changed yesterday with episode 4! Or should I say episode 1 of season 3 of Mandalorian?
  5. Watched episode 1 last week, was very good I thought
  6. Watched episode 3 last night, it is starting to really suck, the kids on mopeds sucked big time, was like trying to spoof back to the future badly. Doesn't come close to Mandalorian despite same style and feel of the flow Disney should abandon mission now and cancel any more shows
  7. Is not quite doing it for me yet, seems the back story is more important than the actual one. Hoping it will pick up
  8. These days? Like, there have never been chants before about players in the past.....? He must be drinking as much as his Dad!
  9. Was perfect the Kidd tribute, although would have preferred he hung out with the bikers who rode with him rather than watch the stunt show, but was emotional and best thing on Top Gear for a long time.... Maclaren too was stunning
  10. They out do us for celebrity fans too, Dave Spikey and then Chesney off Corry in there to name a few!
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