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  1. Bullpen has been coaching for years now and must have learnt a lot from mistakes by his managers and also the good things they’ve done - the fact he reinstated Westwood and Hutch when Jos left shows he knows what he’s doing - I say give him the job
  2. I bet we got Murphy without having to pay his wages as well - seems a bit odd that we suddenly get a player off Newcastle under the circumstances
  3. Too much drama and trouble follows him about - plus that penalty against Huddersfield was pathetic- also I get annoyed about him climbing on tables and messing around kicking stuff in the changing room - good for moral bad if he slips and gets injured
  4. Bruce admitted he played him when he should have rested him - he didn’t put a foot wrong when he played and looked a class above any of our other fullbacks- maybe worth a risk especially with our new fitness coach ...
  5. I can’t even remember what I’ve paid for and if I had to renew this year or not - just going to turn up and hope my seats are not occupied by Rowett or some other chav
  6. Cardiff want Reach for 4 million - QPR and Middlesbrough ! interested too
  7. We went up and won the cup 1990/91 - although we did have ASDA for the final @Steelman
  8. We didn’t have a sponsor in 1990 and that went rather well
  9. Pulis down to 7/1 he was 18/1 when I put a fiver on him Tuesday ( Sky £5 free bet )
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