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  1. This Obviously isn't the problem. The ground hasn't suddenly become big and empty. The crowd need hyping up a bit. The club need some artificial atmosphere to kick start things. All that's needed is a better match day experience for the regular punters.
  2. What can fraudsters do with that information? My name and address can very easily be found (as can most people's), then they only need to drive past my house to find my car numberplate.
  3. Whilst looking for something boring to read to put me to sleep last night, i found this little ditty. I always find it quite interesting to listen to the other side of the argument. This is actually quite good. https://www.fulhamish.co.uk/post/2019-09-22-five-thoughts-sheffield-wednesday-1-1-fulham/
  4. I liked him. Might not have been the best on the ball and a bit slow. But he tormented the other team to distraction and pushed them out of position. Fair enough it was like playing with ten and a half men on the field, but he made other teams play with ten.
  5. I think this whole situation is quite easy to explain: Since the battle of Orgreave, The Liverpool fans disaster, the Rotherham sex abuse scandal, the world student games, austerity measures and the chopping down of tree farce, SCC and SYP have simply run out of things to waste our Council Tax on. So to make sure they empty the annual budgets, in order to have full budgets next year, they have made up this entire situation. What i would like is for someone to make a genuine appearance on local news (TV or radio), to explain what on earth are doing and their reasons and then promptly resign. From what i can see, there is no reason to do this at all.
  6. Would you have your Mrs back after she has an affair and everyone knows about all the dirty antics the got up to in the bedroom before she got dumped for a younger version? I dare say some people would, most would say not. No from me.
  7. Just gone past there. It's as it is on the photo.
  8. I think they're a bit leaky. We'll win this. 3-1
  9. Warnock's teams never score enough goals. He could play 10 strikers and still not score.
  10. Bruce and his ferrets have broken the terms of the contract and now are employed by Newcastle. Hence the Legal issues.
  11. Yes, but they're still contractually tied until the terms of employment are agreed. I'm assuming, DC was holding out for full settlement as signed for. MA told balls too that! and deliberately ignored it. Both DC and MA will have some legal wrangling to come with both trying to get as much money from it as possible.
  12. He's in no position to be signing a contract with another club when he's under contract with us. However, Bruce has defaulted on the terms of his contract and has made his intentions clear. DC has had his hand forced so is therefor forced to find a replacement. Consequently, Newcastle and Bruce could be in some very hot water.
  13. I think he has to quit in order to take the job. We'll still get compensated. The alternative is, we sack him, which means we have to pay him compensation for the remainder of his contract. or a mutual agreement where no body pays anyone anything.
  14. Is this going to tick on perpetually until Newcastle get a new manager? If newcastle don't make an official approach, we're all just sat on here guessing about a game of chess where we cant see any of the pieces.
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