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  1. I think the crash was on the A57 somewhere near Worksop. I knew at the time that they said he nearly died. I don't think it was from his injuries. I think it was because the car was a mess and he could have been injured more seriously. I think he was out for a while but it didn't seem that long for how serious they were saying his accident was. I've googled a Guardian article and it said he had ankle ligament damage, stitches and bruises. Apparently he played 51 games for us in 3 years and 6 games on loan for Grimsby in that time. He was never really a regular starter so I may be right in saying that he wasn't out for a really long period straight after the accident to still have amassed 50 games.
  2. He is not the cause as individuals have to take responsibility for their own adopted attitudes. However, Trump and his ilk probably deserve to be called super spreaders
  3. You are swimming against the overwhelming tide of the will of the people
  4. Agree with this. If the season is not completed there is a doubt about the final outcome while teams could play themsoelves into promotion or out of relegation.. The benefit of doubt should be given to those who will be penalised ie. their situation will be markedly worse than it was at the start of the season. Promotion is not guaranteed to those at the top and neither is relegation guaranteed for those at the bottom. It seems just to me that the route of least damage should be taken.
  5. So do you think I'm wrong to question the judgement of people that speculate on the possibility of injecting disinfectant or the motives of a man who says we should rebel against "house arrest", as he called the lockdown, while criticising Derbyshire police for putting dye into the blue lagoon to prevent people swimming in it. It suits his purpose to allude to it being a repressive measure to combat the virus. He should have known that the water is almost as alkaline as bleach, or maybe he did, but it suits his agenda not to mention that. it just makes me wonder that if Farage can use the virus to further his own cause how far he would bend the truth in slightly less serious/dangerous matters. Brexit is the least of our problems now but the people that guided us there are still trying to influence our society to suit themselves in various areas and it suits them to discredit "experts" and conventional wisdom as it makes their views appear more acceptable.
  6. Actually I'm wrong about Trump there I think. I think someone asked him on twitter if he was worried about the corona virus and he said that it didn't worry him as he is very very rich and had access to all the best doctors in the world. So, in truth, he acknowledges the importance of experts, albeit, probably only when they are of benefit to him.
  7. Don't be silly. The Brexit campaign concluded that we don't need experts. Trump, Farage etc. still believe that I reckon
  8. It seems to have been this way since Cameron took over in 2010. Leaks followed by backtracking in the face of public opinion. I think the only things they have stood firm on are Lansley's NHS reforms and austerity. Without those two we probably wouldn't have had so many deaths so far. The government are not leading on this as they should be doing. However, I fear now that they may be listening to the wrong set of public opinions ie. the bullish and hawkish sections that favour economy over health and this could do even more harm to the economy in the long run. I suppose at least the Mail have got football where it should be - at the back of the queue - but they are at least 3 to 6 months early IMO. But then I don't have much idea like the rest of us.
  9. You really don't understand the concept of golf do you. Golf is, and should remain, the perfect way to escape family.
  10. To be honest I thought that the valuation of our ground was not being brought into question purely the timing of the sale. I also thought that the EFL were not disputing that some kind of agreement had been reached over the sale but they had found additional information which brought it into question. I would think in that case that we have been made aware of this new information. I would also like to think that if this information was actually supplied to the EFL at the time of the agreement and they have not checked it properly before agreeing the sale could go ahead that this should nullify their case against us. If however, we have withheld or accidentally omitted that information we may be in trouble. I think that MKOwl said that money does not need to change hands for the sale to be valid so long as it is shown in the accounts correctly and that Land Registry timing is also not necessarily a problem. My memory is pretty bad these days so I may be wrong on this.
  11. True.It is clickbait but doomed to fail in its purpose when the more cautious Owlstalkers check the name of the original poster
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