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  1. Middlewood Owl

    Jos Luhukay

    Just relived its over and I can actually start enjoying my football again. The last few months have been been horrendous it was getting to the stage where I didn't want to go anymore, we would surely have gone down had Jos been allowed to continue.
  2. Middlewood Owl

    Well done DC

    Me too, hopefully this is a new start, if someone like Bruce comes in that's another positive for me.
  3. Well that's ruined my Christmas, Jos is the worst manager in living memory for many and he seems to be staying indefinitely. Chansiri is just off the scale, I just can't even begin to find logic or reason in anything he does.
  4. Middlewood Owl

    20 years on... YP article

    Beautiful ground Highbury was, only problem we always lost there whenever I went.
  5. Middlewood Owl

    20 years on... YP article

    Great memories, went to that game, brilliant cheeky pass from Carbone in the build up to the 2nd.
  6. Middlewood Owl

    Were the subs right today?

    Good job we weren't behind and looking for a equaliser, I don't think we had anyone on the bench who could have changed the game.
  7. Middlewood Owl

    Tricky Trev

    Yes best part of the day that, god knows what he thought of the game so poor both sides.
  8. Best thing about this season, programme covers Those cup games against Arsenal were amazing though.
  9. Even that team has a bang average 6-8-6 record considering the level of investment by Mr C, probably Butterfield and Fox wouldn't start with a full squad to chose from and a fully fit and motivated Forestieri would make a huge difference. Hopefully a decent pre season and some new faces will see us challenging again.
  10. Middlewood Owl

    Announce the stripes!!!

    Certainly feels that way at the moment.
  11. Middlewood Owl

    Us on the box

    I wonder how long it took neutral fans to get bored and switch channel's, there's no way I'd have watched that if I wasn't a Wednesday fan. Swansea weren't much better either, maybe the true Carlos is now starting to emerge. Don't think the TV companies will be any rush to show too many of our games in the future apart from the contracted minimum.
  12. Middlewood Owl

    Rate jos so far?

    OK considering what he has to work with, i'd admit to being a bit worried about the team selection and tactics these last two games, hopefully in time we will see more performances like the win over derby and less of the negative stuff.
  13. Middlewood Owl

    Any ideas what this is

    You've had a decent go at it tbf, went to the Mark Smith testimonial myself and it's not that, don't think that it will be a reserve game as the players look either too old, fat or unfit, not sure about the student games one but think it's earlier than August due to the pitch and amount of leaves on the trees.
  14. Middlewood Owl

    Any ideas what this is

    For once no one on here knows it seems, i'll go for some sort of charity game between mid March - May 87