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  1. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Warnocks a rum old cove.....
  2. Gary Bannister fans need to see this one

    Don't even start me.....
  3. John Harkes on his way to SWFC

    1991. And it still feels like about 6 weeks ago... I can't get over the passing of time but the flame that still glows from all of those memories will never diminish. The emotions, the music, the sights and sounds, anticipation and wonderment, euphoria and pride. All of them heroes, all of them with their own story, each of them to be remembered for ever. All captains and leaders, all of them my favourites. We drank from the top table and truly tasted silverware; these boys won a war on that pitch against Man Utd at Wembley. Watch the slow mo of the crunching tackles and find the look in their eyes. They left nothing out there and gave us a moment that only those who lived it will ever know of. My brother, my soulmate, we went to it all together. We had to watch the match apart in the stadium. The moments as I waited for him after with Dad, well...I remember spotting him in the distance running down Wembley way then he spotted me then he was right there and we just leapt on each other. JH will be forever linked with all of it. He embodied the spirit we had and had such drive. I have lots of obvious great John Harkes moments. But one night at Hillsborough we were sat at the bottom of the North Stand Leppings Lane end, can't even remember who we were playing. JH had the ball in front of us and this bloke behind us, in excited anticipation yelled 'Goo on Johnny f**k him!!' And JH looked back over at us and stared laughing... Thank you Johnny Harkes. One of the best.

    You can park outside our house
  5. Hotel cancellations

    Just booked Hilton Wembley earlier whilst avoiding watching today's final, for next years championship play off final, Sat May 26th. Don't want to miss that balcony overlooking the stadium and pints with Hirsty.....
  6. Thanks sorry guys ticket now taken hope anyone without can get sorted still.
  7. I've got 1 ticket for tomorrow next to us in home end if anyone is interested, can obviously meet at the ground.
  8. Chris Adamson Ian Hendon Guy Branston DEAN SMITH Jon Beswetherick Richard Evans James O'Connor Michael Reddy Darren Potter Jon Shaw Kim Olsen help me Subs: Ashley Westwood Daddy Manics Drissa Diallo Tommy Miller doesn't deserve an emoticon Nathan Modest very Manager: Payter Shrayves
  9. Carlos

  10. Anyone Sat in the villa end today ?

    Trinity road end cheap corporate hospitality with my kids. Hope we bring our A - game too otherwise I can only see 0-2 to them. Anyone else around?
  11. Genuine ITK Transfer News

    Wonderful stuff Snooty again. Through the leaf mulch of the very trees I walked past with my own father I now tread with my own son to games and moments of this time. Moments that make him judder and stare and shake with excitement. The same excitement that meant I couldn't stop shaking even on the the walk down Wadsley Lane with Dad. The joy of sharing these moments with my boy is one of the more beautiful things in my life now that I am older. A golden thread running through my life. The Romance of the Wednesday alludes to distant times of Champions and Cup winning immortals. But that romance isn't just about those men, it touches the lives of us too as we continue, always wondering where this long story will go next. Keep sipping that champagne I mentioned Snooty.
  12. Genuine ITK Transfer News

    Beautiful Snooty. You have the purest and most delightful vision of the perfect Sheffield Wednesday. The essence of the club. One if I could bottle it I would drink like a vintage Krug champagne. Really delightful piece.
  13. Fairy tale of Hillsboro'

    Happy Christmas Asteener, I'll always remember a piece you wrote in Wednesday's darkest hour as we faced the winding up petition. You said my favourite line on here in response to the threat of SWFC not being here anymore and the thought of watching football somewhere else. 'I'd rather sit outside Hillsborough an' sniff the bricks....' When we sometimes falter on this long journey back, it's a nugget from the bad times I'll always have in my back pocket. Keep enjoying this team and this fantastic person who manages us, these are great times with more coming, Here's to 2017, it could be amazing. Love to you and all the posters on here that keep us logging on! goldensmoke
  14. Reach - Poor against QPR

    Adam Reach looks a real talent to me. He glides over the turf, he moves beautifully. Great touch and control, so so much more to come from him. He reminds me the way he moves a little bit of Steve McManaman. I honestly think in time he could be as good as him as well. After the last 17 years, honestly its a total pleasure to see this calibre of player in a Wednesday shirt. We clearly have an eye for a player these days, these are promising times indeed. Football talent. This guy shines bright, anyone who knows football would see that.
  15. Marco Matias

    Stayed late after the game on Saturday for a drink in 1867 lounge and me and the kids saw him in the car park outside afterwards. Kids had photo taken with him, he was very happy to let us know that he would be back training properly Thursday, so today. Gushingly told him he'd be like a new signing and we all really want to see him tear the league up. Should be back soon, I can confidently report that he can walk in a straight line and looked healthy! (Unlike me)