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  1. Setting aside the utter offensiveness of this comment, even if by some miracle or bribary Evans got off on appeal what makes anyone thinks he'd be back in the United team scoring goals? The only reason he didn't go to a Championship club in Jan was that none would bid for him with a trial pending. If he did ever come back (and he won't) then we've all already seen what a horrible odious little pr!ck he is, he wouldn't think twice about jumping ship to whoever will pay him the most and then the Blunts fans would hate him the blue two-thirds of the City!
  2. Whilst this is probably true think its pretty unavoidable. Think it would be expecting too much of any manager to ask them to attract a load of players to a League One club who could take us up within our budget and then all be easily capable of cutting it in the top half of the Championship!
  3. This first post looks suspiciously like a viral marketing campaign for Plug ... :ls:
  4. Bywater Buxton Batth Llera Beevers (Reda if available) JJ Lines Semedo Treacy Lowe Madine Subs: Weaver Antonio Palmer O'Grady Ranger Sorted!
  5. I only live a twenty minute bus ride from Wembley, but I've got my Oyster topped up good and ready - is this taking it for granted?
  6. This is very elaborate, clearly thought-out and logically argued. Only trouble is that it is: CONQUER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Pretty sure this has been done to death on about a hundred threads, but for the record: · The League One & League Two first legs will be played on: Friday 11 May (7.45pm), Saturday 12 May (12.30pm), Saturday 12 May (7.45pm) and Sunday 13 May (12.00pm). · The second legs will be played on: Monday 14 May (7.45pm), Tuesday 15 May (7.45pm), Wednesday 16 May (7.45pm) and Thursday 17 May (7.45pm). · The final is on 26 May at Wembley at 3pm. · Teams play each other as follows: 3rd place team vs. 6th and 4th vs. 5th. The teams finishing in 3rd and 4th have their home legs second but away goals do not count double. · The team finishing 3rd usually goes first, so it is likely we would play on Friday and Monday. But this rule is not set in stone, Milwall finished 3rd in 2010 but played second. I think it is Sky who has the final say, so keep your eyes peeled!
  8. Yeah probs! Just something I vaguely remembered. There was also Charlotte Hudson who used to present Watchdog and modelled in the club catalogue
  9. This has been done to death, but Palin "supports both teams" I have seen him at Hillsborough but he grew up a Blade Confirmed Owls fans: Music Arctic Monkeys Jarvis Cocker Paul Carrack (Mike and the Mechanics) Richard Hawley "Reverend" John McClure Milburn Lead singer of Human League TV Dominic West Tommy Craig Sheila Hinchcliffe Sport Michael Vaughan Gary Cahill Jonny Nelson Clinton Woods Politics David Blunkett Roy Hattersley Angela Smith Clive Betts
  10. Dunno, people would have said same about both Manchester Clubs playing in 1950s kits to mark the Munich disaster, Arsenal reverting to burgundy for their last season at Highbury, Lazio flying an eagle around the ground just before KO every week. This wouldn't be that hard to do.
  11. If I was Chris Lines I'd come off the pitch thinking "had a good game there, always showed for the ball, always completed my passes and found a team mate, got an assist" then I'd read some post by BG and think "man what more do you want" before reaching for the pills, the whisky and the blessed release of death ...
  12. I'm glad there are a couple of people on here who are sensible and see that Potter did have some talent, but was just not the right player for us at the right time. There's been sooooooooo many worse players I've seen in the last 12 years.
  13. Totally agree with this, it still astonishes me how much British football fans ignore the issue of tactics and ask questions like: how can players play so differently for different clubs? why can't he reproduce his club form for England? etc and come up with all sorts of theories and reasons why except the obvious, that the position and role assigned for you to play will have the biggest bearing on how you will perform! Potter was not the right player for us (although he was pretty good when he was just on loan and everyone was desperate for us to sign him) but there's no reason he couldn't be right for another team with another style. Needs two other CMs next to him it would seem.
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