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  1. blakey1959

    Front 4

    thats 6
  2. blakey1959

    Sean Clare Signing for

    thats not true though is it, ? you do know what average means dont you?
  3. blakey1959


    I thought he was slow to react to both goals and would love him to be as agressive before the goals as he is after them doesn’t seem as positive to me as when he played last season .tho he made a cpl of good saves in the second half that’s his job and the very least I expect of our custodian
  4. blakey1959

    Where to start?

    An awful lot of rubbish in there
  5. ffs spose chansiri 'll get blamed for that anall
  6. FF’s has enough without playing with a flare
  7. are ... arent ....im confused
  8. blakey1959

    The Bizarre Lucas Piazon Situation

    all of them solidly correct based on inside knowledge
  9. did i dream yesterday ......?
  10. blakey1959

    10 changes

    Voices in his head
  11. blakey1959

    Forestieri off to Leeds

    Francis didn’t dither Cantona was always on his way to Leeds
  12. Spurr did well to play nearly 200 games for us with no confidence and I’m pretty sure beevers played a similar amount it was the boo boys and the scapegoat seekers that destroyed their Wednesday careers not being chucked into the 1st team
  13. blakey1959

    Young Keeper signs new deal

    sell Dawson & Wildsmith now!
  14. how do you drop a player who you haven't seen play a competitive game in the 7 months you've been manager ?