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  1. Not forgetting the one who would have won the points to stay up
  2. This is true and probably how must of us think, but over the last few years we’ve actually been worse than our reasonable worst expectations
  3. The level of wages is totally irrelevant- they have been signed on a contract to be paid that amount. What they then choose to do with their wages is no one else’s business- they could have decided to buy property with a big mortgage paid off over a few years according to wages - again no one else’s business but annoying if not getting paid and if defaulting.Crazy to criticise people for earning what they can in a limited career.
  4. Not enough has been made of Fletcher doing that IMO - and sky still play his song - it definitely irks...
  5. As and when we go down, we need a professional, credible plan to move forward with. Nothing in our current ownership says that will happen.
  6. You’re right but it does get quite tough after decades of the same predictable outcomes - this season has been more predictable than most so it would be quite Wednesday to turn it round
  7. Monk talked often about the fragility in the group - he wasn’t wrong and don’t think he created it.
  8. Apart from him, Bannan, Liam Palmer, Hutch and a bit Patterson, who else looks like they can be arsed?
  9. The team that have no points from losing positions since 2019 will need more than chants at the wrong ground
  10. Don’t think you’re seeing where the actual damage is coming from - wasn’t from Monk or Pulis or Moore.
  11. We’d be mid table now with Monk and higher if still had Adthe’s points
  12. Heard that as well and agree. Their plan may or may not work but it’s coherent and credible, so as a fan you can get behind it. We’ve had almost nothing that stands up to any scrutiny that you can rationally and objectively get behind as a fan. There’s just an endless list of nonsense.
  13. Don’t think Bannan is the ideal captain for us, but we’re limited on options. In lots of games recently I find myself thinking how annoying it must be for for him to be playing important games with people who can’t be arsed.
  14. Don’t think the logo is the issue but if the chairman is going to respond to our situation and act in the clubs best interests then he probably needs to withdraw the Chansiri branding and revert to SWFC or other genuine sponsorship.
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