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  1. yunga_swfc

    1 point v cardiff to secure play offs

    but it would mean all they would need to do on last day is better our score & we'd drop out
  2. yunga_swfc

    right wing

    I'd like to see matias, not seen much of this lad & he's got to be quality coming from the background he has
  3. yunga_swfc

    1 point v cardiff to secure play offs

    We lose to derby & Cardiff beat BOLTON at home then we play Cardiff only 3 points clear. Not over yet
  4. yunga_swfc


    Haha no way was that a red get a grip
  5. yunga_swfc

    MK Dons Goalkeeper Prombles

    Gonna be a cricket score
  6. yunga_swfc

    The Loan players

    Had no idea dielna was out on loan
  7. Looks like we will be away in the 2nd leg anyway as can't see us finishing 3rd or 4th All tho this tempting fate stuff is no good
  8. we will now lose our next 3 games & drop out of the top 6, nice one!
  9. yunga_swfc

    Proud to be a wednesdayite

    Come on pal, barely reserves we beat
  10. yunga_swfc

    Pay On The Day Ticket Prices

    130% better quality of football
  11. yunga_swfc

    Wildsmith not even on bench

    Yep all very odd Why wouldn't wildsmith be on bench over price anyway....
  12. yunga_swfc

    is hooper injured?

    Nah just deserved to be left at home after last 2 games
  13. yunga_swfc

    Lee to Rangers

    I just put keiran lee into twitter whilst at work & really wish I didn't with the pics that come up
  14. yunga_swfc


    He'll be a good poster boy for the prem at least