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  1. I haven't to be honest, sent i think 4 emails but no reply knocks the stuffing out of you a bit. Also contacted the club when i came over for the playoff final but no interest. I had suggested doing something with the fans comming from all around the world. But it fell on deaf ears.
  2. At one of these meetings it was raised that the club wanted to engage with overseas owls. I have emailed the club a few times but had no response. Can anyone going ask about this please?
  3. You can recall a loan player though can't you?
  4. Spoke to someone from unfollow yesterday. There will be an app they don't know when or if it will be before the season. Also no Chromecast so you can easily watch it on your TV. So missed a big trip their. Wondering if it's the same people who are doing our kit?
  5. I wish I knew how to crop stuff like this. Saw it on a post from after the Mansfield game. I did enjoy doing thus though (No it's not photo shopped)
  6. Was first time I had seen it. I tend to avoid here preseason. Did think it added up but was the right manufacturer.
  7. Just spotted this on Facebook. Anyone seen it before? Just surprised no 150th logo or stars above the crest?
  8. Having watched Mooy for 2 years in a Melbourne City shirt I can say he would be worth a gamble 300-500k. But not more than that he is good but I worry he isn't strong enough for the more physical english game. But he hasn't looked out of place in the national side but other than england it has been a while since they played quality opposition As for the rumour sounds crap as word here is Belgium is his destination (lot of aussie have gone there)
  9. I'm in this block row 9 all the way from Melbourne australia. Currently sat in Brunei airport on my way over I'm in this block row 9 all the way from Melbourne australia. Currently sat in Brunei airport on my way over
  10. So excited by this season and cant wait for it to start, Hopefully a lot more games on TV this year for us overseas owls.
  11. They are showing it live on there app which is your a foxtel subscriber you get for free.
  12. Melbourne Australia. Work with 2 owls, only met one blade in 10 years and broke his leg playing football. (Genuinely was an accident) also lucky to have SWFC as my license plate
  13. Happy birthday to my first love! I miss you but still think of you all the time and slowly recruiting more fans is this far away land! UTO
  14. Wife works for NAB so should recommend them! but R-Sole is right they are all about the same.
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