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  1. goldensmoke

    FA Cup Semi Final v Brighton 1983

    Noticed the 83 Semi Final on BT Sport this week. Every night they've been working through re-runs of ITV's The Big Match from March in to April 1983. Eerie watching Brighton v Spurs 2 weeks before the Semi Final. Found myself jabbering at the TV telling Spurs players to take out Jimmy Case and MIchael Robinson... Bit chilling to watch knowing what was coming shortly after. In 43 years of watching Wednesday, this is the game above all others I will never get over and still have dreams about to this day. Never known crushing disappointment like it. It was such a beautiful spring day, we had the Cup Final being served up to us on a plate. I was so convinced we would win when we equalised. When Andy McCulloch headed the ball from Bannister's cross into the ground from close range with his nose, it bounced up and time stopped as Steve Foster bicycle kicked it off the line. I will wish for eternity that it had gone in. On a beautiful spring day it still sometimes sends me back to that day. People like my Aunt Margaret who we loved so much, we spent the weekend with her family and ours in their house up on the hill in South London. She is no longer here, been gone since 1990 aged just 46.. a great Southampton fan she came back from the Dell that afternoon and met us at Waterloo. We were heartbroken and speechless after the Brighton game, She could see our pain and was so lovely to us driving back to Bexhill Road and in the evening at the house. The regret and sorrow in the aftermath I will never forget. I have soundtracks to that weekend that will mark it always. During the match Whistle Down The Wind by Nick Heyward, time ticking away in front of the Clock end as Garry Banno fires over near the end. Thinking of Mick Lyons tangled up in the penalty area in front of the North Bank to Love is a Stranger by Eurythmics. On the train coming back on the Sunday afternoon, sat on the squidgy bit that adjoined two carriages, Don't Talk To me About Love by Altered Images. We went to the London Marathon the next day with Margaret. Had my Wednesday scarf on and always remeber Bernie Clifton in his Ostrich outfit running past but calling 'Back Luck' to us as he went. Yep. Wish we'd won. What it is to be a Wednesdayite...
  2. goldensmoke

    Nathan Jones

    And now I’ve got this got this song in my head for the rest of the evening.
  3. I was there too. Remarkable that Hirst was injured and our back up was David Johnson. We really lacked depth. The ball was flying in from all angles past Chris Woods in front of us. A league record 6 goals in 18 minutes. And honestly with 20 minutes to go I thought we might win. This reverse and two others we won’t mention cost us the league title. What a thought. This is where our deep down lack of belief in the Cup finals later really came from I feel. Cost us badly. Kevin Campbell was simply unplayable.
  4. goldensmoke

    Your thoughts and memories of this match?

    32 years it’s hard to believe. It was the modern era, todays football. We were at the top table, the same size and stature (pretty much) as Everton, Chelsea, West Ham, Tottenham, Man City, Newcastle, Arsenal. Fate and the future no one could know would dictate whether they would stay as our contemporaries, there to compete with us every week for ever. I thought they always would. We were the same after all. Everton were the best team in 1986 with their toned thigh muscles shown off in their Lineker tight shorts and strapped ankles. History shows they won nothing when they should have won the double. Everton had to break sweat and use extra time to beat us, but even with no Southall or Lineker it was in the end an expected win. We were gallant and plucky but in truth never really got to them in the way we would have wanted. We had a moment to remember, which in these big games I always hope you at least have. It’s a kind of magic by Queen is my eternal theme tune to this match, the celestial voices in that track echoing in the high mountains in the Holte End. The crushed sardines and my loved ones battling the semi final, Helen with her yellow and blue ribbons in her hair with my brother and sister. I Kept gazing in awe up at the steepling terrace towering into the skies with all the packed faces looking down on the increasingly difficult battle below. The semi finals in the 1980s had an importance, a tension, an agony that a fan from the 21st century will not understand. There was no league to win, because it belonged to Liverpool. There was no Europe to qualify for, we were banned. Glory was at a premium. Barely any live football, just some. Which left the FA Cup Final. Bigger than Christmas Day. No wonder Everton had to beat us, they had to meet Liverpool. The Evertonians were wild, cocky, self righteous and desperate to win, they as a collective had an overwhelming will to win. They clambered everywhere, they had most of the ground. A nasty intimidating atmosphere they generated giving the whole day a sinister edginess that stays with me. The desperation, the pushing and the crushing, the vitriol of it all, the days where the seeds of disasters were planted. Gary Megsons despair, Mel Sterlands tears. My tears. The wonder of seeing it back on TV later....what did it look like on TV? What did they say? A deep cross back towards the far post a yellow shirt nodded it back in to danger and all I could see was Lee Chapman ghosting across my line of sight as the ball glided in to the corner. The mountain tumbled down and delirious faces scaled the fences at the bottom of it. I didn’t know that Carl Shutt had nipped in to score a header. Sharp wrestled Sterland to a cross and it was over. They got their way and we resumed our usual position in football history. At least we had the World Cup to look forward to. And they were going to put a roof on the Kop in the Summer, just imagine....
  5. goldensmoke

    Happy Birthday Big Jack!

