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  1. He’s hanging back , passing one touch as soon as he gets the balls hen usually he keeps it spins one way or then spins back allowing someone to get in a position to receive the ball then offers himself for a return pass or does a raking long pass - he’s doing none of that because he’s not fit and if you can’t see that I give up mate
  2. Ok if he’s not injured he’s having a terrible game because he should be running this match and would be if he was fit
  3. If you can’t see he’s not fit then I don’t know what to say to you
  4. Bannan is about 50 % fit - if we were trying to contain them why play him? get Dele and Windass on FFS
  5. Strangely no nerves yet - was a nervous reck before Portsmouth match …. very odd
  6. Bit short and bald for me but I’ve had worse
  7. Let’s hope Forest go up and Derby don’t come in for him with their takeover nearly done
  8. Got mine today online but deliberately chose the get tickets by post option just to add a bit of excitement to my life
  9. It’s ok as long as they are organic apparently…..
  10. Hoopers push helped - I was just waiting for the ref to blow for a foul and disallow the goal.
  11. I’m considering renting a house near the ground for 6 months to get one of them parking permits
  12. You mean cos he used to go around slapping people in them adverts ?
  13. I think he’s made some good signings in the whole a bit like Chris Turner did but as then I think another good manager would take us up like Sturrock did
  14. I’ve never really drunk at matches except big games at Wembley etc . So hardly ever seems a bit odd like drinking at the cinema - maybe I’m the odd one. I drink plenty enough the rest of the time though
  15. I was going to put 2 quid on but only a quid but still 22 won
  16. You’ll have to come every hime match now
  17. Can’t leave Storey out he’s been exceptional … Iorfa wasn’t playing that well before his injury
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