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  1. Bannan but after him Dele Bashiru then possibly Windass just before Johnson. Most missed Kieran Lee, Luongo and Joao
  2. No end product....... ..............I mean no end of product needed to keep the mullet in shape....
  3. We were never in with a squawk of getting Parrott.
  4. I agree. Hutchinson needed to just put his foot through the first one especially as there were only a few seconds to go in the first half. If Hutchinson hadn't been injured in the second leg Roberts would not have got to the ball first to score. He has much more nous (99% of the time) than Palmer and would have blocked his run or anticipated it and got to the ball first. Pace helped them in as much as it was something we had to be wary of but it did not cause the goals directly.
  5. It is one thing complaining that someone does not get a chance in the first team if you have seen the evidence of their ability when actually playing for the first team. I thought we were guilty of not using Joao enough at times after I had seen him play well for the first team. I also thought the same about David Hirst when Colin West was getting in the team ahead of him. It is a completely different thing though to want players to get minutes that have shown nothing other than they are short of first team standard. Yes they are capable of improving but if they were showing sufficient improvement in training then they would either be loaned out to a decent League or get minutes in our first team. I've seen little from either Galvin or Hunt to suggest they should be ahead of players that have loads of League 1 or Championship experience when they have played for the first team. They may come good at some stage but they need to prove that in training before getting a chance at a side chasing automatic promotion. Football is littered with players who it wasn't the right time for at their original clubs who have gone on to make it. It is just one of those things. Clubs have to play the players that give them the best chance of obtaining points. Injuries or safety in mid table can give these players opportunities they wouldn't normally get and sometimes they progress rapidly. Unfortunately we have been in a relegation battle and a play off chase which means we have had to play our best and most experienced players. We have not had the luxury of meaningless fixtures to give these players development games. That hopefully is unlikely to change this season (at the top end of the table of course).
  6. Is the bloke with the green dressing gown and gloves a relative of Josh Windass? Looks like combining footy and boxing runs in the family.
  7. Lee Chapman used to jump then bend down to head the ball. I told my boss about it when I worked at Lincoln as he used to watch Lincoln when his dad Roy played for them. He said Roy did the same thing! I'm not saying Lee was anywhere near Kosovo when Atdhe was conceived!
  8. They were running on grass with football boots and most of them didn't take a proper position at the start. I'm sure some players today will be quicker as training has moved on so much but specialist training for sprinting would make a big difference.
  9. In my opinion he is one injury or suspension away from starting. If he improves this year as he did last year he will be capable of being a regular starter. Why do we want to sell someone who is more than capable of covering and leaving ourselves down to the bare bones in midfield if we get just one injury. We haven't even seen Vaulks play yet and are assuming he will be second name on the teamsheet after Bannan. Look what happened with Wing last season. Look what happened with Luongo. Look what happened with Adeniran. Byers even had an injury early on. We've got 5 dedicated central midfielders and Paterson at a push. We don't need to reduce our midfield options by selling a proven stand-in with the potential for improvement.
  10. I disagree with you on this. He is one or two injuries or drops in form away from starting every week. I think the training thing was a tongue in cheek comment and would not have been said id there was a real issue.. I don't think you deserve the comment quoted below however as you usually post interesting stuff about our academy players and you are entitled to post your opinion whether right or wrong. I agree with giving him a deal and I'd be surprised if we aren't already talking about it. I think you are out of order in calling Malek's posts drivel as the majority are interesting and he is entitled to his opinion regardless. You are obviously entitled to disagree but there's no need to be quite so scathing with it.
  11. Advertising Standards Public enemy No. 1 - Neil Hargreaves
  12. Exactly this. If it was a real issue they wouldn't be saying it and if they did it wouldn't have been published. It only takes one injury or drop in form and he is starting every week. Byers only came into the side when he got injured late in a game otherwise he would probably have kept Byers out of the team for a while. I'm not saying he should start in front of Byers now as Byers has the shirt to lose but there's no way we can afford to loan him out. He will have enough game time and training to develop here. I would be surprised if we are not already starting off contract talks with him.
  13. Yes it's ok but it isn't Hillsborough is it though!
  14. I seem to remember Ian Rush identified him as one of the best young/new strikers at the time he broke into our team.
  15. If he was playing now he wouldn't have to drive an Escort and live in a semi.
  16. If your definition of a one hit wonder is playing professionally until about 35 years old and winning a first division championship medal with Leeds then yes he was a one hit wonder
  17. Exactly. You don't want to mistake the Barrington-Smyths for the Cholmondley-Warners or it all goes pear shaped. The Duke of Westminster also goes in there incognito on a payday.
  18. I'm the same except when I tell people who are not football fans. Then I say Sheffield Wednesday. Probably because it gives the location.
  19. We will have the last laugh anyway while we watch Rotherham "freefalling" back to League One over the next months.
  20. I think one of the local reporters tweeted earlier that he has agreed terms. It might even have been quoted in this thread.
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