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  1. i think its called forward thinking & planning , a rather alien concept at hillsborough for quite some time now , never standing still always looking to move forward and improve , isnt it what all the successful clubs do build from a position of strength , ie winning team , positive vibes rather than relegated and losing ?
  2. And played a part in the build up to both goals
  3. Absolutely farcical .players don’t get paid so as a punishment they take 6 points off said players
  4. loved Bazza's little skip and then a jump as if to encourage Rhodes to get there
  5. Some cracking goals but fizz me are the academy’s not allowed to put a tackle in , personally for me the Preston lads goal should win , technically the most difficult skill
  6. you can say that again,.............. and again............ and again
  7. Jos' Jos's Jossers Josses ???? im confused
  8. Soft Embrago...... there's medication for that
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