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  1. Carl Shutt. Appeared in a puff of smoke October 1985. Disappeared in a puff of smoke October 1986. As remarkable as Warhursts story, but no one recorded it. Not a converted striker, already a striker. A golden run, a golden semi final goal. Right at the top of it all in 85-86. Would be worth £30m today just for that 12 months. And just as Wednesday is as Wednesday does, he vanished, only remembered by those there standing by the deep sink holes dug in the uncovered Kop on a spring night, mourning the defeat to Everton taking comfort in his goal spree. No legacy, no marking of his time, no sale
  2. Ok! Tell us exactly how it could be worse than it is now?! We’re going down to L1 anyway as it stands. It’s not an appointment to celebrate, no one is. Just people saying he’s probably going to keep us up. If he doesn’t he doesn’t but please explain how the football could be worse than this?! This is like 74-75. We simply don’t score. A team that doesn’t score. A team that can cave in 5-0 at home at any time, could have been against Brentford. No goals from open play in 515 minutes etc. This team is getting relegated as it stands.
  3. We all want good football! But we’re trying to stay out of Division 3. When the team is shored up and stops losing, starts winning some home games, you might find some good football starts to happen. Why are you so certain it will be terrible? You sounds like all those Stoke fans in 2017 phoning up 5 Live complaining about Stoke being mid table in the Prem and how boring it is. I said to my son on the way home from Ipswich, you watch, they’ll sack him and end up almost in L1. The thing needs rebuilding and that’s when the good football comes. I’m sick of turgid football just like you are! B
  4. Neil, why are you peddling that sort of stuff? If stuff like that is coming from the head of the club’s biggest forum then no wonder the whole things a shitshow right now which it is. Why are you whinging about ‘good’ football?! We haven’t seen any for four years anyway. If we end up in league one we’ll be cut off from the rest of football for the forseeable future. If it is Pulis, it’s our best chance of staying up. He may not be that popular but has he ever done anything to us?
  5. Can’t see why there’s so much vitriol and disgust about this. The current football makes your eyes bleed anyway, we’re unwatchable; this assertion that it’s going to be dire to watch isn’t based on a whole lot. By far the best chance of staying up must be with Pulis, it’s hard to imagine he won’t cut out the gaping incompetencies and enormous gaps people run into straight towards our shaky defence. His record suggests he’ll make us in to a competitive team. When we start winning home games nobody will be complaining about us looking dire. Because that’s what we have been, dire and heading for
  6. Love watching us on iFollow but it will always make me think of these times we’re going through. The worst thing though is when you’re watching Wednesday struggle but hoping somehow we will make something happen and then ping...... notification on phone from EFL iFollow app... Sheffield Wednesday 0 Luton Town 1 Some bloke 78 mins And we’re still fannying about huffing and puffing at the other end as the video stream catches up. Truly crushing!
  7. Thank you Snoots. Hope we compete and stay in the game. What is it about struggling at home? Maybe we can decide we’re playing as the away team. Tide must turn soon.
  8. I’ve just been down at Hillsborough. Started on Sky Sports news a girl was being interviewed. She was meant to be reporting on the game giving updates but she was bored. Chewing gum and on TikTok or something, she said to Jeff that she wasn’t really watching the game because it’s not really her sort of thing. It was gloomy and rainy and then the camera panned back and she was sat in the roof of the South Stand by the Archibald and Leitch gable right by the gold football.... Anyway I got there in a moment and started chatting to her. She meant well and was able to scale pretty much
  9. Absolutely Wakey, greatest ever away shirt. 37 years on still looking great!
  10. Definitely not mate, I was present at both games! What a voyeur!
  11. I was so excited when we signed Alan Harper. However, you and I clearly feel the Same about Wednesday. 76-84 in the West stand and I too remember virtually everything in the 80s SWFC wise. Last 20 years...hmm. One day AH something special will happen again.
  12. Walking down Wadsley Lane holding my Dad’s hand, nerves trembling with excitement. Down the hill towards the glow of the floodlights. Sweet cigar smoke, hats and gloves on to see Jack Charlton’s aces.
  13. Is this the longest gap in time ever in all football history between the first meeting away from home and the return fixture at home in the same season? August 24th 2019 to July 8th 2020, a total of 309 days. We were driving in Northern Italy to Lake Garda during the Deepdale game as we did our usual defeat. Got to the Campsite that evening and as we were shown to our Safari tent I could here Lancashire accents talking next door to our plot. Said to my son ‘I’ll call it now. They’ll be Preston fans....’ Sure enough as my son emerged in front of them in his green Wednesday awa
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