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  1. Jos' Jos's Jossers Josses ???? im confused
  2. Soft Embrago...... there's medication for that
  3. whoa fella , stop talking sense and stating cold hard facts ....it'll never catch on here
  4. my fading memory tells me it was Michael Robinson ...either way captain hero legend mick lyons
  5. if this happens would that figure include Swarpricks deal ?
  6. Funny how things change last year in Jos’ first game in charge with a very similar team in the middle of a similar run of results and battled out a point . He was rightly lauded this year with a team containing 4 academy products making their derby debut he is getting hammered. And just for some perspective as much as it aims me to say it they are Not a poor side been top six all season lost one at home and collected more home points than any other team in this division
  7. im sure the players post this sort of thing just to wind up the bedwetters on social media
  8. thats not true though is it, ? you do know what average means dont you?
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