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  1. Yes it's ok but it isn't Hillsborough is it though!
  2. I seem to remember Ian Rush identified him as one of the best young/new strikers at the time he broke into our team.
  3. If he was playing now he wouldn't have to drive an Escort and live in a semi.
  4. If your definition of a one hit wonder is playing professionally until about 35 years old and winning a first division championship medal with Leeds then yes he was a one hit wonder
  5. Exactly. You don't want to mistake the Barrington-Smyths for the Cholmondley-Warners or it all goes pear shaped. The Duke of Westminster also goes in there incognito on a payday.
  6. I'm the same except when I tell people who are not football fans. Then I say Sheffield Wednesday. Probably because it gives the location.
  7. We will have the last laugh anyway while we watch Rotherham "freefalling" back to League One over the next months.
  8. I think one of the local reporters tweeted earlier that he has agreed terms. It might even have been quoted in this thread.
  9. Here at Hillsborough the mighty Hillsborough Ihekwie plays tonight Ihekwie Ihjekwie Ihekwie Ihekwie To the tune of The Lion Sleeps Tonight - is that song regarded as politically incorrect these days as I seem to remember Tight Fit were wearing grass skirts or something on TOTP - hope it is not as un-pc as calling Nuhiu Big Dave - I don't know. I'll leave it up to the more pc Owlstalk members to decide. I won't be too upset if it is not taken up by the Kop and the band. I'm more upset that Junior Agogo never got into the first team as I always wanted to sing his name to Going To A Gogo by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.
  10. It is just needless negativity from someone who doesn't like to see other people expressing themselves and trying to do something useful that others are entertained by. You're right not to have time for it. Just carry on doing what makes you happy mate. Other people appreciate your efforts as I'm sure you already know.
  11. Don't wined up the grandma pleece. Thay of a lot of pried in there purfick smelling.
  12. Do you send them all as yourself or do you use different email accounts/names? Have you really had to send thousands to get them to donate?
  13. He plays with it in the bath...... and his yacht is moored in Monaco
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