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  1. Fernando Forestieri

    Tend to agree with you there. He takes the centre of defence up a level. I wouldn't underestimate the performances Pudil has been putting in either. Pudil and Lees have formed the base of the cake. However FF is not just the icing on the cake he is also the cream in the middle. This combined with Bannan's marzipan and Hooper's cherry on the top can get us promoted next season. I'm just worried Bake Off will come in with multimillion pound bids.
  2. Fernando Forestieri

    Fixed it for you
  3. Hull City 0 - 1 #SWFC - OMDT

    Feed the Jor and he will score
  4. Sunderland - V - Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Good news Snooty. It is the home kit today.
  5. Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

    DC said Jos is more expensive than Carlos due to his record.
  6. He's obviously some kind of lightweight dilettante and is too scared to wear the proper gimp mask his girlfriend got him for Christmas.
  7. I'm not saying we should have used Butterfield or Jones. I am saying why would Chansiri allow Jos to overrule his alleged decision to freeze Clare out when he has not allowed him to use George Hirst. It doesn't make sense to take a tough stance then backtrack on it just because Wallace is out for the season when Butterfield and Jones are available. Although we know Butterfield is not worth his place in the side I'm not entirely sure that Chansiri would understand this enough to overturn his own decision to freeze Clare out and allow him to play for the first team again. It makes more sense to assume that he wasn't frozen out at all.
  8. Why wouldn't Butterfield or Jones be used in preference to Clare if he had been frozen out. It doesn't really make sense. Where did you hear what you know to convince you it wasn't a rumour?
  9. You are talking in the plural. I was under the impression that Clare has played for the first team since the RUMOURS of him being frozen out surfaced. I thought only George Hirst was banned from playing and that Sean Clare cannot play due to a season ending injury and would be in the squad otherwise.
  10. Who remembers this gifted player

    IIRC I think Bolton and Spurs offered us about 5m only a few months before we sold him to Chelsea for something like 2.5m as in the earlier post. I think Chelsea had him for less than a season then got 4m from Sunderland. Typical of us letting players go on the cheap.
  11. Barry Bannan in his best position?

    I've always thought that he is similar to Jack Wilshere in that they both mistakenly think they are deep lying playmakers and their managers have indulged them in this. I think both are at their most dangerous within 10 yards of the D, dribbling and playing one twos and defence splitting passes. Bannan does this so rarely but it tends to yield results. I particularly remember Rhodes' goal against Villa and I think the penalty appeal in the final few minutes v Bristol City. So long as he is banned from shooting he can play there. Whether or not we can accommodate him in that position on a regular basis remains to be seen but I think that is where he can be most effective and raise his game to another level.
  12. Barry Bannan in his best position?

    Barcelona can't afford him
  13. Especially if Reach goes to LWB and Bannan plays further up field rather than under CC dropping back onto the toes of the back 4 to pick up the ball. It should also allow the wing backs to get forward more too. I think the deep lying Hutch was a CC defensive measure taken one step too far.
  14. Player Ratings V. Leeds Utd

    Think that might show how slow Boyd has looked. I don't know what has happened to him. He is not who I thought we had signed. 3 or 4 times yesterday he failed to reach what I thought were decent passes which you expect an ordinary player to run onto. Almost tragically he and Rhodes are terribly slow in relation to my recollections of them prior to signing for us. I think Reach has to play LWB when Hutch and Bannan are settled in again. I agree it was probably Nuhiu's best game for us and I wouldn't be averse to giving him a modest contract as 5/6th choice. The question is can we afford to have a senior pro as 6th choice with FFP looming and would he want to be so low in the pecking order? I think he will want to play regularly and to be brutally honest he is not good enough to be anything more than an emergency starter or a tactical option. Can't fault his attitude but if he is a regular we are aiming for mid table at best, unless performances like yesterday become the norm of course. Think Hunt was better than some are giving credit and Pelupessy had a decent game. Reach had one of his poorer games and should have scored when put through by Joao early on but he did get the header leading to the first goal. I think he is now suffering from being asked to run midfield for the past few weeks (and played in every game without a break) and may be trying to do too much. Hutch and Lees were very good as is expected. Wildsmith needs to be more dominant but he may be told to stay at home as we have three central defenders. Martin Hodge similarly was a great shot stopper but did not command his box. I have a feeling that he was told to leave crosses for Lyons, Smith, Shirtliff, Madden etc to deal with so maybe the same applies to Wildsmith when we have 3 centre backs so some criticism of him may be harsh.
  15. FFP and avoiding an embargo

    The game is going up its own backside. If I hadn't supported Wednesday for 50 years I don't think I could take it seriously any more. As ever with Wednesday things can never get any more serious but yet they always seem to do.