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  1. £17 a match in the North Stand. It’s 2021. What do you suggest? £4.50 a match, or maybe 90p? Lets just hate the owner, stop supporting Wednesday and encourage everyone else to do the same. Just what the situation needs. Forget the owner. We are the club. Not him. It’s ours to protect. Unless you hate watching Wednesday, why won’t you support them when they need you the most?
  2. It’s only a culture war if you choose to see equality between male and female and race equality as something you don’t wan’t. I agree it’s an odd thing to say the Men’s England team and the Men’s Ashes squad etc....but the world has to change and improve. The world will be a better place for it. I know you’re delighting in using the term wokeness that right wing people use, but Southgate has a social conscience and uses his position well to say important things. This is not about annoying do gooders, something much bigger is happening. The Euros seem to be something that shouts inclusivity and togetherness, a lovely antidote to the dangerous nationalism and withdrawing we have seen rise in recent years. Nice tournament.
  3. So not an idea to be ridiculed after all. If Hearts can do this then why can’t we? This is exactly what I was trying to suggest. It is possible with the right people and structure to run it. Also the fact the supporters are continuing to contribute after dealing with critical issues is great. The idea that funds can continue to accrue for forward thinking projects is great. Fan parks for example or facilities which generate income for the club. Now we have the example of what can be done, how could we make this happen? It would be a great thing for our club. Is there anyone out there in the fan base that’s got what it takes to put these ideas in to practice? Now surely is the time.
  4. Thank you. This is the point I was trying to make in the first place. Quite happy to be ridiculed if the idea gets some air time. These are critical times and if the moment came where money from us was held in trust and away from Chansiri to be used specifically to deal with an existential threat, we would have done a great thing. I know we don’t all have £1500 which is why I included the ‘as much as someone feels they can put in’ option as well as £125 per month etc. It isn't really that ludicrous to propose that the 20/30000 people in the world that love SWFC the most might dig deep if they knew it would be used to save the club. The purpose being to help get us to a more viable place post Covid where the club lives more within its means. It could be done, if we disappear we will all regret not having acted. Season ticket refunds will pale in to insignificance when the club has gone. Im really glad some people can see logic behind this. Nobody wants this but the survival of the club looks like it really is at stake.
  5. What, because I’m a child for caring about the fact my football club is about to not exist? Do you not realise that if the people left in this world who still support Sheffield Wednesday don’t want to do anything about this all ending then nobody else will. So come on, what’s your answer to get us out of this? Sit there and whinge?
  6. Surprise me Micky. What would you do? Shall we just go bust then?
  7. Exactly Neil. Get this thing started. Now you understand what I’m on about (it not going to Chansiri but to stave off liquidation and the bills). Help organise the Wednesdayrati and let’s get this going. Forget the nay sayers and the ridicule, do we want a club in the future or not? Never ever forget what it would be like to be without our club. if you have a bette rides to raise funds let me know.
  8. This is not giving to Chansiri. It’s to pay the bills. As you know this ain’t about bucket collections is it. If as a fan base we want to save the club enough then we could. And not give it to Chansiri to spend.
  9. That’s not what I’m saying. We’re not giving it to Chansiri. We are paying the bills that have to be paid that we already owe. The debts that will shut us down. Wages owing, probably HMRC who knows. The existential threats. Specifically those. Not a new contract for Hutch. That’s the difference. Until we are out of the poo. Whether we then as an entity start to exert influence is another conversation. Tell me how else we can be saved as a club.
  10. That’s fine but truth is this isn’t about Chansiri anymore. What shall we do? Hate Chansiri so much that we won’t protect the club because of him and simply go bust. The end. Or have the strength to do what it takes to rescue the club despite him. That’s what this is about. We would need to convince people this is an independent trust set up purely in the first instance to avoid extinction. If we can then why not? The club has no money. When we are gone would you give money to bring it back? I bet you would. I know I would.
  11. No neither. It’s about putting our money in trust to stave off any existential threat in the short term. We’re not buying the club and we are not giving it to him. We pay what has to be paid.
  12. If we starve the club of money we’re gone. if we don’t pay the bills, we’re gone. if we can get through the next period we will have fans and will have an income to come. That’s the point.
  13. It’s not about it going to DC, it’s about it paying what needs to be paid to stave off liquidation.
  14. We need to come together and if need be form a new entity with the right people to front this. Surely we have professional people of the right calibre to orchestrate this within the fan base? Im asking the question. What’s to stop us with support from prominent figures making this happen? Planet? Fine, but someone has to sort this out. Do we care enough or not?
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