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  1. I'd prefer him wearing a little more Wednesdayesque kit .. but the last couple of games he was the only one running.
  2. No .. not true ... no revenue from betting ... masssive cost to deal with the terrible effects. The maths do not add up to a spinning capitalist system, out of control .... yes agreed.
  3. Totally agree ... the funniest thing I have heard is ... when the fun stops, STOP! For the vast majority of these inadequates who pour money they can ill afford into making gazillions for another new betting firm to come into being every week, THE FUN NEVER STARTED ... and if it did they are delusional, weak and will certainly need help both financially and psychologically in the future. God help their families. Perhaps just one club stooped lower than all the others a season or so ago, ... NUFC , .... surprise, surprise ... when they were spon
  4. You need at least half a brain to be friendly.
  5. Very sad case in the news last year ... one of David Blain's sawing thru' the body acts which went wrong ... lad lucky to survive.
  6. Which part of Bully is the lady steward looking at?
  7. Am bricking it ... am wi t'fancy woman ... shes all oer mi ...if missis sees it am dead mete. Runnin round bleedin house like a maniac tryin to take out anythin wi t'internet on.
  8. Is there an anagram of SYP SAG SHITHEADS
  9. Setting off now be in Sheffield 12:15 pm 07970076901
  10. Due to illness 1 adult Grandstand near halfway line.
  11. Bruce has not changed, same as when we signed him. When you appoint someone like him you get what comes along with his history. Sorry Mr C ... another blunder, and I hope you are not going to blame the fans again.
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