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  1. I think he has to quit in order to take the job. We'll still get compensated. The alternative is, we sack him, which means we have to pay him compensation for the remainder of his contract. or a mutual agreement where no body pays anyone anything.
  2. Is this going to tick on perpetually until Newcastle get a new manager? If newcastle don't make an official approach, we're all just sat on here guessing about a game of chess where we cant see any of the pieces.
  3. I think MA will just pay what's needed eventually. And i will be bitter towards Newcastle for the rest of my life. Sports Direct is a crap shop anyway. The tyne is full of pi55 The Great North Run is a load of poo and Gazza is a cry baby.
  4. So same thing getting repeated over and over: From Bruce's point of view: Hometown club (was upset when he didn't take the job in the past); more money; Premier league; Feels let down by the club regarding signings (according to some people) Given the history of the position, He seems to be the only one who would go near this job. The fans: Feel let down by the timing (pre season, just made some signings) after the club compassionately let him star late; Feel because of his start would be the club to get us promoted; Think he can do a better job with more freedom here than there; Think he'll be sacked by Christmas at Newcastle Think it'll be a relegation challenge rather than a promotion challenge Then the fallout: People whinging like schoolgirls who's mate has just got off with their boyfriend. "oh my god, where do I go from here? what am i going to do with myself now? Life is so bad!" If he wants to go, then I'd rather he goes. I would rather have a manager who wants to be here, and not someone who is thinking what might have been. We'll get another manager, there's no guarantee that Bruce would've been the special one. People on here slating DC's ability to get a manager. Personally, I don't think he's done too badly considering he's learning how to run a club... CC was good for a season and a half JL was a load of crap, but the CV read well. It just didn't work SB Started well Considering the bunch of brown stuff we've had over the last 20 years, we've come on a long way. Before Carlos, I actually think Paul Sturrock was our best man in charge. Which, let's be right, isn't right is it? I know it won't make any difference, but i need to get this off my chest. Let's stop moaning
  5. Did he give you a compensation package? And was the replacement better than the ex?
  6. Agreed, Let's ull wish him luck in his new club and put our hands together and welcome Big Sam Allardyce
  7. As long as or replacement is more considered than looking at the list of past Newcastle managers.
  8. Has somebody died? If he goes, he goes. If he doesn't great. Fair enough he's reorganised us and got us under some sort of control but there's no guarantee he'd get us promoted?
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