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  1. Yeah but we thought he would actually sell some players as they got older and keep replacing them with quality players not keep them. Maybe he thought they were like Star Wars figures and keep going up in value. He also doesn’t tie down the promising young players just lets their contracts run out - mental
  2. Forget that it shows about 3 games back that’s it on mine
  3. I’ve just got code and sorted tonight’s match - when you have redeemed code it say what would you like to do now - select my account then select purchased packages and you can work it out from that
  4. Yes I could do with knowing how to do this too as I applied for a code and haven’t received one and was wondering if it’s because I’ve run out of credit on my season ticket
  5. They are obviously suddenly interested as it’s a big news and a good narrative they can use - the giant clubs demise - I hope we win both and ruin their story
  6. Wade I’d Bi polar that’s why he’s like he is
  7. After 30 odd years I’m not just going to stop going because of one man. I know Chansiri said our money means or pays for nothing but that’s nonsense and we need to keep going to help finances- - I’m not good at maths but 15000 season tickets at an average of say 350 quid a pop is 5,250,000 which covers the loss in TV money
  8. Should be Harris and Jordan and should have been 10 minutes ago FFS
  9. Wouldn’t surprise me if we got chosen as their are so many dodgy people involved and redeveloping stadiums gives plenty of opportunities for backhanders etc
  10. A bonus and a better contract - if we go down he stays and gets a smaller wage - I meant there are probably two guaranteed deals at the end of the season depending on what happens
  11. Like I said ours are 9 months late due only to the auditors - who late are Swfc ? Genuine question as I’ve no idea mate
  12. Probably a fixed contract until end of season then whichever league we are in triggers the pre agreed extension
  13. Be ok - we use same auditors and we have just sorted last years accounts even though next ones are due in a couple of months and had a few little things to sort too - really small things but had to be sorted before we could pass the accounts off -every little thing has to be accounted for and they admitted they were late with many clients- unless Swfc have changed accounts that is
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