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  1. The way he's looking down I'm a bit concerned it's his pants and not the medical
  2. When he came he was exactly what we needed. Overnight we became solid defensively. It reminded me of when Nigel Pearson joined us from Shrewsbury bringing about an immediate transformation to our defence.
  3. True. Even then it would have been 7 or 8 if we could finish. Other teams seem to take their chances against us but we need so many opportunities per goal.
  4. It doesn't really matter whether the club or player pays the agent as they would still want the same combined total to complete the deal. Say the player is on 10m over 4 years and the agent wants a fee of 1m from the club to complete the deal and the club told the player to pay the agent he would just say ok then I'll have 10m over the 4 years plus 1m upfront. Same cost to the club and same total to player and agent.
  5. If I remember correctly didn't Stuart Gray say at a fans forum that Antonio and Helan did not have footballing brains but Maghoma did? I think he also said that players like that can get a manager the sack. I wonder if this may have affected his attitude towards the club along with the fact that he was our only outlet at the time and was flogged to death chasing aimless defensive clearances on his own. Straying from the immediate subject of Antonio slightly. If this is true I don't know why Carlos and Monk get slated for "outing" or "throwing players under a bus" yet Stuart Gray seems to be exempt. Although it may be true about Helan I still don't see how it serves any purpose other than to alienate the player especially when expected to follow the shining light that was Maghoma
  6. Yes I've realised holding the back button works but it is happening too frequently. Have you clicked the ad?
  7. Either it is a virus on this site or the advertising stuff has gone wrong. It is happening every few seconds now.I am not going to click on it so it looks like Owlstalk is unusable now.
  8. i keep getting a virgin media pop up every couple of minutes on here. Chance to win an iphone if you click. Have to close site and start from scratch as the back button doesn't function.
  9. Physician heal thyself!! You have forgotten just as many as you accuse him of. You actually mentioned 4. FF, Fletcher, Rhodes and Nuhiu. PS. Jay Bothroyd
  10. I think the crash was on the A57 somewhere near Worksop. I knew at the time that they said he nearly died. I don't think it was from his injuries. I think it was because the car was a mess and he could have been injured more seriously. I think he was out for a while but it didn't seem that long for how serious they were saying his accident was. I've googled a Guardian article and it said he had ankle ligament damage, stitches and bruises. Apparently he played 51 games for us in 3 years and 6 games on loan for Grimsby in that time. He was never really a regular starter so I may be right in saying that he wasn't out for a really long period straight after the accident to still have amassed 50 games.
  11. He is not the cause as individuals have to take responsibility for their own adopted attitudes. However, Trump and his ilk probably deserve to be called super spreaders
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