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  1. Isn’t it something other players could learn? Surely Patterson doesn’t have some superpower that no other elite athlete players in our squad could do with practice?
  2. He obviously isn’t a natural speaker, but that doesn’t mean he can’t manage. We need to support this project, tough as it may be at times. The good will come
  3. New managers/ teams / squads take time . DM may or may not be our future but he needs time with a new group, let’s give him a chance
  4. Agree - if we are going to be the twelfth man, we need to be watching the sort of play we can get behind & don’t mind mistakes if the effort is there to fix them.
  5. Again today we had 10 minutes looking good when we scored, with Dennis and Fisayo running at Lincoln, it was something for the crowd to get behind. This pair are the biggest positive this season so far imo, but will that 10 minute period influence what we need to be doing? i.e play like that for 90 minutes because if we do we’ll win games.
  6. Don’t often agree with Ian, but on this occasion agree with Ian.
  7. What we really need is all these players that DM has given a chance to, to really step up and do the business for us. They haven’t so far and need to come together.
  8. Agree with you, but don’t think DM is suggesting the team are playing to their potential and he’s probably trying to shield them to some extent. I also think when trying to get an essentially new team going with 15? new players, that we should think the position we are in is bad just because we’re Sheffield Wednesday and feel an entitlement to smash league one.
  9. We’re achieving points per game that would see us finish 6th and all acknowledging that we are not playing well or to our potential. Given that we could have nicked a few more points (and yes could have lost some as well because that’s football), should we not be giving DM the time to do what he’s paid to do and try to get us in the playoff or maybe automatic spots by bringing an improvement, instead of deciding that he can’t when most of us are not really qualified to make that judgement beyond not particularly enjoying what we’ve watched recently.
  10. Wouldn’t that point assume no positive progression in the next 12 games, which may be the case but you would hope the work he’s doing will bring some dividend. If we carried on the same we would continue at 1.64 points per game which would have us in 6th. Given that 2 points per game essentially guarantees automatic and often less than 2 I think, then a marginal improvement should guarantee playoffs or better, so I don’t think the season would be gone and DM deserves the support to achieve that positive progression.
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