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  1. Rate jos so far?

    OK considering what he has to work with, i'd admit to being a bit worried about the team selection and tactics these last two games, hopefully in time we will see more performances like the win over derby and less of the negative stuff.
  2. Any ideas what this is

    You've had a decent go at it tbf, went to the Mark Smith testimonial myself and it's not that, don't think that it will be a reserve game as the players look either too old, fat or unfit, not sure about the student games one but think it's earlier than August due to the pitch and amount of leaves on the trees.
  3. Any ideas what this is

    For once no one on here knows it seems, i'll go for some sort of charity game between mid March - May 87
  4. Went to all but one of the games mentioned in this thread, for me the shameful defeat to the pigs this season was as bad as anything.
  5. Season ticket renewals...

    I hope not but you never know with DC, another increase and many will have had enough and who can blame them.
  6. Season ticket renewals...

    I think the club know how critical it is to get the pricing right this time, i'm expecting/hoping for a price freeze or even a slight decrease.
  7. Think your right, one of the first away games I went to. Remember going two down and at that age I could not believe such a tinpot outfit could be beating Wednesday, loved the comeback that day though. Sadly over the years I've had to get used to small teams with tiny grounds beating us on a fairly regular basis.
  8. Can't spare an hour and eleven to listen to that, hopefully someone will post a summary later.
  9. The haunting of the Wednesday Tap

    Went in for the first time on Saturday, really impressed, well done to the club. Just hope they can get enough custom in on non match days as well.
  10. Jordan Thorniley : Success story

    Great to see the young players getting a chance under Jos.
  11. Question to the South Standers

    Have sat in the south for a few years now and there's not enough room for modern day standards, which is a shame as its otherwise a fantastic historic stand with great views. I would say that some rows and sections seem to have less room than others.
  12. I didn't like him at first and thought he was lazy but that was just his laid back style, he had quality and scored some great goals during his time here, winning me and the majority of fans over in the process. Gave us way more than the likes of Jonk and De Bilde.
  13. Matias

    Even allowing for injury he's given us almost nothing in two and half seasons, these sort of players will never take us to where we want to be.
  14. Decided to shave it off, after seeing all the tache jokes and pictures on Owlstalk Good luck Jos
  15. Jos Luhukay - POLL

    I've now given up trying to understand the logic in any of the decisions being made by DC and saved myself a lot of frustration in the process. I just hope this new guy is successful and ends the current misery.