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  1. Unfinished Business

    I know what your saying but Jones had us playing football from his first game - Megson downfall was thinking they weren't good enough to do that
  2. Fans falling out today

    You do realise he was on 3 million a year in his last job ? and you think we can attract that sort of manager - wake up mate we're Sheffield Wednesday the championship sleeping giant not Sheffield Wednesday the Premier league club anymore
  3. Referee

    The tool has been banished to leagues 1 and 2 for making bad decisions- this was his first game back in the Championship!
  4. Coin throwing

    Should have thrown a Twenty pound note - same value ...
  5. Warnock

    Yes you've got a good point - couldn't even beat us though ...
  6. FF - 3M Reach- 4M Hooper -3M Abdi - 3M Jines - 2M Van Aiken -3M Pudil - 1M Mcgugan - 1M Rhodes - 6M Matius - 2M Winnal - 0.5M Joao - 1M Hunt - 0.5 M Dilenia - 1M that's about 30 million and I've probably missed loads and never mind the wages on free transfers and loans like Fletch, Bannan, Emanuelsson, Boyd , Lopez etc Imagine a decent manager with that backing ...,, He has to go now.... just hope it's not to late and we've got no cash left and no way to spend it if we did because of FFP
  7. Please Carlos Be A Man Of Your Word

    He's full of crrraaaap
  8. Warnock

    Didn't he just lose against Brum - just like Carlos
  9. Unfinished Business

    Stevenage ... JOC on the wing Chesterfield REMEMBER even Dave Jones managed to sort his team out when he couldn't
  10. DC and CC v The Fans

    I thought Carlos said he would walk when one of the three weren't happy ( fans, him or CC)
  11. Okay, so, who next?

    Seriously though Heckingbottom would be a good shout
  12. Okay, so, who next?

    I'd take Brian Laws at this point
  13. I'M NOT A NUMBER .....I'M A FREE MAN !