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  1. Kieran Lee, Kieran Lee, Kieran Lee......
  2. Bet you’re only saying that cos DC dobbed you in for buying Jordan Rhodes
  3. yes - the point is do something. We’re gifting any opposition far too much in too many ways at the moment instead of fortress Hillsborough.
  4. Carlos swapped them over ‘for the sake of change’. Completely ridiculous- any manager concerned with or aware of making sure everything gave us an advantage would change it back surely.
  5. The problem I have is that I sort of agree but how come the same manager did so well to end last season, put on a promotion form for 9 games this year, but now must be gone.
  6. Only DC has that option and often decisions are supported by stats and facts. No alternative manager, British, championship experienced,or other can guarantee a different outcome.
  7. Would be a shame to sell Reach - his contribution is exceptional and over a few years potentially worth for more than we’d get now.
  8. Despite the recent run of results, the current 1st squad have shown themselves capable to perform well against the best championship teams. As a club, we have some of the best players in the championship and a wealth of experience and young players incoming. There is a believable story where we ‘not only do well in this league, but also draw on our play off experience in the last few years and add some youthful energy and flair’ and many people would accept that to see us as contenders. At the moment we seem to be miles away from that story, but at the beginning of November, there is still surely opportunity for our season to be managed to a positive outcome.
  9. To ‘echo beach’ Adam Reach from forty yards outside Adam Reach forty yards outside
  10. Generally speaking I think it's a bit daft to view a lad in his position as "holding the club to ransom" - professional football is a crazy financial environment- we'd mostly all look for the best opportunities and advise our family and friends to do the same.
  11. I've no idea if there are any stats to support the theory but the squad we have (along with all the fitness / injury considerations) are without doubt a talented group, with a lot of experience as a team. We've seen patches of them being outstanding performance wise under Carlos and results wise at the end of last year with Jos who hadn't had much time to apply his improvements. What are the best memories or examples of teams being 'better managed' to success (like Burnley for example) that haven't needed to be bought through massive transfers?
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