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  1. They sure liked their fags! Good footage and all seem to be having a good time as Eightbelow says, nice to see
  2. Yeah, it was ok but not his best work
  3. Where is it on? I haven't found it on any service I already pay for yet
  4. We managed to binge the rest in no time, fantastic as ever and without giving away the ending, thought it was perfect. Greta being on it ruined episode 9 though, but Romy's ray gun was incredible, I thought France had banned ray guns so possible crack in the usually well researched plot there, in fact the whole thing is ruined now! In the few moments after the end when it went back to IPlayer and all seasons....noticed season 1 was 2005 on BBC4. We put episode one on for a few minutes, wow, so young they were! I could do them all again!
  5. It is rumoured he has 100's or 1000's of unreleased songs he didn't release all recorded, but didn't make his grade or direction at the time. I think the trustees of his estate are already thinking how much they can make out of it, hopefully not.
  6. Untrue, Prince was a good friend with Petty and big respect for each other. He was originally supposed to play the solos throughout the song but that flat cap wearing douchbag guitarist wouldn't have it, Prince told them no worries, just set me up at the end and go round a few times. I watch that video twice a week on average, absolutely love it There was talk at the time of Prince also wanting to show off his guitar greatness after being dissed by guitar Hall of fame people. He absolutely nails the feel and emotion of the song, Harrison a son is playing acoustic and can
  7. Mandalorian is fantastic all the way through, loved the ending to season 2, was shouting at the TV Let it be him, let it be him as the ending unfolded. Every time Mando took his helmet off though, he looked like bloody Harry Maguire!
  8. Spoiler for most of the seasons is that though to be fair haha
  9. Was just thinking about JP's lack of lines last night
  10. Awesome, that is our viewing sorted for this week
  11. Is it all on iplayer? Doing the bbc4 2 a week route! Enjoying so far, best foreign cop drama by a country mile
  12. How the chuff do they land both those planes when looking out the side window? Looks too hard for me does that! Would love a proper flight sim setup!
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