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  1. Obviously just to take a bit of cash in on kids having him on the back of their shirt
  2. I would say Wilder would play Wickham over Billy or Mcgoldrick
  3. The big joke is if we do go down the EFL will alter FFP and ask rich owners to put as much money in as they can afford to run their club.
  4. And Warnock pumping the air at Hillsborough as we sit at home stunned
  5. same here - I was getting a little bag of essentials ready to drop off to Fletcher
  6. Wasn’t it a while from us submitting the accounts until they decided we had done something wrong ? If so, why ? is surely what we must be arguing
  7. It’s like being at school “Get out and I don’t want to see you in here again ... oh and send Derby in on your way out boy “
  8. Just lucky mate - I’d never heard of it -thought it was a bit odd that nearly all other Seats were taken 😀
  9. Never heard of it but my daughter and wife wanted to see it so got them tickets for London - someone must have cancelled as they were bang centre about 10 rows back - the people they were sat with said they had took a year to get tickets !
  10. Probably turn us down nowadays- especially if we go down strange little world football
  11. Could have signed until the end of the season to pay us back for the months and months of treatment and wages he got when he was out of action - plus the wages we had to pay for the numerous bans which probably added up to 12 weeks
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