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  1. Nuhiu

    Well done to the big man, he's had to be patient and wait for his opportunity. Hopefully next time he plays we can supply him with a shirt that actually fits him.
  2. 11/2 to score 1st or 15/8 anytime if you fancy Hooper to score tonight.
  3. Loovens & Van Aken

    I'd stick with Lees, he's been very consistent ever since he signed and doesn't deserve to be dropped. Loovens and Van Aken can fight for the other spot.
  4. OFFICIAL 2017/18 Championship Rival Watch

    Thats more like it, come on Fulham
  5. João - How best to use him

    Still can't work out where Carlos was asking him to play on Saturday, was it midfield, right wing? Don't think Joao had a clue what was asked of him either. Made a differance when he came on in the derby and should be used as an impact sub up front to add bit of pace when needed.
  6. Surprised the likes of Ian Wright, David Speedie and Graeme Sharpe aren't on the list, that lot seemed to score loads against us. Does the list go back that far?
  7. Those were the days - 4th November 1992

    It was an unbelievably biased display from the ref, he seemed absolutely determined to give everything to them, I seen some bad refs over here but nothing like that, think he was French. Remember thinking at the time with the side and momentum we had that we'd be in Europe just about every season from then on. Didn't work out too well that.
  8. Poll: Carlos Back him or Sack him

    Still think that someone else would have done a better job with the resourses that Carlos has had but agree that DC is unlikely to sack him so hoping that he can get us up this time. Think the football has been more entertaining for the most part this season, you just worry that when the crunch games come that Carlos will play not to lose rather than go for it. Would have liked a change but backing the team as always, we've still got a good chance this year.
  9. Always buy one, ours has been consistently one of the best over the years. Thought that they would be valuable one day but thats not the case and they just take up loft space. That programmes 3 quid guy comes on the south as well, about midway through the 1st half.
  10. Friday night's 'NAME THE PLAYER' game

    Looks like Bannister but not 100% sure, decent crowd so could have been against Leeds. I was probably on the kop that day.
  11. Blades want to try collinding too

    Thats more like what we've come to expect from united over the years, hopefully this is the start of a return to type.
  12. Chansiri

    It's becoming embarrassing now, is the guy a total egomaniac?
  13. Its an increasing problem and not just Herries Rd, there have been a spate of cars getting keyed/scratched on Middlewood Rd and surrounding streets, the section from around the lights at the top of Leppings lane to the Middlewood tram stop. Have family in that area and its a problem generally not just on matchday's. Not sure if its some sort of parking feud or just petty vandalism.
  14. Genuine question...

    It would help, but he would still have to change the coach/manager for me.