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  1. Match Day Pies

    I like that pie out of Game of Thrones - the one with the fingers in it - so basically I like finger pie ...
  2. Adam Reach

    Probably turn poor again now BB is back - he constantly moans at him
  3. Say hello to Owlvis Presley

    Elvis Royal blue fireworks suit aka the Owl Suit
  4. Deadline Extended

    It wasn’t went down at 10 this morning
  5. Have we got enough? The embargo thread

    Oh - il get me coat
  6. Have we got enough? The embargo thread

    The loss figure isn’t what we submit though is it we can lose a lot of it on certain things like doing up training ground etc - so we can’t add up the loss figures because we don’t know what was submitted to the football league - cakes are expensive these days you know ....
  7. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    Keep telling you Gary Hooper has been TAKEN ....
  8. Barry Bannan

    Where is this mythical door - surely they should call it behind closed turnstiles match or summat
  9. Barry Bannan

    Needs to stop giving his shirt away - he will send us over FFP limit if he’s not careful ...
  10. Deadline Extended

    I tried phoning about 20 times last week - on hold once for 10 mins - I presume cost me a lot ? Then went down today taking time off work to find a queue of one person in front of me .....
  11. Can’t get through to ticket office -tried yesterday and today - very annoying
  12. Pre match music

    Thats the music to the safety video they play telling you what to do if an incident happens
  13. The problem is they can’t play as a team - Rochdale did - even if half our team now plays well there is always an individual mistake and the mental strength of these players is exposed for what it is - weak. I remember Carlos saying he took the players who weren’t playing for training to make them feel involved and important- this totally contradicts his comments about regretting isolating them and not being able to motivate them ....
  14. Tricky Trev

    Signed Waddle, Walker , put Warhurst up front - two cup finals , finished 3rd in the league - Big Ron got us relagated and just got us up cos three automatic places that year ...