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  1. I could not possibly say! It's as true as a poo
  2. I'm sure the debating societies will be out in force to debate the Massive! *Insert own Mass Debate gag here*
  3. It is supposed to be British so it was filmed here
  4. The creator was trying to recreate an all American high school type show but set in the UK so looks like it worked
  5. We gave up on season 3 about 2-3 episodes in
  6. It's all about Alice in Borderland now! I did dub on Squid just so could watch the action better, learned to let go being pedantic about the synching
  7. Yes was not sure the 001 bit needed The hair was about as bad as a billion can get you I would so watch I'm a Celebrity if that was the format! Enjoying Alice in Borderland now
  8. It will touch many people, just as Jimmy did..... This has reminded me of Frankie Boyles bit about Savile having the paedophilic running range of 26 miles cos of all his marathons 1min into this:
  9. Lucky escape then for her Yeah you have to just let things flow sometimes, it looked an interesting concept but not down my street
  10. Glad I have avoided this now, between this and gogglebox seen enough to not have to watch it Out of interest, how did she get out of the flooded torpedo tube?
  11. Is like anything though, if you don't know any players or history then doesn't mean much Overtime though if you picked the same club to keep watching, you would build up that rapport where it does mean something, and you do care if they win or not, the buzz would come
  12. It was enjoyable but there was no need for them to show the Senna crash in such detail. They left out a lot of the bad side of Schumacher though, they did cover him having his seasons points tally removed at least. He is up there among the best, but also among the least sporting, or some would say 'driven' to mask that side of him In his day, and with the right car and team around him, he was untouchable. His Benetton tactic of getting on pole and starting with as little fuel as possible in order to gain a pitstop on the next car as quick as possible, then pit, cruise to last few laps then splash and dash finish, were unbeatable when it fell right. Would be impossible these days with no fuelling. From the film, he seemed like a bit of a decent lad away from the racing
  13. That's the way to do it! Very true, it's the future!
  14. Yeah it is great, I don't mind the dubbing, usually like subtitles but when the talking is so fast I prefer dubbed so can enjoy the action
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