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  1. Can't get in. Bouncing ball, get to match centre, click watch Live, asks me to sign in again. Farce. Worst thing is fully expected it not to work. Pathetic.
  2. Yeah tend to agree with that. Stupid offer in the 1st place. Can't go back on it though so in that sense the conditions I think are fair enough if someone wants a refund just because of performances etc. But in terms of being more open in responding to presumably a lot of pressure he should just refer people to/remind them of the ts and cs.
  3. I believe the mistake here was to offer refunds in the first place. There isn't a ticket I can think of where you can get a refund under normal circumstances...concerts, football, flights etc. If people have a financial reason/job reason to ask, those would surely be assessed on an individual basis, and if given, given without condition. For those that want a refund under this particular circumstance....I.e. we're crap at the moment, I want my money back, I would totally agree with the set conditions. As it's unfair for others who put up with the so called crap for people just t
  4. Brilliant post. Look at the bigger picture. The 1 offs can look asbsolute stinkers I totally agree but on average over a few games it starts to look more acceptable. Headline grabbers always take the best or worst of it! So in theory @Holmowl the same set of matches this season will be cheaper due to reduced kids prices. Even if some of the adult prices shift up a category should still be slightly cheaper overall.
  5. I wouldn't like to pay more than about £25-£30 on average for on the gate. But wouldn't have an issue if I paid £40/£50 or more (upto £100ish e.g. for a final) for a 1 off that I really wanted to attend. But couldn't stomach that regularly. I was ready for the Arsenal game to be a cat A last season but it wasn't pleasingly.
  6. I do get the point. I just don't see where you would see any price as being reasonable, now that I know it's potentially 1 adult + 3 kids I'm interested to know what would be a fair price to you. I don't think all things can ever be affordable to all people at all times. It just doesn't work like that. Not with football, theme parks, holidays, you name it. And to be fair, to pick and choose as you suggest i.e. "desirable" games only, a premium has to be expected or else it isn't fair on those that have season tickets and memberships who commit to pay all that money to w
  7. Tbh that would depend how many is in the family. Hence why I asked. ALL games were dearer for families last season. The price has reduced for kids simple as that whatever cat it is. The adult prices may not be to some people's liking but the kids prices are pretty decent now. Are you saying none of the cats are acceptable to you? Not even E, F, or G? If not you would struggle anywhere... If they are ok, then pick and choose and go to those when they come up. Many games were Cat D last season including some of the "bigger" ones e.g. vs Middlesbrou
  8. And how much would the same have been last year? It's cheaper than an equivalent cat B game last year. Maybe even cheaper than C depending on your kids to adult ratio? I don't have kids but would have no issue taking them on the kop. I was there myself as a kid. There are several families in and around where I sit from young kids to teenagers. If the price was for cat D (of which I think there'll be plenty) would that be acceptable? I think the decision of cat A for villa is wrong but I don't think anyone should think that rules them out for other games. The
  9. The prices for families are cheaper than last season. As I say a family with kids attending a Cat A game will actually pay less than they would've last year in a Cat B game.....potentially even less than a Cat C due to the kids prices being totally reworked to encourage the next gen!!
  10. This is along the lines of what I was trying to say yesterday...I think, based on last season, most games will be cat C and below, more D and E than we might think...ok so A and B are steep but I think they will only be used in a very small number of games. And again I think the new kids prices are reaaonable if not brilliant value; A parent and 1 child on kop for cat A is £42 + £15/£10/£5 (U17/U11/U5). That is less than last years cat B nett total (£39 + £21/£17/£17). So the shift up in cat is offset if not better off for families. But I still think most game
  11. There is no way people were bullied into spending £1200 plus on a 3 year season ticket. That is ludicrous. People who were lucky enough to be able to afford it and would probably buy a season ticket for each year anyway saw that it was the best deal available. The information available in advance stating that the lowest prices would be season tickets, members, etc was well known. The potg prices for some cats may be higher than desirable but it should not be a surprise.
  12. I don't agree with the choice of category for villa no. I can sort of see why he's done it but don't agree. Not so fussed on the Leeds category, more 'realistic' to give that a top cat. If anything the cats are the wrong way around. Can only go on the balance of games last season. There WILL be games that fit into most people's budget in the sense that when the lower cats are used these are near to/at the prices most people seem to say are reasonable so at that point it's open to as many people as it will ever be. Don't agree with setting high to deter away fans...I'm n
  13. Regular reader but rare poster on here but feel the need to put a more positive side on the ticket prices as too many seem to be hysterically negative on here but it surely isn't as bad as the headlines grabbers would have you believe... The potg categories for adults and concessions are the SAME as last year....so with 2 years of warning that potg would be high and season tickets or membership are the best value way to get tickets why the big surprise again? We did all this negative crap last summer. Moreover kids under 17 are CHEAPER than 2015/16, depending on age/cat
  14. Got my 3yr deal. Fairly sure if you email through your details before the deadline they will ring back, and even if it's after the deadline they ring back, they'll honour the prices as long as you emailed before. They rang me back earlier this week, and implied as much because I asked them since the phone system is crap what if people don't get through in time?! I'd been trying for several days myself! They do ring off a withheld number though so make sure you answer it!
  15. What I meant was, where next, do we ban ALL items where something dangerous could potentially be hidden, e.g. coats etc? Not that that's what they're saying. I did read the statement and I do not intend to dramatize. So in your opinion clear plastic bottles would still be allowed through? I think officially in the full ground regs no bottles or containers are allowed (more for commercial reasons I would assume, think Sheffield Arena type rules) but I've always taken pop with me to Hillsborough rather than buy it. I don't mind buying beer etc, but don't like to think I've got to pay £2.50
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