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  1. Were we in an upward spiral under Jos? I’m doubting your total certainty
  2. wembley Arsenal Man City Villa Southampton Liverpool Leeds Leicester chelsea
  3. Perhaps he’s gambled himself in to a corner he can’t get out of.
  4. I’m not sure that the people who don’t see merit in Bannan and Reach’s abilities and performances and slate them after every defeat, will necessarily appreciate the talents of the types of players likely to replace them. I very much doubt they’ll be upgrades.
  5. Things are bad enough at the moment without having to think about the abomination that is BBQ pizza.
  6. Ffs so he’s one of a squad / team / management/ ownership / direction/ that we should be complaining about? Utter nonsense in my opinion.
  7. How on earth after the sequence of results we’ve had is a thread about Reach being discussed as the problem?
  8. Reach isn’t the problem. This predictable thread after every defeat from the same poster is a bit odd.
  9. Great OMDT - not sure about Shaw in your line up though
  10. I agree - I think the point is that Monk seemed to be prepared to work with what he was told to, tried to get on with it and was starting to get some results. Pulis on the other hand wanted to tell the chairman how things were which he was clearly never going to accept. Bizarre appointment - that transition and the Pulis run has cost us any breathing space at the bottom.
  11. Your post contravenes the defeat protocol where you should say that Bannan and/or Reach are rubbish.
  12. Communications might be the overall biggest fail of the Chansiri era and makes it difficult to believe our chairman has much commercial acumen because this should be obvious. (I’m not referring to social media posts / match day stuff from club staff doing what they’re allowed to do which is pretty good)
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