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  1. I’ve got two for me and my lad but choose seats about 20 rows closer than our season tickets so we can properly see our gladiators get massacred
  2. Perfect sh*t storm of looming points deduction, too many players who know they are not getting their contract renewed at this stage of the season and have just stooped putting the effort in and a mediocre manager who can’t bring his own staff or players in. Also a pathetic youth system which produces hardly anything- not good
  3. could only watch on main box - rebooted main box then could watch in mini boxes
  4. I think he is or at least watches them sometimes so he must be thick after all
  5. The Beast off The Chase pronounces words that start with Th with an F as in “Firty fousand pounds” is he fick as well ?
  6. Also the League Cup Final presuming they go through tomorrow night on the Sunday before our game - lets hope for extra time in that game
  7. Man City play Real Madrid a week before us and will more than likely be playing in the League Cup Final on the Sunday before our game and have got Man Utd the Sunday after ....
  8. Can’t imagine there’s many players who have scored 3 after such a long absence from the starting 11 - that first with his left foot without looking up ....
  9. I missed goal but did predict Tony son that Dave would score 20 minutes before he came in
  10. Just driven past and there is a white Jag number plate R8 LDC parked just inside main gates in Penistone road - two security blokes were stood near it and it was boxed in by other cars for some reason - could be Cowley ...
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