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  1. Yes that’s true - when he died his manger who took 50 percent of his earnings throughout his career said “ this changes nothing” he signed him up to ridiculously long engagements in Vegas - two shows a day for months on end all because he was a degenerate gambler and owed the casinos loads of money - very sad ..
  2. His favourite sandwich was actually called a Fools gold - it was a full Italian loaf with a pound bacon , peanut butter and Jam - and I mean a pound of each - he sometimes flew his own plane across state just to get one from a particular restaurant
  3. Your probably right - I’d had a fair amount of Cider when I watched the game - just remember us not even keeping the ball at all - but then playing a bit for 5 mins when Dave came on and looking a lot better - Norwich was much better
  4. Maybe but I still we gave them a bit to much respect when we could have attacked them like Norwich match - they were easily beaten tonight by a simple counter attack set up
  5. They have got to increase the amount you can lose over three seasons - player values have increased over the last 3 seasons but the EFL haven’t adjusted the amount you can lose - just means the gap is going to get bigger between our league and Prem until it will be impossible to stay up even if you get up because established clubs have so much cash - look at Hull when they went up in our place ..,
  6. Makes you wonder why we didn’t go at them the other week like we did against Norwich...
  7. Agreed - if Bruce could spend what CC did we would be in the Prem pretty quick - Van Aiken 4 million - aaaarrrrgghhhh
  8. If he had a brain cell it would die of loneliness.... that tash was tragic....
  9. I thought his distribution was shocking - Hooper was getting well annoyed with him
  10. Isn’t it always a minimum of what ever is held up on the board anyway ?
  11. Had a tenner at 5/1 - cashed out for 33 quid after Villa match
  12. I’m soooo bored I took the Xmas decoration down off the front of my house that I put up in 2016 ... true say and it broke in the process - new I shouldn’t have bothered ...
  13. I had about 30 and chucked them years ago ... gutted
  14. Think those books are worth a bit nowadays - don’t chuck em mate
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