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  1. Cut out expensive agent fee's by doing loan deals !

    Thought this was going to be a top tip thread
  2. Adam Reach

    Der der .. der der der der...der der derr Adam Reach tune of On the beach
  3. Venancio song

    V - N - An - C - O instead of D-I-S-C-O
  4. Home dugout

    Is there supposed to be any benefit to us to keep using the dugout nearest the kop. My understanding is that Carlos swapped them over for the sake of making it different but it seems to just give the away manager a more central position which I would have thought was an advantage for a few reasons. Anyone know if home teams can choose to change which dugout they use when they want to or is it something that has to be formally agreed with the league?
  5. Thoughts after tonight

    Adam Reach is a really good footballer - to me he's showing the same sort of signs that Kieran Lee did in terms of being a quality player. Overall we have a group that can turn this season around.
  6. :-(

    DC seems to have gone from hero to Bond villain in short time - He's probably not helped himself recently but as ever the reality is usually somewhere in the middle. From reading this thread my opinion is that Owlstalk should dispatch an urgent representative delegation comprising Asteener and Ronseal to have a frank conversation with DC about what really matters - i.e not what we can really bring to complex financial commercial negotiations, but what makes us tick as fans. Someone has said he doesn't care but perhaps he just doesn't quite understand - He doesn't seem to get that sort of input from the steering group which seems to concentrate on all the stuff that people flounce about but misses the essence.
  7. carlos will be r8ght it will come good

    Correct - well maybe....Whatever happens we could do with some positivity. The guys in charge are doing their best / they're not trying to sabotage the club so we could after so many years of rubbish give them the benefit of the doubt.
  8. Rhodes "didn't want to take a penalty"

    For a 10 million pound striker to say he is not confident kicking a ball towards a net is unbelievable really however you might dress it up. There's a lack of ruthlessness amongst our squad that will only hold us back - we've all seen the fire and winning attitude and loved it in Sam Hutchinson but maybe his attitude needs to the rule not the exception.
  9. Number 10 role?

    Does Hooper have a head injury / concussion?
  10. I don't want rid of Carlos

    Think I agree - I want Carlos to get us playing with a bit of swagger. I think he can do it but has lost a bit of confidence - when we were on a run he was talking about our brand and it looked like we'd push on but that hasn't happened. Personally I think Carlos would respond to a massive show of support but we seem to be collectively struggling to give him that - seems a shame.