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  1. First of all, the BTSport app CAN be streamed from a mobile (you should see the cast icon within the app), but only to an original Chromecast device(1st or 2nd gen). Secondly, the screen cast feature is only available on Android (not apple) but only use this as a last option - the quality of this will be very poor in comparison with a true cast. Hope this helps.
  2. Oi! I just said I respected him! Keep yer slime to yourself :P
  3. Out of interest, is that the thing that sticks out for you in 2/12 years of him in charge?
  4. I guess I can open this thread up. Not just "What do you think was his biggest mistake" was, but "What are key things you remember whilst he was in charge"?
  5. We all know what the club has been through over the last couple of years. We started to see belief in the team - that we could reach the premier league. We've seen record number of clean sheets, and we've seen (in my opinion) more audacious goals than we've seen for a long time (particularly in the first year or two). I've got to say,I have a lot of respect for Carlos, first and foremost as a person - he always came across as genuine and passionate, but secondly as a coach. We saw an uplift under his tenure not seen for a number of years. And yet, towards the end, more and more fans got angry and frustrated with the football they were seeing. So I ask a question: What do you think was his biggest mistake? The reason I ask this is because with the derby game coming up, it was when he said that last one "was just a normal game" - I know he might have said that to try and take away pressure from the players, but it is something that will always stick with me. Over to you.
  6. Not if VERY few people buy it. But I doubt that will happen. If a businessman makes more money selling MORE shirts at £45 than he does selling LESS shirts at £60 - which will he choose?
  7. Well, after a tough week, here we come up against another local team. A lot about our club has been criticised recently. Tactics, formation, desire, the lot. I just watched one of my favourite videos about the club: It's hard to watch this and not realise how rich our past is. We must accept that this is a very important part of the season for us. We either write off promotion prospects, and get on Carlos' and the teams back, or we start (and continue) to support our team. A lot of them are probably lacking confidence at the moment, including the manager. There WILL be mistakes later today, but let's try and not groan and boo when it happens, instead, let's cheer the hell out of them when they start to build up play and play like we want them to? Let's just start believing!
  8. Is this a whoosh moment? Do you really think that we are buying an entire town for £1.5m?
  9. Yeah, cos that's a great example to set in from of your daughters
  10. If you play as Wednesday, just have Semedo on the bench - then you HAVE god mode on ;)
  11. "Us normal gamers that use consoles"???? US PROPER gamers use PC's mate!! (Not that I play FIFA!) :D Carry on...
  12. I interpreted that as the club are watching it intently, and will take action as necessary. They are showing they are not going to be bullied at all. Its a shame that Fernando has put himself at odds with the club, the chairman and the fans. This is a lose-lose situation. If he stays, there will always be a little stigma - if he goes, it may have an adverse effect on team morale, UNLESS the club replace him with with a star signing, but finding one that's available at short notice isn't going to be easy.
  13. Unfortunately you're spot on there. If I were involved in the management, I'd make sure of it.
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