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  1. Yes exactly. They should be central and the accepted norm but sadly not in every quarter. I didn't take it that you meant it literally but it is definitely what gets thrown back when talking to those with different opinions along with the classic SJW.
  2. It does make you think doesn't it. Although he may well see an employee as an employee regardless. It always makes me laugh how common human decency and justice are regarded as being left wing. Well tbh it makes me cry but I'm sure you get what I mean.
  3. Thanks a **%^"&* lot. I've only just come to terms with there being several Father Christmases to get round the whole world in one night.
  4. I know but I am Social Justice Man and wherever there is a need I will be there with y-fronts on the outside of my trousers
  5. No mate I'm 60 and am totally against the "sad money driven values that abound everywhere". I despise what this government is doing to our country. I believe in trade unions and justice and doing what is right. The players have every right to expect to be paid. Workers have every right to expect their employers to honour their contracts. If it is within the rules that not being paid equates to a breach of contract on the part of our owner these players have every right to shout it from the rooftops and to demand fair and proper treatment. I agree that actually walking out should be used as a l
  6. My point of view is that it is entirely possible that the players who have suggested walking are not stirring it. They may well be suggesting a solution to the rest of the players, some of whom may be struggling to meet mortgage payments etc. If they are not stirring it for purely selfish reasons it shows a strength of character. They are standing up for what is right within the rules and regulations, To be fair even if they are doing it for selfish reasons they still have a right to look after themselves so long as they are acting within the rules.
  7. https://www.irishtimes.com/sport/soccer/english-soccer/questions-over-leicester-city-s-finances-cloud-title-charge-1.2606427 Leicester are not squeaky clean. This dodgy set up with Dave Richards' son and daughter looks a bit suspect. I don't think anything came of it but it is funny how it involves another of our illustrious chairmen. The only thing I can say for Dave Richards is that I think he would have got the ground sale papers signed and submitted quicker than DC did and we would have not been deducted 6 points.
  8. Are you trying to rationalise why our managers play Reach on the right and Harris on the left ?
  9. Just as the far right should be but we are where we are unfortunately
  10. I forgot about that but there is the misconception that you always lose the argument when Hitler is mentioned. If you are likening Hitler to Hitler I think you are OK I once heard somebody say that the Nazis were left wing as they were called National Socialists.
  11. Nice argument. I can't win against that impeccable logic. I'll leave you to it mate. Nice chatting.
  12. I presume you believe that everyone that has far left views pulls down statues. That is probably 99.99999% incorrect. It seems you also think I have far left views but I fail to see how you could think this from the statement I made. I think I implied that it was some consolation to me that the far left was not mainstream. I am not pleased that I think the far right is becoming more mainstream. It seems to me that you believe that if a person has misgivings about the far right then they must be far left. It seems similar to the derogatory use of SJW as if wanting social justice is an
  13. Why is it bizarre? It was a direct response to someone commenting on the Mirror being far left with the implication that the Daily Mail is a paragon of balanced reporting.
  14. At least the far left is the far left. The far right is now mainstream ffs
  15. In an ideal world I'd like to say you've been whooshed but we know it isn't an ideal world
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