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  1. Well Done Jos

    Let’s just hope he can wave his arms about jump up and down and be a bit more uppity in his interviews next season .we got a winner then
  2. Soft touch

    McCulloch missed a game cos of a boil on his bum
  3. Left Back

    really made me
  4. Left Back

    right back
  5. fizz me .jos getting slated for poor interview performance now .whatever next ...inappropriate workwear attire
  6. 57 Today - Shirty!

    very underrated
  7. What does Jos mean?

    Ask Jon Newsome he'll know.....
  8. I don’t think Carlos caused Van Akens ankle injury ffs
  9. and many other wednesday fans are wrong aswell
  10. no inquest or debate required , i am sure he could have found more pertinent points to raise in light of recent performances and results ...yet another supporter living in the past... move on FFs
  11. what were you saying Jon ?
  12. so ... did he make the final squad.....?????
  13. it hasnt been this year tho has it?