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  1. i think its called forward thinking & planning , a rather alien concept at hillsborough for quite some time now , never standing still always looking to move forward and improve , isnt it what all the successful clubs do build from a position of strength , ie winning team , positive vibes rather than relegated and losing ?
  2. And played a part in the build up to both goals
  3. Absolutely farcical .players don’t get paid so as a punishment they take 6 points off said players
  4. loved Bazza's little skip and then a jump as if to encourage Rhodes to get there
  5. Some cracking goals but fizz me are the academy’s not allowed to put a tackle in , personally for me the Preston lads goal should win , technically the most difficult skill
  6. you can say that again,.............. and again............ and again
  7. Jos' Jos's Jossers Josses ???? im confused
  8. Soft Embrago...... there's medication for that
  9. my fading memory tells me it was Michael Robinson ...either way captain hero legend mick lyons
  10. if this happens would that figure include Swarpricks deal ?
  11. Funny how things change last year in Jos’ first game in charge with a very similar team in the middle of a similar run of results and battled out a point . He was rightly lauded this year with a team containing 4 academy products making their derby debut he is getting hammered. And just for some perspective as much as it aims me to say it they are Not a poor side been top six all season lost one at home and collected more home points than any other team in this division
  12. im sure the players post this sort of thing just to wind up the bedwetters on social media
  13. thats not true though is it, ? you do know what average means dont you?
  14. I thought he was slow to react to both goals and would love him to be as agressive before the goals as he is after them doesn’t seem as positive to me as when he played last season .tho he made a cpl of good saves in the second half that’s his job and the very least I expect of our custodian
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