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  1. No way do we want sports direct when we’ve got Elev8 ! No way we want a manager like Rafa when we’ve got DM , no way we want to be not in financial trouble and we certainly don’t want to be sold by Ashley in one of his business deals and become one of the richest clubs in the world ….
  2. We will smash them in the playoffs - bloody Oxford for gods sake someone wake me up I’m having a horrible nightmare….
  3. Credit to DM who took a very long look at him and got him fit
  4. Our players warm up drills have got to be looked at surely
  5. Patto got 8 in slightly less starts than Windass who got 9 last season and was top scorer
  6. Needs to play up front now as he was one goal from being joint top scorer last season in slightly less starts than Windass
  7. Should have a lot of immunity having had it and presumably both jabs and booster - let’s hope so anyway. Bit worrying to think how many players might now get it too - hope he’s ok
  8. The front or the back ? But I suppose the front is the back now really
  9. Maybe Palmer could cover in CM as he did play there ?
  10. I’d play him, hopefully take the lead then take him off. But we aren’t even doing it the other way round and he’s not even in the bench - odd. Let’s get the points to catch up the pack then start resting players. Can’t remember TF resting many players when we were playing league and going all the way in both cups
  11. You know what I mean you cheeky scamp - I hope you took my advice and lumped on him getting a yellow card
  12. Also lump on that he hates a yellow card tomorrow …. free money
  13. To be honest I’ve been pretty amazed by the amount and swiftness of signings in the summer and this window especially considering we can’t buy players in the conventional way.
  14. Wonder if we are paying his full wage ? Must be on a fair bit - pity DC didn’t or couldn’t pay the big wages last season
  15. Talked very well , obviously had studied our fixtures already and came across better than any interview I’ve heard with Bowyer - in fact that’s probably the best interview from a new signing in years.
  16. He was their player of the year last season and players player of year I think !
  17. He seems a lot like Hutch , vocal with string opinions , both play in centre of defence …. I hope they get on
  18. He flew in with a two footed tackle when she burnt his toad in the hole I’ve heard - she was out for months
  19. Is this 7 loan players we have know ? I think the limit is 8 ? Does Gibson still count ? Enquiring minds want to know
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