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  1. There’s quite a few great video compilations of our Adthe’s goals on YouTube.
  2. Was brilliant to see him playing somewhere like we know he can - he’s an excellent player. His value to the team / functioning midfield is immense.
  3. There’s a really good example of a club nearby who have done incredibly well by building a team based on players with the right attitude. We won’t ever get anywhere with players who think they’re bigger than the team (and in doing so by definition don’t give a throw about the fans either). I’ve enjoyed watching Westwood and Hutchinson over the last few years but I think my overriding memory of them will be disappointment and that’s a shame from my point of view.
  4. In a team whose mentality and strength for the fight is being questioned, Fox has shown terrific attitude and turned everything around after really severe criticism. Some of our supposed best players could do with taking a leaf out of his book. Well done Foxy.
  5. They aren’t actually zero or average at best though. It doesn’t work like that really.
  6. We no doubt have some idiotic supporters because out of a sample of 20,000 plus people anywhere in the country there will be a bunch of idiots. There will be impatient people, angry people, drunk people, all sorts of different people who may want clap, sing, shout or express dissatisfaction with what they see. As a rule, the output from fans is dictated by what they can see, but if a team of highly paid professionals cannot get themselves together to put in 100% and realise that those 20,000 + people have travelled from all parts of the country and abroad to watch the spectacle they are paid to put on, then they don’t deserve the shirt.
  7. Surely it’s the £39m limit that’s the problem. The EFL need to grow up a bit and adapt the rules in a sensible way to suit the current, modern game - apply whatever rules necessary in relation to money put in by rich owners but accept that any owners have to be rich and acknowledge the gulf with prem money which remains the ultimate prize of their own EFL competition and forces championship owners to spend commensurate amounts to compete in.
  8. He’s bang on isn’t he - one of the worst decisions for some time. If neither 4th official or lino couldn’t confirm that as a red when obvious to literally everyone else in the ground, you’ve got to question what standard refs are working to.
  9. Get a cat in the hat hat and stash your chutney in there. Surely wouldn’t attract any attention.
  10. If we can consistently play our first choice midfield I think we can do enough for top 6. I hoped bringing Luongo in would give enough with Lee’s return but think we will always struggle if two out of Bannan, Luongo and Lee are injured.
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