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  1. Decent option off the bench as he can cover two positions- only on a year contract with reduced wage - doubt he would accept being in the bench though
  2. If you know someone who has it you could down load the BT Sport app and they can let you watch and cast to your Tv - they can have 4 devices like Sky go I think
  3. Pizza Hut for me and my lad - think it’s permanently shut fir good now - probably for the best due to my vast stomach
  4. 10 pound down the drain ... hey ho palace and wolves to have two shots on target each at evens tonight should win my tenner back ( max bet £10 though)
  5. Wow that was quick - maybe it was my tenner
  6. Listened fora few minutes - massive language barrier problem and he is also no idea about running a club - he needs a chief executive desperately- what happened to that bloke who left quickly for Leeds job who was going to be running us ? Not saying him but he needs someone because whoever does it at the moment hasn’t got a clue
  7. Maybe you shouldn’t spend so much money on the dietitian, sports scientists and the very very good back room staff ...
  8. Last time our Chairman at the time MM got rid of a football dinosaur and we were all up in arms we went on an amazing run - maybe DC is right for once or maybe he’s been in the underwater telephone ... who knows but hopefully it will pan out the same way
  9. Says to me phone Brian Laws as he is available and high on the list and has been watching us and other teams on a regular basis so will be up to speed on the Championship
  10. Sorry if already discussed but are we on TV as sky Bet says we are live on sky sports football - is it red button or streamed through sky bet itself as it’s not on the sky channels
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