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  1. I for one am glad you posted it as otherwise I wouldn’t have seen something I’m interested in. Otherwise this thread just reminds me of the ‘guitar lessons’ vid I posted earlier. The ‘nothing I didn’t know’ crew should have a watch plus anyone else that’s not seen it.
  2. He yup pal..give us a bell I will have it...07939878644...can collect tmoro

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    2. The coach

      The coach

      Heres my number pal..07939878644...just tell him to bell or text us ..cheers👍

    3. Everywhere & nowhere

      Everywhere & nowhere

      Will do. Just noticed the price was 23 not 25 

    4. The coach

      The coach

      All done and dusted pal..the exchange has taken place...cheers👍

  3. What I meant is did you go to the supermarket and buy 20x everything or did you find a company that puts these together. I try to contribute to local food banks particularly in winter and thought this sounded a nice way of doing xmas.
  4. Tremendous stuff Simon. How did you arrange the 20 boxes? Wouldn’t mind doing something similar,
  5. i’ve phoned the ticket office a few times and they’ve always been ace - same with the shop - they’re a credit to the club and definitely not the problem,
  6. This is a shame and another PR own goal. The PR from the club is the most significant issue I have had for some time - unnecessary and ill conceived. If we were given an explanation as to why the early bird tickets were being offered now and the implications for ffp and the clubs finances, then we could choose to support by buying now instead of feeling we’re being taken for a ride. This seems Chansiri style again.
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