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  1. To see if he can regain his fitness and become a real asset? If not, ship him out and spend his wage elsewhere. I don’t know how long he’s been out or how long is left on his contract.
  2. Who a manager selects is purely subjective. How would the players’ union prove their case? And now your suggesting that clubs do everything straight down the line. No skullduggery. Not like we’ve had financial problems in recent years is it? Not like we’ve needed to watch our spending on players and wages? In case we overspend.
  3. Say you get a bonus for playing 20 games in a season. You’ve only played five and there are now only 14 left. Can you trigger the bonus?
  4. Unless the clause is time bound? Maybe Bruce came in and told the chairman he needed to bite the bullet Nd bring back our best players or he wasn’t taking the job? Alternatively bringing them back later in the season may not have triggered the clauses that were a cause for concern. There may not have been enough games left to trigger appeRNce bonuses. Did you not want to answer my question about Jos? Do you think he looked at the kids as a better option, short or long term? ... when he was watching Westwood and Hutchinson in training every day. One was an ineternational in good form and widely recognised as one of the best keepers in the division. The other a class act from Chelsea, who can play centre mid or centre back. What’s happened to the players who took their places?
  5. Is it your honest opinion that Jos thought the young players to be a better prospect, short or long term, thank the established professionals he froze out? Even after watching them train week after week?
  6. I’ve a short memory. Wallace was exceptional. I didn’r Realise Harris played so little at Cardiff. prob explains why they let him go.
  7. Harris was poor today and Nuhui was shattered. He’s run his race when subbed.
  8. Harris is one the best end product wingers we have had in years. Consistently gets to the line and dinks well weighted passes to the back post, or tries to pick someone out on the deck. He wasn’t in the game much today but his end product is a very good and it’s easy to see how he helped get Cardiff promoted.
  9. Poor by his own high standards. Not poor by championship standards. Never stops running to take up good defensive positions and stretch the opposition defenders when we attack. He makes space for team mates even when he is off form, because he’s mobile and intelligent. Some Wednesday fabs don’t like him because he doesn’t get stuck in, like Messi and Ronaldo. They want another Graham Hyde or Andy Pearce.
  10. This x 100. Clever use of language. What constitutes official? Lincoln won't be in a hurry to confirm any contact until a deal is done, otherwise they risk unsettling players and fans. Imagine how some of our fans would have reacted had Bruce stayed.
  11. Appoint who? Another failure? Maybe lessons were learned from Carlos and Jos, so he appointed Bruce. How do you know there’s a manager available within budget who can get us promoted? We may be being held to ransom with quotes for astronomical wages. Spaff millions on another manager incapable of getting us promoted or wait for the right man? Contracts don’t come cheap. Have you considered whether a capable manager would want to come to S6? We ain’t as pretty as we once were.
  12. How many times did he get the ball played into feet? How many times did it get whacked up into the air for him to challenge the centre half? You do realise he won the penalty that put us ahead?
  13. Reach is a great player. He’s doing ok but has had better spells of form. He he will play in the Premier League, with or without Sheffield Wednesday. Makes intelligent runs, decent range of passing, goals in him and great energy levels. Stays fit, excellent touch.
  14. 24 goals and five assists in three seasons for Fletch. Rhodes has scored fewer but played a lot less games. His ratio is better. Do you think an average of eight goals and 2 assists per season is a good return for a striker?
  15. I’m 46 and can run for 90 mins. I like strikers who score goals. I think the new new signings have made all the difference to our team. Would the new look team score more goals with Rhodes up top? Time and the stats will tell.
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