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  1. Hi all, just looked a the ticket bookings online Just wondered if anyone can help, my brother had a season ticket 10 years and this year is the first year he hadn't got one due to going to university. Will he still have a valid client ID and will he till be on the Sheffield Wednesday data base. Cheers.
  2. With the performances he's been putting in I think that he deserves to be recognised I think the plain and simple OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE KIERAN LEE LEE LEE
  3. What I've heard is that Buxton is injured and Kieran lee is having problems with his hip, does anyone know if Buxton will be fit for Saturday otherwise liam palmer will be thrown in the deep end!
  4. Ticket office isn't picking up, do you reckon if I went to the ground and went into the ticket office it will be open?
  5. I've been ringing them for 10 mins now and no answer!! It's either a massive queue or they're not open yet. But on the owls site it does say that you can call between 12 and 1
  6. Reckon he'd be a possible signing?
  7. @InningsAFC: @seanstledger12 really hope you join SWFC, always rated you highly, you and Anthony Gardner at CB, Chris Kirkland in the sticks= immense @seanstledger12: @InningsAFC we'll see!!
  8. Basically it will be our first pre season in Portugal. Could you please help by letting me know when when the first game is. Also how do we get the tickets please.
  9. What would you do, get rid to the dingles or keep?
  10. Heard we've been linked with him not really heard of him, is he the kind of player we need?
  11. Love to see COG and maguire play together, both willing to put 100% one to hold the ball up and one to run with it and put it in the net maybe a good partnership tbh
  12. We need to sign a goal scorer who has proved at this level, but who would you sign within our price range?
  13. Why sign another defender when the defence has just started to settle down after 4 clean sheets I'm not complaining about another defender at the moment, we need to concentrate on priorities ad thats a proven goal scorer at this level. Then we can get a defender
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