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  1. I saw our golden era players and I think he has great potential. Possibly those who don't are those that can't let go of the golden era memories. To be fair I'm still clinging onto them with my fingertips He was never going to stand out yesterday as Luongo had a great game and Bannan was getting into scoring positions as well as his usual work rate. Just to not look out of place against those two means you've had a good game.
  2. That's how I see it. It is just banter to his son who he is obviously proud of and an "if I can do it anybody can" joke.
  3. He has improvements to make in playing the right pass at the right time, making more decisive runs and consistency over 90 minutes and from game to game but it is his shirt to lose at the moment. He has the attributes to become a top six championship player in a year or two.
  4. Agreed, plus while they both affect the NHS's ability to provide care over-eating doesn't directly harm anybody else. Smoking, however, does so it has been banned in public places. It seems reasonable to me that similar laws should be in place to protect the spread of a much more immediate and direct threat such as Covid. Do the anti mask/vaccine people also think that the smoking laws are an unnecessary breach of liberty?
  5. Fixed it for you. We could do a lot worse i'm sure but it seems pretty unlikely he will come here. If Hibs and Hearts are interested surely that would be a no brainer for him even if there is no fee involved.
  6. How dare you call me working class? I'm a champagne socialist!!! According to the Express etc.I have no right to care about anybody less fortunate than myself and I should shut up and stop being a hypocrite or give up all my worldly possessions.
  7. It would be expensive with no guarantee of winning. If it wasn't for the fact that the publisher I sent it to was connected previously to the artist and the rhyme scheme and flow of the catchy bit of the chorus is virtually identical I might have thought it was coincidental. They also had the cd for 10 months and sent it back dated April 1st just before it hit the charts which also seems a bit strange.
  8. I have but I can't reveal it on here as it is so different to my current trend setting material that my millions of Spotify followers would disown me. They are looking for any excuse as it is but there are probably only a handful that I don't know personally so they know they would get the third degree if there were any drop outs..
  9. If the song had been as clever they might not have been inclined to change the lyrics and would have had to credit us. . I couldn't possibly say as I'm pretty sure someone on here will know the writers and get me sued or something knowing my luck
  10. We might score more if the bar was higher like rugby
  11. i gave you some clues in the second post I made. You can't be that desperate as your post was 8 hours after my original post. That is a long time!. If you are so bothered what took you so long to reply to my post? There may or may not be another clue there but I don't want to get sued for defamation. You might say there is no chance of that happening unless I am very unlucky. I'd normally agree but have to refer you back to my original post to explain my trepidation
  12. Let's say I sent the cd to a publisher that had done some work with a very well known girl group - probably the most famous British girl group - they had a lot of power!!!. They sent it back 10 months later asking to hear some more stuff. A week later it was the first number one for a former member of the girl group in April 2001. Don't call me a "baby" for crying about it but a hit single to our names would have "spiced" up our lives no end! They had changed the production and lyrics but the melody was virtually the same and the number of syllables and rhymes were all the same. Needless to say I didn't send them any more stuff !! I also read in sound on sound about the producers that "wrote" it. They basically admitted that their modus operandus is hear stuff and change it so it becomes just a bit different. It would have made us quite a bit of money but if we had been credited, even if not paid royalties, we would have had an open door to publishers which would probably have been worth more in the long run. I'm not bitter about it though.
  13. Much as I wouldn't mind Kate Winslet she would be 3rd with Tory humiliation number one.
  14. Not Wednesday related but might make some of the evil unsympathetic Owlstalkers laugh. All 3 achieved Woohoo!!!!! 24 points on pools Owning a racehorse that won 3 times at Aintree Writing a number one hit single Unfortunately Pools dividend was only about £1200 for 8 of us The horse won at Aintree 3 years in a row after we had sold it to someone else Our song was adapted (basically ripped off) by 3 producers and we got no credit or royalties for it. So near but yet so far
  15. Don't say thanks until you have survived listening with your sanity intact
  16. If you listen to albums in track order I'd say listen to the latest one first - Father John Misty God's Favorite Customer If, like me, you skip from track to track a lot the most commercial ones might be Chateau Lobby #4, Real Love Baby and Mr. Tillman which is the one which mentions Jason Isbell being worried about him as he staggered around a hotel in a bad way.
  17. I'm not that bothered how much the top get paid, more that the bottom are underpaid.
  18. Life isn't fair but it would be nice to have a government that tried to make it a bit fairer. You can argue that the top 1% contribute more to society but also get more benefits from society. They get free healthcare and education for their employees and their assets are protected by the police and the legal system. I wouldn't be so keen to argue that they contribute a fair share. Add to that many of them are not happy to contribute what they do and use their power and influence to undermine fairness in society.
  19. But is it morally right and has society got its priorities right? Why is there no responsibility on those with more than enough to ensure that they go some way to making sure that more people in the world have enough. Would everyone that plays football for a living now have made it through childbirth without doctors and nurses? Would their parents even have lived to procreate? Didn't Messi have a growth hormone defect? Would the world have been deprived of one of the best players ever if it hadn't been for doctors, nurses, research scientists etc? I don't know the answer but you're not as thick as pig muck to ask the questions. I'd argue the opposite - you are probably more likely to be thick as pig muck if you don't see that questions need to be asked even if they are difficult to answer.
  20. Yes I probably should have said "if we don't get the injured defenders fit again" rather than "unless injuries force our hand"
  21. It makes me laugh how many people proudly proclaimed during the referendum and 2019 that they knew nothing about Brexit issues and they had never voted before and probably wouldn't again. There should be more responsibility attached to voting. You are wasting your democratic right to vote if you don't make some effort to follow the issues.
  22. When you watch the games you can see that we don't score enough. We might not make too many clear cut chances but there are often times when we are on top that the ball flies around the opposition box and we are too slow to react or don't have enough players in the box. I think if we had a real poacher our goal tally would be higher and we would put teams to bed when we are on top. The graphs are interesting and back up the fact that we need a "proper" striker rather than strengthening the defence unless injuries force our hand.
  23. We don't want your fancy graphs round here it's a local forum for local people
  24. My point is that they shouldn't be MP's. They have no principles. They justify voting against measures designed to protect public health on the grounds that it is a breach of civil rights yet they vote for bills which reduce the rights of those likely to protest about their policies. They have a power far greater than their number because successive weak PM's have been afraid of their tantrums. Re MP's being able to vote against the government. The Tory government want to pass a bill which gives the Cabinet the right to make legislation without Parliamentary approval. This in addition to their reform of the judiciary which will give them the right to appoint judges and to overrule judge's decisions when they are "wrong". Both designed to allow Cabinet free reign. I think I can guess which way these freedom fighters will vote.
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