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  1. Still not over Hull personally

    You've probably got something there ... facing the Alamo, Charge of the Light Brigade, Hitler's pantzers combination in the first half of the second leg at the Amex in 2016 was enough to rip the guts out of anything. We won on the back of a flooky Wallace goal ... really Brighton deserved to be in the final more than us. There is a bright side to this ... can you imaging the treatment we would have had dished out to us in the PL. Man City and Chelsea would have got into double figures. In all fairness ..... CC has not spent much money in the scheme of things. Managers like most of the last five Liverpool managers have all blown more money on single players who have been moved on for nowt. We will need a shed load more than the 150 million that DC is reported to have put in to compete. As for SU ... well local lad running the show and a bunch with lots of chips on shoulders with lots to prove can produce a result like Sunday .. but not consistently. We are all a bit down ... we can only go one way from here. UTO WAWAW ICWT
  2. wallace

    It's a shame .. he doesn't do a lot wrong you know and is one of our better players.
  3. The CC Out Crew

    I just hope he reads this instead of all the other stuff.
  4. Our weak left flank.

    Yes ... incredibly ironic that fact.
  5. Adam Reach is a not a defensive left back. Joost, a great prospect but inexperienced, particularly in a cauldron that was Hillsborough yesterday. ( felt sorry for him as he did not know what day of the week it was or what he had landed himself in ... I do hope this does not have long lasting effect.) Am surprised Wilder did not spot this glaring weakness earlier. When he did, which is most of the second half, everything came at us from that side of the pitch ... with not surprising results. We really needed a defensive left back yesterday. Dan Pudil while perhaps not everybody's choice would have been better IMO. At 2:2 the ground was bouncing and we should have murdered them from then on in. It was not to be.
  6. One thing I hope today

    Good post Torres ... but don't get riled .. just lets rally the lads. 9 massive points ahead starting Sunday week next is all I can see.
  7. One thing I hope today

    Well it is isn't it ... it's not as though we are playing Cardiff away and anything to get stressed about. ,,,,,,,, the Champions elect like last season. If anyone thinks we aren't up for it, and lets hope that is almost the other half of Sheffield, they do not understand the quality of the professional footballers we have. ICWT.
  8. Kop not sold out shocker

    There have been worse disasters on that date to put in context. Also just about 120 restricted view seats left on Kop when looked on site this am ... so just 2% empty seats ... you'd probably get that at Old Trafford, Anfield, Emirates ... a damn site more at the Ethiad.
  9. We are gonna get thrashed.

    a quote from Dirty Barry (Bannon) .... lurve it Bluestripe.
  10. Kop not sold out shocker

    There are some seats in the new LFC main stand where the the whole of the goal mouth cannot be seen because of Kop and Ashfield Rd stand roofs.
  11. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    On the Kop with my first wife ... she'd never been to a football match before. My oldest son who will hopefully be with us on Sunday was just 1 month old and at his grandad and grandma's in Sheffield. UTO ICWT WAWAW
  12. Where is the SWFC 2017/18 ...are we 1 point better off toneet than at this time last year?
  13. Joost the right man

    After a few games I think he will be encouraged to go forward much more with the ball ... a part of his play we have only seen on clips. Best and most assured debut of a young man I have seen for a long time. Its been a decades since a back four player has generated the kind of excitement that a young Paul Warhurst did. Everything looks right about him ... even his awareness of the crowd. This lad could not have come at a better time with such an important month or so coming up.
  14. Joost van Aken

    Shades of the young Paul Warhurst .... can't say better than that. Wait till they let the Juice off the reigns after a few games and watch his forward runs ... should be terrifying for the opposition.
  15. Erection....

    The West stand was a cheap job before the 1966 World Cup ... it also went up at a time when the club was being accused of spending too much money on the ground and not enough on the team. Eric Taylor the secretary at the time used to get slated.