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  1. Larry May

    Name the Ex-Wednesday player

    Kenny Lunt
  2. Larry May

    David Jones

    He is cack, nowhere near good enough to clean the Hutch's boots and anyone that says otherwise is simply crazy. bannan and Jones is the weakest midfield in the top half of the champ let alone the playoffs. Have we forgotten how good Lee and Hutch are?.
  3. Larry May

    On way back/player ratings

    It makes me so sad as I love him but Semedo is woeful with the ball at his feet. He could play in a midfield three maybe but you need to have more to your game at this level than just being the hardest player in the league.
  4. Larry May

    Jacques Maghoma

    Have people forgotten what a real winger looks like. Not saying he was bad but come on people he is way off what we need and no Antonio in his pomp.
  5. Larry May

    Black shorts!

    Get red shirt numbers back
  6. Red number on the back
  7. Larry May

    Hutchinson - would he be worth signing?

    Will have loads of time to recover when he is suspended every five games. Quality player, a Semedo that can pass. Needs to learn to stop chucking him self about and that timing is everything.
  8. Larry May

    great win, dodgy tactics

    Is this an argument? I am glad that we can agree that we dominated 10 midfield. yeovil tried passing and moving and wiped the floor with us. Quick recycled ball in midfield and the guy passing moving to recieve. Something that didnt happen, different tactics. Playing the ball round the sides and all this extra movement upfront you bang on about got us how many goals, or even good chances? Best shot... Lee pushing forward with a little dink. More of that please not less than average wingers who did nothing all game. 70% possession and 4 shots on target against 10 men (mostly). Tactics didnt work.
  9. Larry May

    great win, dodgy tactics

    Again not moving the ball quick enough that is your centre mid that is. When llera is having to walk the ball past the halway line without any one to pass to there is a fundamental issue. Creativity in the middle was lacking. You can shuffle the front four all you like but if they dont get the ball quick enough unless they are Messi then nowt will happen. How many shots in target did we have today? Against ten men
  10. Larry May

    great win, dodgy tactics

    Dominated a team with a man doen and Brek Shea playing! Yet failed to create anything...hmmmmm.What were your other points i must have fallen asleep. My point was the tactics werent working and there wasnt a plan b, the obvious lack of urgency in midfield was plain to see but the tactics didnt budge. We were lucky in the end.
  11. Larry May

    great win, dodgy tactics

    Final line says it all. No one to play the ball, Lee was quiet and Semedo simply cannot do it.
  12. With the sending off, gray knew barnsley would defend with two fours. The team was crying out for someone who could use the ball and provide a ball to spilt their back line. Why did he fanny about with like for like wingers when McPhail and McCabe stayed on the bench. Only Maquires quality prevented today being 2 points wasted.
  13. Larry May


    We need him back as an option to Lines in the middle. A bit of pressure on Lines position might buck his ideas up, plus as we are playing a lot of counter attacking stuff now, Cokes box-to-box running would be ideally suited.
  14. Larry May

    Danny Batth

    Alan Lee keeps texting him for permission to go to the toilet.
  15. Larry May

    Another winger?

    Jones made alot of chances for Lowe at Bury, here is a thought, why not play them together, like on the pitch at the same time or something radical like that. Having said that I cannot think of a positive thing to say about MJ at the moment, jnor anything negative as he hasnt done anything yet, 4 games in to his SWFC career which is a little worrying.