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  1. Fans buyout? Is it April 1st ? Youd get a better return throwing ur money on fire, at least it would keep you warm, can you imagine the squabbles and open warfare if fans run the club.... would be carnage
  2. Good job done, now I want the players out too. All wasters.
  3. I'm not fussed either way about him although my personal opinion is he should take a backseat and stop micro managing the club and get in a football man at executive level to make these decisions. His financial input is most welcome though another one else would have thrown the money he has at the club. Something has to change though and pretty quick.
  4. Nope, ones real and the other one's made up. Happy to help.
  5. Nope, don't care enough about them to hate them plus they do a lot of great stuff in the community, was more of an example of why supporters should be nowhere near running a football club more than anything, too many petty differences and egos. Cant honestly see investors or potential new owners scrambling to buy the club either. Chansiri will no doubt want his money back.
  6. Cool we will be okay when all of Sheffield's wealthy Wednesday fans buy him out, I mean what could possibly go wrong? Would be like a wednesdayite board all bickering and them all squabbling and trying to be the Bertie big balls with their big headed over inflated opinions of themselves.the club is doomed sadly. No one will touch the club, it's toxic and was going way downhill way before Mr C took over.
  7. My dog could have got to the play offs with the money he had to spend on players. But saying that hes the best that you have had for a few years.
  8. Sack the whole club I would.... Soz having a Yoda moment seemed to be i was
  9. The players apart from having some obviously having decent ability just seem to have the " not 1 f☆☆k given" attitude. Marvellous
  10. Wish them well obviously they see the well know huge potential at Wrexham.
  11. Wednesday will go down if a deduction is coming. Watched the highlights the teams a disjointed collection of has beens. The club needs a huge clear out.
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