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  1. Stuff 442, let’s go properly old-school, 235
  2. I don’t think it’s the role that’s unpopular, more that it’s clearly not the game plan for Bannan to be playing in those positions, and Bannan’s best performances for us have been further forward. I think his best role for us was on the left of the 442 that Carlos had us playing, as he was able to find space by playing narrow and having Pudil overlap. In several of those games, Lopez played as a deep lying playmaker, and did a solid job of it.
  3. It’s probably not relevant now, but I think we had something worth developing in the 4-4-2 w/ inverted wingers and width from the fullbacks that Carlos had us playing in that 1st season. Add some clever pressing (as we did) and some slick passing and you have something hard to play against.
  4. A system of play / set of tactics that can be consistently applied first. Look at any of the successful teams at any level and you find that they have a way of playing that puts the correct combination of players in the correct positions at the correct times during a game. From there, pick players that will execute those tactics correctly (as in, make the correct decisions - mistakes in execution can be forgiven).
  5. Think that’s a little harsh, but it is telling that our best sustained run of performances since DC took over occurred with López as one of the midfield options and with Bannan playing on the left. I just can’t see how we can have a functioning side with two midfielders who both seem to want to play within touching distance of the CBs. Even with a 4-2-3-1 with double pivot, you expect your midfielders to play in midfield.
  6. I’d probably follow Hallam - any phoenix side wouldn’t be the same, and somehow Hallam feel more connected to us than Sheffield FC (might be location, or the fact I’ve played cricket at the ground).
  7. Not forgetting that in our best performance in the playoffs over both seasons we had Lopez as the “defensive midfielder”.
  8. I think you might be onto something - put FF in that no.10 role, have him press high, maybe try Lee and Luongo as the 2?
  9. So what you’re saying is that Odubajo has entered the Bannan category of players, where no number of bad / indifferent performances can’t be excused, whereas Fox is the Nuhiu category of players, where no amount of good performances warrant their inclusion in the team?
  10. I think we end up playing this way because we haven’t really got a midfield to speak of - both Bannan and Hutchinson seem to want to play within touching distance of the central defenders. Without a midfield, long balls up to the forward is the only option we have.
  11. Given the amount of bickering that surrounds out kits, I’d like to see them alternate between very traditional and somewhat experimental (not all of us want to see the same 198* kit released year after year). Proposal for experimental kit 1: stripes of different widths. Proposal for traditional kit 1: Re-release 98-99 kit.
  12. He did look good more centrally at the back end of 2017-18. With enough coaching I wonder whether he could take on Lee’s role in midfield?
  13. 1. Lee is reportedly on very modest wages, so there’s less of an investment to risk 2. When both are fully fit, Lee has a bigger influence on how we play, so is arguably more important to us. 3. We have a surplus of forwards but a shortage of midfielders. So for me it’s keep Lee, let Hooper go.
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