    Part of the divine quality of our great club is the sprinkling of truly great men who have shaped our history. We are lucky indeed, this man provided the most special of times with his teams and players that I watched with my dear Dad and brother. I still have dreams about walking down Wadsley Lane with them towards the glow of the floodlights to watch Big Jacks men. Jack was and I’m sure still is an immense character and I’m sure he is loved by Wednesdayites like he is a grandfather. Thanks for the memories Jack!
  6. goldensmoke

    Goodbye, my friend

    Obviously less was known about what had been going on behind the scenes on Dec 24 when the post was written. It’s what I felt at the time. Beating Brighton was a big deal to me having been at Highbury in 1983 and so that time was emotional to me and was probably the best time since the 90s watching Wednesday. Going to Wembley again after 23 years was great. Carlos was a character and charmed many other fans and commentators alike. It’s all over now and things are back to the grind now. It’s quite clear now more than in December what issues there have been. But there are more things in life to be bitter about than a failed football manager. I doesn’t stop me from remembering him and those times fondly. Emotional posts on here are hit and miss. Some people like them and some people don’t. Jos has done something great in getting players to play unexpectedly well. I hope for sure that his approach will fix the problems that we clearly had. I totally get the criticism of what I posted but loads of readers upvoted it on the day. I’ve watched Wednesday for 42 years and one of the things I love is the Wednesday fans. The humour, the wit, the loyalty the togetherness. The Wednesday family we sat with on the train home after losing to Huddersfield...great people who made me and my kids smile and laugh after watching THAT... we all want the same thing don’t we? Hope we all have a great season next time round.
  7. goldensmoke

    Goodbye, my friend

    Well I guess let’s just hope that better times are coming...I think after 20 years of nothing much we all deserve some excitement and proper glory, not a broken dream. I hope things come good again and that we can all remember some great times made soon.
  8. goldensmoke

    OFFICIAL - Pelupessy signs

    Born 15 May 1993. Nailed on to bring the FA Cup home to Hillsborough one day. Remember I said it.
  9. You came from nowhere. A charming man. A charismatic gentle man. After 20 years of blank faces a man full of life and incredible expression, a warm voice to listen to with beautiful sound bites and cult words. Football on the carpet under control and with purpose. We closed the doors and the windows. For a long time I never thought anyone would get in. If we needed to up the tempo, we could throw some more meat on the barbecue. I kept looking to see if I could see the transition from defence to attack. We all started speaking Carlos. Opposites, no more opposition. The pleasure of watching quality players not journeymen. Gliding the ball around on the luminous green new carpet. Carlos I drove endlessly up and down the M1 for your promise, my young children fell in love with it all. Redemption against Brighton was a dream. You even summoned the old spirits of the past to return and light up Hillsborough and we were bewitched. 23 years in to the future I stood as a middle aged man at Wembley as I got feelings I’d not felt in a football ground since I was 23. Our tears, your tears. But a reassuring certainty it seemed of more progress, surely promotion next time as we dragged ourselves away from the stadium up the steps to the tube. I often played ‘I gotta be me’ by Sammy Davis Junior as I would think of you and our dream when I was driving. I’d think of you wheeling away in triumph down the Wembley touchline... I was faithful to you till the end. I still have Hilton Wembley booked for May. Travelling around this Autumn has been like watching a marriage breakdown, slowly but surely, the pain and sadness growing. I don’t know what to say now. Carlos, thanks for a lovely period in our rich history. In 40 years of watching, not on results, but for bringing new memories, for having class, humility and style, on how you made me feel about Wednesday, I loved you more than all the others. God bless you, it kills me to see you leave. Goldensmoke
  10. goldensmoke

    Happy Birthday Howard!

    Belated happy birthday Howard. Now with enough passing of time your achievements can be truly put in to the correct context. I watched in awe as a boy as game by game your mighty, unbreakable machine fulfilled almost, almost my every football fantasy I could imagine. We took on the world and won between August 1983 and January 1985. In that piece of time I was utterly convinced we were on a journey that would see us become first division champions and probably FA Cup winners. I have never felt so involved, so intoxicated, so totally full of pride and wonder watching Wednesday. There was a pureness, a righteousness about it all that made those successes so deeply rewarding. Howard there weren’t many mountains left to climb to reach the ultimate peak. I don’t know looking back now who those elusive signings were that would have brought the title to Hillsborough. In truth, who could ever have beaten Everton and Liverpool over 42 games? I say January 1985 because the night Chelsea came to town the spell was finally broken. The BBC cameras caught your dejection as your dreams evaporated like mine into the dark night. The machine broke down as four second half goals flew in to the Kop goal. In all likelihood the winning of the League Cup went that night, but more than that the invincibility of those boys was taken away and that period of wonder effectively came to a close. What came after was still success for some time yet, but the certainty and conviction I had built my house on was replaced with mere hope, like all the other mortal teams fans. In context? The last twenty years have given a powerful and deep lesson about what success is. Also time makes it easier to compare your wonderful era with another one that came from of course 1990-93. That team to me stopped us from regarding and remembering the HW era so much and rather stole the focus of the clubs modern history. The team of course did get past the quarter finals and we did manage to make those ‘dream signings’ that eluded us in the mid eighties. With hindsight now I just feel that the 83-85 team was so driven, so committed, just the romance of it, the homegrown boys, the misfits who found their place, the running, the dream.... Howard you and your team go down in my history as the finest incarnation of a Wednesday team I ever saw. Thanks for all of those wonderful days Goldensmoke
  11. goldensmoke

    Fan on fan

  12. Your lack of perspective is an astonishment to truly behold. We have an incredible and not even small section of support who have totally lost the plot and you're in it. Utterly dire comment
  13. Great photo. Was at this game on he Kop. We were dire, well beaten. Tony Galvin appeared in this one I think, for us, not Spurs. The Chris Fairclough transfer saga was only matched by the Mark Wright transfer saga. This picture perhaps answers why he didn't sign for Wednesday. Fairclough's wife said 'It's too far North and the shopping's crap, anyway do you want to play next to Chris Waddle or David Reeves?
  14. goldensmoke

    Kits Toffs

    Loving that short sleeved Brighton semi final style 82-83 home shirt! Its bagged! *Tries not to think about Jimmy Case's free kick
  15. goldensmoke

    19 years ago

    And Wimp Jock scored