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  1. marco matias

    It seems fairly obvious now that nothing is going to change on a sustained basis. We will play well a couple of games then badly for a couple. All the options from the bench will be like for like and we may just about scrape into the play offs but it will be purgatory en route unless we need to win our last 3 games to get in. We will win when we have nothing to lose by going for it. Then we will have something to lose and we will whimper out of the play offs with a display of backwards and sideways passing masquerading as game management. I hope I'm wrong.
  2. Bannan too deep

    Said this loads of times that the manager should let it be known that when we have the ball Bannan does not drop deep to receive it. He should be more scared of losing his place for dropping too deep than he is of facing the opposition. Our attack was much better when van Aken or Pudil brought the ball out of defence and Bannan started further up the pitch. Tom Lees had even started to bring the ball forward but we always seem to revert to type. It could be a chicken and egg situation but it always happens when we start slowly and don't show any urgency for much of the game. The players need a manager that can get this across to them as it appears Carlos can't get this to stick with them. It appears that he is content to kid himself that sideways passing is "controlling" the game in a clever way.
  3. Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 0 Bristol City OMDT

    Might be worth clearing swfc cookies and restarting pc as well. I tried everything I could think of - not sure it made any difference but it at least occupied me until it started working on 31 mins.
  4. Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 0 Bristol City OMDT

    Good advice. Mine is now working as normal including commentary
  5. Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 0 Bristol City OMDT

    Just got video but still cant get the audio to work for local commentary. Still pops up the choose your sub screen.
  6. Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 0 Bristol City OMDT

    Is anybody else still having probs with ifollow. Ive got a black screen on the video. When I open another window to play audio a pop up screen asks me to choose my subscription then tells me I've already paid for it. Sometimes I get just the listen now option other times both, sometimes additional pop up screen. Totally spasmodic and seemingly random.
  7. Negative Tactics - a myth?

    We do play attacking football when we are totally on top or we are behind. My complaint is when we are in front we stop playing or we start slowly and go behind. I think Carlos is afraid to lose. He is happy at 0-0 for most of the game and at 1-0 he tries to shut up shop too early. We were afraid to lose in the play off final. At home against Huddersfield we were all over them for a few minutes after the goal but then we stopped playing. We are playing better this season than last and we are having more bad luck but too much for it to be just coincidence. I don't think the players are sure what they are supposed to be doing at certain stages of games. I think this comes from Carlos. Also re the comment about the negative football criticism only coming when results are poor. Many people commented last season about passing back to Westwood from throws and free kicks in the final third, general negativity and slow build up.
  8. Just watched the highlights

    I didn't see yesterday's game but it sounds like we changed after Pudil's sub. Unless he has another problem I can't understand why Matias wasn't on the bench in preference to 2 central midfielders in Butterfield and Jones. However that's not the point of my post, I was just wondering. Also wanted to point out my comments don't refer to yesterday or Derby really as we did well considering the bad luck. I think the "mental problem" that Carlos said the players suffer from is his own. He is afraid to lose. Our default setting is try to control games at 0-0 and when we are leading 1-0. A "we hold what we have" mentality. We have no choice but to attack when we are behind but whenever we have something to lose we revert to type. When we fell out of the play off positions last season we responded well because we had no choice but when we got there we failed to play with any attacking urgency and, as usual, stopped playing when we went 1 up. Virtually every time we had a chance of putting pressure on the automatic spots last year we failed to capitalise. In addition both years in the play offs Carlos reverted to the players that he was comfortable with rather than the players who had taken us there over the final few games. I think we are playing much better quicker football at times than we did last season but the number of slow starts, negative substitutions and not addressing the lack of pace are holding us back more than the bad luck. It happens too often for it to be down to coincidence. I don't like saying it but I have almost lost hope that Carlos can change things sufficiently. I think we can go on a good run and get back into the play offs but I think once there it is likely we will go negative again. I feel that even if we make the play offs we will whimper out again without a fight. To be fair I am still in two minds about whether he should go as we are still only 5 points off the play off spots and after Tuesday if results go our way we could be much closer but I also fear that I also have Carlos' mentality and similarly don't want to risk things while there is still a faint hope of success. I have said before, when I had real hope that Carlos was capable of changing his mentality, that we are not far off (lack of pace excepted) because I really feel that the players are not decisive enough due to not being totally sure what they are supposed to be doing at times. We seem clueless at set pieces and we lose far too many second balls. I think a different manager would be a breath of fresh air for the players. The problem is I am still hoping that Carlos could be that man....but only just.
  9. The Ultimate Forestieri Stat Thread

    Following on from my "man manager" point re FF... I remember Di Canio or Carbone or maybe both saying that Ron Atkinson was a proper manager that knew how to deal with big players. Then Richards got rid of him and "fancy dans" was the new buzz phrase. Unbelievable again
  10. The Ultimate Forestieri Stat Thread

    He is wasted up front getting clattered by centre halves. It is also much better to utilise 2 of Fletcher, Hooper, Rhodes and Joao in their natural positions rather than leave 3 of your most expensive players on the bench while you play Reach on the left and put Fox or Pudil at left back at the expense of what many thought were the best line up of forwards in the division. I don't believe for one minute he has refused to play on the left. He has honestly said he is a better player when he can concentrate solely on attacking. It surely isn't beyond the realms of possibility that a good man manager can't persuade him that he is more valuable to the team from the left and that is where he will be playing. Just remembered Carlos said in pre season he would be used more from the left this season then changes it in the first game at Preston. Unbelievable!!
  11. An observation about our style of play...

    Against Cardiff we passed it quickly at times and they could only stand still and watch us. I thought we were getting some of our snappy passing back but we reverted to type on Wednesday. Things have changed and I fear the style of last season is too ingrained in the players' psyche and it is difficult for them to do otherwise when we are under pressure.
  12. An observation about our style of play...

    We now have van Aken that can bring the ball out . Pudil also did this to some effect before van Aken. Tom Lees is playing more forward passes and moving into space more often. However at times on Wednesday Bannan and Butterfield were level with each other inside our own half 4 or 5 yards away from Lees and van Aken to pick up the ball. Lee even dropped back between them at one stage.
  13. Fernando Forristieri injury

    I hope you are right but you can understand my scepticism after Hutch coming straight back in to the play offs after injury. Don't get me wrong if Hutch could play that few yards further up the pitch he would have to be first choice but I fear he is a defender by nature. However both he and Loovens are experienced and should be capable of making adjustments. I'm sure that Tom Lees is trying to adjust also. He seems to be bringing the ball forward more and trying to pass rather than punt.
  14. Fernando Forristieri injury

    It will be interesting to see what happens when Hutch and Loovens are fit again. We have been benefitting from Pudil and Van Aken bringing the ball out on accasions and moving the ball quicker whereas Loovens just stands on it waiting to be closed down before passing sideways or back. Jones is playing higher up the pitch than Hutch and moves the ball quicker. These two things mean Bannan is not dropping so deep. Loovens and Hutch both need to have been watching this if we are to continue to progress. I'm not convinced that they wont be fast tracked back into the team asap. We will see then if it is a "shoehorning" or if they will adopt the quicker play of their stand ins.
  15. Fernando Forristieri injury

    We are clearly better off without him playing with a centre back stuck up his backside but he frightens defenders when he is running towards them.