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  1. elvin parsnip


    On the 12th I’ve heard mate ...
  2. elvin parsnip


    What about a Black Sabbath?
  3. elvin parsnip

    Bell of the season -Championship

    I’m having Neil Swarbrick - don’t care if he’s not a player
  4. Dos Dorada por favor
  5. elvin parsnip

    Todays Referee

    Noticed he let quick free kicks go whilst most pull play back - he did look about 2 stone overweight though ...
  6. elvin parsnip


    Was just going to post this - we have not every time the bellends
  7. elvin parsnip

    Jordan Rhodes - #SWFC Striker

    A run of games with Hooper and he will come good - look at Villa away when Hooper sent him free in the box. Hoooer can link up play and will work perfectly with Rhodes if they are given a run together
  8. Has he always worn massive long shorts ? Serious question
  9. elvin parsnip

    Season tickets - who's renewed?

    Two more years at a fair price me me and my lad - he’s 15 and it works out at 6 or 7 quid a match for him
  10. elvin parsnip


  11. elvin parsnip

    Sunderland - V - Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    He’s out of contract
  12. No they are different seasons shirts