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  1. No - just joking / observing that survival and possible mediocrity in the prem are the target for a lot of prem teams :)
  2. Sounds a bit like being in the prem outside the top 6
  3. Obviously the win but that’s not the point is it. Setting out to play a style of football which entertains is different to the silly binary question you are asking.
  4. Getting Pulis after today would be almost just stop going territory for me - like a McLaren appointment. At the end of the day we’re paying to see something entertaining.
  5. No he’s nothing like JJ really - there’s an often repeated obsession with comparing current players and damning them with the performances of previous players that’s actually a load of irrelevant testicles. Harris is a good player for us and is not JJ.
  6. Pace and ability to beat a man that we have needed for a long time - he can no doubt improve his final ball but he’s made an encouraging start
  7. Obvious starters for me if fit & with any manager would be: Liam Palmer, Tom Lees, Kieran Lee,Kadeem Harris & Adam Reach
  8. Kieran Lee, Kieran Lee, Kieran Lee......
  9. Bet you’re only saying that cos DC dobbed you in for buying Jordan Rhodes
  10. yes - the point is do something. We’re gifting any opposition far too much in too many ways at the moment instead of fortress Hillsborough.
  11. Carlos swapped them over ‘for the sake of change’. Completely ridiculous- any manager concerned with or aware of making sure everything gave us an advantage would change it back surely.
  12. The problem I have is that I sort of agree but how come the same manager did so well to end last season, put on a promotion form for 9 games this year, but now must be gone.
  13. Only DC has that option and often decisions are supported by stats and facts. No alternative manager, British, championship experienced,or other can guarantee a different outcome.
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