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  1. Just seen Wildsmith at Tesco express Totley - his Pony tail is very wrong
  2. Wildsmith did ok after lockdown and the main difference between the two is Wildsmith is very vocal and helps out the defenders way more than Dawson - you could hear him due to the lack of crowd - never shut up
  3. I will give him a few more games - our first choice Center backs are out plus our number 1 defensive midfielder and Izzy Brown - plus we will have to pay off his coaching team as well as Monk know
  4. None of our forwards are really forwards - we should have kept Fletcher whatever the cost
  5. A bit worrying that between the three of them they thought playing Hunt was the correct decision!
  6. Surely Joey was given a new contract to fill in for Massimo when needed - putting Hunt in against a team like Brentford is just odd - glad he saw what surely everyone else was seeing and brought JP on
  7. Exactly this - obvious that Joey should be his replacement if not Palmer or even JB
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