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  1. Given the amount of bickering that surrounds out kits, I’d like to see them alternate between very traditional and somewhat experimental (not all of us want to see the same 198* kit released year after year). Proposal for experimental kit 1: stripes of different widths. Proposal for traditional kit 1: Re-release 98-99 kit.
  2. He did look good more centrally at the back end of 2017-18. With enough coaching I wonder whether he could take on Lee’s role in midfield?
  3. 1. Lee is reportedly on very modest wages, so there’s less of an investment to risk 2. When both are fully fit, Lee has a bigger influence on how we play, so is arguably more important to us. 3. We have a surplus of forwards but a shortage of midfielders. So for me it’s keep Lee, let Hooper go.
  4. Given the position we’re in (both in terms of needing to refresh the squad and in terms of FFP) I think we have to be open to offers for any of our contracted players. That said, I doubt another club would come in for Fletcher with the sort of offer that would make selling him worthwhile.
  5. Sounds good, always favoured the 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 formation!
  6. One of either side probably. It'll provide balance to have one player favouring getting towards the byline & putting the ball across the box and the other cutting inside, will keep defences guessing and give us more options in attack.
  7. These would probably do us (assuming that we already have Lopez for the season): - a left-back - another wide forward - a striker Edit: What WalthamOwl said
  8. Now now, this is Owlstalk. We'll have none of that sensibleness here...
  9. So in a "Worst of 70's" vs "Worst post 2000" match, which team would lose (assuming you can adjust for the professionalisation of the game, I guess)?
  10. For me it'd be that midfield with one of Nuhiu/Keane in the centre up top and 2 out of Maguire/May/Lavery either side.
  11. I liken it to a neurosurgeon. Do you want him/her to just get on and do surgery, or do you expect him/her to also source equipment, administer the staff rota and clean the theatre every morning? Coaching = specialist role, therefore employ specialist. HR = specialist role, therefore appoint specialist.
  12. I guess the "head coach" would have to be quite clear that his job is to get the best out of the players he is given, and little else. I suppose that the DoF/Sporting Director sits down with the coach every *however long - eg. month* and they discuss the direction the club is taking. If there was a big conflict, remember that the DoF would be the head coach's boss, so it'd be a case of either i) put up with it, or ii) leave.
  13. In modern football, no. There isn't a half-decent defender in the world that won't successfully defend crosses all day long.
  14. Perhaps an experiment with set-up is required. 1. How about something like a 4-1-3-2, with one of the 3 (McGugan) taking a suitably advanced position to act as a pivot around our attack. This would mean we no longer need a "big striker" up top, which means May + Lavery becomes a go-er. Focus on playing the ball in behind the defence for them. 2. 4-3-3 - but actually 4-3-3, not some 4-5-1 hybrid thing that ends up with strikers playing in midfield. Play Lavery - May - Maguire as the front 3. Edit: The point I'm trying to make is that we should try and setup to play to our forwards' strengths.
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