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  1. That's slightly better than 6 points off 6th, with 6 games left, if my 6th sense is not letting me down. Now do I order my 6th pint or go home to my 6th wife and 6 kids at no 6 Sixth St, Sheffield 6.
  2. They taste orrible those season tickets too.
  3. Perhaps one of the single most cowardly acts ... throwing bottles and coins from the safety of a crowd. We do not want you anywhere near our football club, and if any of your family saw this, then they would not want you near them either. So you now have progressed from a total moronic coward to one who is also not wanted by anyone. Enjoy the fame.
  4. Wow ... this is so spooky, I had exactly the same premonition in a dream ... but Fox scores in the 94 minute. What's that I hear ... the flapping of white coats ... must be time for my medication.
  5. Wigan are also in for one hell of a beating too.
  6. Well pleased for them that they had really good games at the Riverside. Fox was good throughout the game and Joey fulfilled a big ask in replacing Hutch, who was immense in the middle/defence. Let's throttle the Throstles next.
  7. One adult spare ticket for Wednesday end avsilable. I’ll be getting to ground at 1:30 tomorrow. please PM me
  8. Jos ....he had a very nasty side to him, berating Sean Clare in the Sky post match interview last season, after the Villa game at Hillsborough, after what I thought was one of the best displays by an Owls youngster in years. Onomah was the last one to get the public treatment ... that went down really well with Spurs fans. Totally and utterly wrong for our club in every shape and form, but good luck to him elsewhere.
  9. I do hope you are right ... but he didn’t get sacked from his last job because he was a success.
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