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  1. I have a ticket for tomorrow. £25 seated face value. Please message me your phone number if you want it, thanks.
  2. I agree . Not confined we will stay up but you can’t blame anyone but Shaw for giving the ref the opportunity to send hi off.
  3. There aren’t any posts are there? You know as well as I do that football is big business, right? You know we can’t bring our own players through because there are much better academies within an hour of SW6? So how does the chairman, old or new do it? Do we wait 100 years for a Chris Wilder to unearth gems or throw money at it? Please let me know how it’s done because swfc has a right to be dining at the top table.
  4. I’m critical of the fans who criticise someone for having a right go and failing at great personal expense. I’m happy to listen to your ideas for a new chairman or change of tact. How do you propose the chairman improve the club and close the gap on the relegated Prem clubs and their parachute payments?
  5. Right. This chairman’s gambling with the club’s future. Do I: a) raise my concerns on the fans forum and refuse to be part of the madness b) go to Wembley for a jolly and hope we get promoted to avoid oblivion c)go along for the ride and cry when the millk turns sour
  6. You found those posts yet? the ones saying how irresponsible the chairman was buying all those top players? I’d sooner we You’ve not got time to dig out those old posts because you’re too busy looking at my old stuff.
  7. There is no success. DC gambled and lost. But everybody was his friend until his horse finished last.
  8. I’m not saying they have no right to be disappointed, I am. I just think it was obvious he was gambling. Did you raise your concerns on here or refuse to go to Wembley because of the irresponsible way the club was being run?
  9. Did you not realise we’d break the spending rules when we were signing players with Prem promotions and Champions League experience? why didn’t you pipe up then? It was obvious we’d be skint if we failed wasn’t it? So why wait until we failed to start complaining? Did you unfurl a protest banner when we signed Rhodes?
  10. You can’t pull out the posts can you? they don’t exist. so you resort to trying to change the topic.
  11. Show me the posts. You’ve no evidence to back your claims.
  12. There aren’t any. You and grandad tried but failed. Everybody was happy as Larry until the wheels came off. Now nobody is DC’s friend. It’s a blame game.
  13. Show me the posts sweet pea. We’ve been down this road before and you can’t. Show me the posts from before we lost to Udders in the semi.
  14. What relegation? We’re two thirds of the way through the season and the manager has a good points ratio. We’re not doing too bad with injuries either. This guy has put his money where his mouth is but Wednesday fans are crying over spilt milk. I could swallow that if they raised their concerns when he was splashing the cash. Nobody on here can pull out the posts urging caution when Chansiri was overspending.
  15. Without knowing what’s been offered by us and Celtic I can’t make a call. I’d play for us ahead of a higher wage elsewhere but I’ve been watching us for nearly 40 years. Celtic may waste millions of pounds in wages over the next three years if he doesn’t improve. They’re buying potential. I wouldn’t have sold Hirst for £2m at the time. I thought he looked the real deal. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I can’t remember many owls fans calling for us to sell Hirst for any amount of money. it’s a similar scenario to when DC was paying the big fees and wages for players. Nobody moaned until it was obvious we wouldn’t get promoted with that squad. damned if he spends the money on contracts, damned if he doesn’t. it’s all about judgement. we’ve signed loads of players on big money who have been dogger, as have the likes of Man U and Liverpool.
  16. £2m is good value if you put it against the projected losses of dropping into league one, which I’d say was very likely without our standout player. We could make £100m off Shaw or he could be Shiite like Hirst n Clare, costing us a wasted wage. He ain’t Marcus Rashford and the club’s wage offer likely reflects that. good luck to him. I’d happily sign for Wednesday on enough money to set me up nicely for life if I was Shaw’s age. If I was in his shoes I’d stay but we’re all motivated by different things. There are Nicolas Anelkas and Steven Gerrards in the world. We’re all different. of course I’m speculating that Shaw has been offered a decent contract. You’re clearly itk. Do you know what he was offered here n by Celtic? Do you know his future resale value?
  17. Our immediate future is avoiding the drop and the financial catastrophe it brings with it. who’s to say liam shaw isn’t another George Hirst. You offer players what you think they’re worth and if someone offers more that’s their choice. I was angry when Hirst left because I thought he’d make it to the very top. ive not seen anyone on here say the chairman got that one right and they got it wrong. He can’t get a game at Rotherham.
  18. Any excuse to beat on the chairman. Barry Bannan is still one of the best and most consistent players in the championship. Liam Shaw has proven nothing. if the club is such a mess, why stay? There are lots of championship clubs in easy commuting distance of Sheffield. Well done Barry. Nice to see a little loyalty.
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