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  1. Thanks for sharing that. How very sad indeed to find out by seeing her on the scoreboard. I very much send my condolences to you. Its hard to understand how thirty years have passed since those times, how twenties have turned to fifties, how we miss those who lived every moment of it with us who we miss so much. How is it that those ecstatic moments we shared where we nearly had it all could fade as they have? And here we are with the rain siling down in the autumn in the future, in Division 3, losing in the 93rd minute at home to Oxford. There have to be more good times and memories to come? I always hoped I’d have a son one day to take to the match and now I do. It’s that which keeps me believing, however distant those happy times may seem. Thanks again for posting on a poignant day.
  2. So so sorry to hear the news about Mrs Semedo. Jose, for what it’s worth, you are probably the most loved player to pull on our stripes in the 21st century. The perfect man who arrived just at the right time to pull out of a mess. There’s no justice in the world that this could happen to your wife. Sheffield loves you.
  3. Also it seems incredible now that there were only 7 years from the Kop being our beloved uncovered iconic terrace, to be becoming the plastic seated sanitised post Cup Final surrender to all seater requirements. We only got to enjoy the biggest, maddest and best terrace in Europe for 7 short years. Can’t say they weren’t dramatic. I still honestly feel that the seated Kop is synonymous with our decline, right from the moment Worthington was bamboozled at the near post and Ian Wright tapped in the winner for Arsenal in that 1st home game. Something had died and the teams fortunes have reflected this ever since. My brother stopped coming to home games, Hirst put weight on and was now crocked, Warhurst wanted away, Pearson was finished, Andy Pearce arrived and the rest we know. Although I’m sure we’ll be the last club to be allowed it back, but the Hillsborough Kop with safe standing/ rail seating would be like Dortmund...seriously awesome and I bet you anything our fortunes would reverse. Any one else feel the same?
  4. Definitely the last game with the uncovered Kop was Ipswich in May 1986. A clue as to why that picture is not from the Ipswich game is that there were huge sink holes already dug in the Kop where the steel pillars to support the roof would be. These were cordoned off with flimsy wooden picket type fencing. I think it was there already in the previous home evening fixture. Didn’t look too safe! Also the game was notable for the recently great Ipswich side to be sadly relegated that afternoon. I can recall Terry Butcher leaving the field in tears as it was his last game in a great career there. He moved on that Summer. Sadly Wednesday had plateaued for the time being, the new roof was incredibly exciting, but the team was on the decline, waiting for Mr Atkinson....
  5. Meant to say it was because Lowey got ridiculously sent off!!
  6. The late John Lowey Hero of the Arsenal Cup marathon. Got sent of on TC’s debut at Boothferry Park against Hull, Good Friday 1979. We were in the home stand and my 15 year old brother couldn’t contain his anger at the decision and screamed a load of expletives....we just stared at him and the bloke in front turned round and said ‘there are women in here young man!’ My first ever away game, 1-1.
  7. It’s what Leeds fans sang to him.... just saying Still think it’s better than using Glad all over...
  8. Do do do Bailey Peacock Farrell Do do do Bailey Peacock Farrell To the tune of Come on Let’s Do The Conga.
  9. Just a smidge of Hirsty about him. Coltish. Hope we play him centrally, might be a revelation, who knows?
  10. I was there also. I remember Andy Blair returning with Villa. We had season tickets in the old South upper. Bloke a few rows behind, despite AB playing a key role in 84-85 in the team that did so well, had it in for Blair. He thought he was a nesh dandy extravagance.... He gave him dogs abuse all season and must have been delighted when HW seemed to finally agree and never played him again after Derby away in the FA Cup. This guy was literally salivating when Blair appeared on the pitch in this game and as the match kicked off he yelled ‘Still ere Blayer!!!!’ Also sadly remember a young Ian Knight playing majestically at the back for us that day. He looked a wonderful player and was in the England U21s already. He was tall, lean and composed; totally untroubled at anything thrown at him. I really think he would have played in Euro 88 and Italia 90 for us if fate had not intervened. I always remember this game for him. We’d lost the Semi final and we’re heading for 5th place in Division 1. All the work that went in to establish us at that level, what a thought. Although football might have been in the doldrums then, Wednesday were fantastic and we were so proud of them.
  11. £17 a match in the North Stand. It’s 2021. What do you suggest? £4.50 a match, or maybe 90p? Lets just hate the owner, stop supporting Wednesday and encourage everyone else to do the same. Just what the situation needs. Forget the owner. We are the club. Not him. It’s ours to protect. Unless you hate watching Wednesday, why won’t you support them when they need you the most?
  12. It’s only a culture war if you choose to see equality between male and female and race equality as something you don’t wan’t. I agree it’s an odd thing to say the Men’s England team and the Men’s Ashes squad etc....but the world has to change and improve. The world will be a better place for it. I know you’re delighting in using the term wokeness that right wing people use, but Southgate has a social conscience and uses his position well to say important things. This is not about annoying do gooders, something much bigger is happening. The Euros seem to be something that shouts inclusivity and togetherness, a lovely antidote to the dangerous nationalism and withdrawing we have seen rise in recent years. Nice tournament.
  13. So not an idea to be ridiculed after all. If Hearts can do this then why can’t we? This is exactly what I was trying to suggest. It is possible with the right people and structure to run it. Also the fact the supporters are continuing to contribute after dealing with critical issues is great. The idea that funds can continue to accrue for forward thinking projects is great. Fan parks for example or facilities which generate income for the club. Now we have the example of what can be done, how could we make this happen? It would be a great thing for our club. Is there anyone out there in the fan base that’s got what it takes to put these ideas in to practice? Now surely is the time.
  14. Thank you. This is the point I was trying to make in the first place. Quite happy to be ridiculed if the idea gets some air time. These are critical times and if the moment came where money from us was held in trust and away from Chansiri to be used specifically to deal with an existential threat, we would have done a great thing. I know we don’t all have £1500 which is why I included the ‘as much as someone feels they can put in’ option as well as £125 per month etc. It isn't really that ludicrous to propose that the 20/30000 people in the world that love SWFC the most might dig deep if they knew it would be used to save the club. The purpose being to help get us to a more viable place post Covid where the club lives more within its means. It could be done, if we disappear we will all regret not having acted. Season ticket refunds will pale in to insignificance when the club has gone. Im really glad some people can see logic behind this. Nobody wants this but the survival of the club looks like it really is at stake.
  15. What, because I’m a child for caring about the fact my football club is about to not exist? Do you not realise that if the people left in this world who still support Sheffield Wednesday don’t want to do anything about this all ending then nobody else will. So come on, what’s your answer to get us out of this? Sit there and whinge?
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