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  1. Jimothy

    Caption Competition

    "And you say this move worked well for Zidane in the World Cup yes?"
  2. So about 18 people will get to watch it then......
  3. Every home game he is like "I'm off to the game to be pointed and laughed at by away fans for 90 mins plus luv, see you later"
  4. Whenever I try to read an article on the star website, it reminds me of when I had my first modem at 14.4k and trying to load a page with more that 2 pictures on it. It is unreadable, jumping up and down as spam adverts by the thousand load up on the page and advertising video's and anything that has paid anything to the star gets to clog up and move around the text you are trying to read. Plus Bigg's picture looks like he is mid gender change!
  5. So you are sick of the poisonous atmosphere yet you seem to want to keep it going somewhat......
  6. Jimothy

    Hirst scores again

    Well if anyone can help him in bulking up a bit, it's his Dad! :-)
  7. Owen Morrison more likely.....
  8. offer McCabe the cash for full ownership of blunts and then have fun closing them down....
  9. Same here just seen, very sad indeed. RIP Kevin
  10. Jimothy

    Charlton Ticket - caption comp

    Missus in being annoyed at change of fixture date as usually when Wednesday play at home, she plays away....her lover can't do Mondays though.......
  11. Jimothy

    As Bad..

    it is like they are on strike the players! Shocking performance!
  12. A basic understanding of the laws of light and sound travel may be needed by the band here. If you hear a song started in the north stand and try to join in, you will already be behind then time wise owing to the speed difference, so when you join in as a greater volume, you are already behind and when the sound reaches the north once again it is behind even further causing confusion and a feeling of nausea.... Conclusion, if a song is started elsewhere in the ground it is impossible to try and join band wise, let it flow naturally and then maybe start another song after it has died down...