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  1. And Mandaric sacking Megson You would think there must be more to Alexander and the Pafos sackings.
  2. Looked pretty cowardly from Hutchinson to me. When you keep your foot at that angle you either mean to cause some harm or you are scared of getting hurt yourself. Either that or his reactions have slowed dramatically but not quite to Loovens and McGoldrick slowmo! The over acting wasn't needed to get the red card decision
  3. I hope he's not related to Dean Friedman. One thing is for sure he's fairly tough. Not made of half biscuit. Really hope Dukla Prague don't come in for him after Christmas.
  4. Di Canio was probably the one which gave me most optimism as I'd seen how he was doing at Celtic, wondered why he wasn't playing for Italy and thought if only we could sign him. Like someone else said pity how it all ended. Off tangent a bit looking at two signings, although not thrilling when signed, only needed one game to see a massive impact on our performances. We were definitely struggling until we signed Nigel Pearson from Shrewsbury. I think it was not very long after playing them in a cup game. Immediately we were much more solid and results improved. Similarly under Megson when
  5. Sorry mate. I agree with what you said which is why I said exactly. The second bit was just a joke I couldn't resist. I didn't mean to detract from the worrying point you made.
  6. It is £460 over the course of a season. i don't have pizza deliveries and the only thing apart from Council Tax that costs more than £460 is my golf club membership. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that £10 is a tad too much to be comfortable with. I think I'm kidding myself that I won't watch all the games so I will make some savings through the season and not spend the full amount. I'm basically a captive audience as I'm addicted and I even cut short my golf on a Saturday to 9 holes in spite of paying the £10 for the privilege of hiding behind the sofa while I watch. I take your poin
  7. Exactly. It is ridiculous that Mansfield and Scunthorpe have the same say as Sheffield Wednesday and Derby County........ oh hold on a minute
  8. Chelsea with their Putin loving (allegedly according to Panorama) Palestinian evicting (allegedly according to Panorama) owner
  9. Unfortunately businesses have the power over this govt and I think PL counts as fairly big business.
  10. And they will still push for government help at our expense pleading that they are important to the communities and have cultural importance. The simple fact that these PL clubs have furloughed employees and sacked mascots is disgraceful on its own without the continuance of the transfer spendageddon. Aren't they already trying to put pressure on the government to allow fans into PL grounds regardless of safety in the name of their financial hardship?
  11. I think they already have - the big 6 Arsenal Chelsea Man City Spurs Liverpool and Man Utd plus the 3 teams that have been in the PL the longest Everton Southampton and West Ham
  12. That is entirely possible but I can't see the EFL (I should add a fully compos mentis EFL) stipulating that it included the "total control" of the big 9 or the emphasis on increasing the ability to loan players and therefore encourage even more stockpiling and the consequent inflation of wages and transfer fees.
  13. Or in 1888 when the league was formed only Everton were founder members out of the imposter 9. Man Utd were in the 2nd Division in 1974, Spurs in 1976. Southampton and Man City both in 3rd Division very recently. Chelsea 1988 in 2nd Division. Even the wonderful Liverpool were in the 2nd Division in 1962. Out of the now big 9 only Arsenal and Everton could not have been excluded from the top flight by this kind of proposal in the last 60 years. They should all think about their fortunate positions but they won't.
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