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  1. Pulis doesn’t bullshit and that’s massively in his favour. The fact he can take it or leave it should work in our favour if DC lets him do what he or his previous crew obviously couldn’t, i.e. recruit well
  2. No problems at all with what we’ve seen so far - seems quick, decisive and not afraid to get stuck in. We all want these lads to kick on and be excellent.
  3. Might be easier to ask which player terrifies you the least when he receives the ball?
  4. Tone is an expert in finding sources of dry gangrene that has ravaged the club for years. This will help immeasurably.
  5. I want any of our players to put the club first - nothing else - want to wear the shirt for what it is.Clearly our best keeper but not if he can’t do that.
  6. The points about needing someone proven at avoiding relegation are fine but it’s very typical Wednesday to be told one year that we’ve got to pay top dollar for attractive attacking football and then appoint Pulis the next.
  7. Relax, chill, enjoy - laugh when it’s rubbish and cheer when it’s good. Monk’s going nowhere soon and there are positives in the performances, so may as well ride the wave.
  8. It’s a typo by the journalist - he was being interviewed in the canteen and actually said “in that frying pan you have to do liver”
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