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  1. It was Pelupessy that said they ate fry ups not Jos
  2. When are they going to raise the amount you can lose in line with player values rising over the last few years ?
  3. elvin parsnip

    Wednesday and Forest links

    Brian Laws
  4. elvin parsnip

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    I think they all went to Spearmint Rhino ....
  5. elvin parsnip

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    Speech Rob .... Speeeeech
  6. Carlos brought him back too early after last hip operation - simple as that - He did this because he is a selfish man who would rather gamble a blokes career to save his own skin - unlike Jos who would play the kids and show belief in them or drop FF because he knows he’s going to be banned - Carlis ruined everything ... the best shot we’ve had on 20 years ... the displays against Huddersfield, especially the first leg were pathetic tactics - I’m not sure on Jos but he seems to have the clubs benefit before his unlike CC - I don’t know about the rest of you but these kids - Penney, Thorniley, Baker seem to have come out of the blue thanks to Jos and not to mention the keepers - Thorniley is so much better a player than 3 million or whatever Van Aken cost so why didn’t CC play him - he’s wasted and crippled half our team - what a fraud that bloke was Poison ? Fair point I’d say
  7. elvin parsnip

    Michael Hector...

    Ross Wallace
  8. elvin parsnip

    Lloyd Owusu

    Oh right - did he get these at his club before or just when he came to us ? Genuine question as I’ve noticed that a few players seem to be intimidated by playing at Hillsborough- I think our crowd can be quite toxic at times and very quick to groan at a stray pass etc
  9. elvin parsnip

    Lloyd Owusu

    What the hell was that puking all about ? Bizarre..
  10. elvin parsnip

    #SWFC 2 : 1 Millwall - Matchday Thread

    Like the way he changed from playing out from the back because Millwall press - maybe he knows what he’s doing after all - I’m confused
  11. Me too - can’t risk players who are potentially going out on loan ??