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  1. No we are not asking them to leave just go and run round a field or kick a ball against a wall. They get paid but get out of our hair and lets build. I want my club back.
  2. I like it. Bring it on as I have no time for one or two these heroes so beloved by many of our fans.
  3. Just a few thoughts to find some positives in this life without live sport and the seasons ended. ’If out of contract players are not going to be resigned and they clearly can’t be bothered to fight our corner why not give them the chance to leave now. No point in wasting our training time and facilities on them. They could be offered our medical facilities for the club to discharge its duty of care for its employees but don’ t see why they should mug us off any longer. They have eye watering salaries so can find their own personal trainer. Why have a bad apple about to ruin attitudes of other players?’ Yes, I know it’s not going to happen but beggars belief that players hold all the cards and can’t be bothered to play cos they’ve thrown their dolly out of the pram. ps. What date does an out of contract player finish? Is it at the end of the season and when will that be now?
  4. If it’s anything like last year’s end of season Thankyou lap you’ll be forgotten again. Players were more interested in getting their kids and ladies on the pitch. I think they have enough privileges without that sort of indulgence. THANK the fans properly.
  5. Digressing a little from this post I had to wonder on Saturday how many other grounds have away supporters bang next to the home ‘kop’ end? And separated by one line of yellow jackets as well. Enjoyed the banter and rivalry making for a good atmosphere.
  6. Much as I was glad to see the back of Jos L and his strange tactics(best example was Millwallgate) was he partly doing something right? He must have been well aware of the financial situation re FFP and the likely scenario that was playing out as regards the straight jacket of who we could afford/bring in the summer. Therefore he had decided to blood the players he would have after the summer given the culling that is about to take place. He knew we were going nowhere this season so perhaps there was a bit of sense playing the likes of Dawson/ Thorniley/Stubbs etc. Pains me to think like this but now we know more about what was going on we can make more rational judgements. I also still think there is a twist in the FFP saga as so many clubs are like us and battling against the unfair parachute payment clubs. They are traditionally big clubs and together they may well threaten the powers that be with a breakaway.
  7. Proposed new rule change announced a long while ago for next season. ie substituted players leave the pitch at the nearest line and point of exit .
  8. Didn’t want to seem too greedy and after watching Wednesday for 52 years I am at last coming to terms with low expectations! Although have to say in all those years ,and most as season ticket holder, I have never felt so removed from my Wednesday. Feels like someone stole it!
  9. I changed my mind and thought it best to write to Mr Chansir and as I don’t know where he is perhaps he’ll catch sight of my requests on Owlstalk...so here goes. Dear Mr Chansiri Happy Christmas to you but I don’t know if you do Christmas. However this is my only hope as I have no reply from Jim Will Fix It and I already used up my 3 wishes from Aladdin. I would like a new manager for Christmas. Not expecting great things but just a chance to come home on Saturday at 5.00 in a good mood once in a while after seeing us go for a win. I’d also like a centre half or tackling midfielder that can talk to there’s at the same time as he plays football. I would also love a box to box midfielder so we can go forward quickly. could you also throw in a tin of tuna for our Christmas tea please? Now you have broken your football toy could you get yourself a new one as well. Thankyou for listening Mr Chansiri and I will do my best not to shout at the manager and get onto your good list. Have a blue Christmas.
  10. 50%+ of the respondents to this survey say they don’t have a season ticket. Don’t we have about 20k season ticket holders and our average home attendance is about 22k (minus away fans). So a survey of season ticket holders would be more representative. I’m a 3 year season man so difficult to say if I’ll renew , esp after following for 50 years! But my newly enrolled 8 year old is bored out of his brains now and last season he loved attending.
  11. George Best. Ripped us apart no meter how many times we kicked him. Even went to the Lane to see him play ...now that takes some doing.
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