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  1. Hindsight is indeed a wonderful thing. I was on Francis' back towards the the end. Possibly a victim of his own success. However, if I had thought for a second his replacements would've included Peter Shreeves or Terry Yorath, I think i'd have shut up.
  2. I think you're half right. It might be all over the internet, but only as something to moan about. I was looking forward to the prospect of perhaps getting something tomorrow (heavy legged opponents on a heavy pitch). But I don't think there's any conspiracy here. Yes, underinvestment over the last few years have left us a bit tinpot and the comms strategy is awful, but no money is coming in. Plenty is going out. how can anyone manage it?
  3. I don't think there's any need to use any kind of genuine information on here. Someone start a new thread slating Chansiri for not buying a new boiler sooner.
  4. As no fans are allowed to watch. Can't the game be played at the park?
  5. I can't figure out if that's a tongue-in-cheek post?
  6. I'm also not an expert. But under the snow is a lot of very muddy saturated grass. If i had under garden heating, it would be muddier and soggier. Additionally, it's been pretty cold. I can't imagine under pitch heating doesn't warm the surface up that much or it'd dry bits out. And, like when you wash your car when it's cold. as soon as the hot water touches your car, the water instantly gets cold. Maybe because if the build up stands and the freakish temperatures, the pitch heating isn't effective.
  7. Lots of expert groundsmen and heated pitch experts on here today.
  8. One of my rules in life. Never get with an ex. You think she'd have learnt a few tricks and gained a bit more experience. The reality is, they're a bit heavier, looser and you don't touch the sides.
  9. Is this some kind of joke? He would never come because he hates us! I don't want him because he's the queen pig! I hate him. When he breathes he stinks of sausage. No, no, NO!
  10. Never mind, I think i've realised why the club don't do this.
  11. I was just passing on what more commercial minded clubs do... getting different generations involved. I'm sure both ifollower subscribers find the content completely immersive.
  12. Those of you with children and grand children may be able to appreciate this). As another evening of youtube passes by, I am forced to watch that girl from Nottingham and her dad (and more recently the rest of her family) play with orbees, slime and play 'pranks' on each other. When i was first forced to watch this rubbish, i'm pretty sure they just had an old small blue Peugeot and lived in a modest house. Now they all drive brand new mercs, have a house DC would be pleased with himself and are constantly on exotic holidays. Couldn't we make the SWFC official youtube cha
  13. I'm sick of this moaning about Chansiri has spent his money. It's all about the gamble. It hasn't paid off but the reality is we've been a victim of bad timing throughout the last few years. We got relegated before the parachute payments came in. We also got smashed in the back door when the Football Leagues deal with ITV sport stuffed us. Since then various chairs have been saving us from administration where only an insurance payout form a natural disaster saved us from being wound up. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but what we should've done is gone into administration
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