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  1. the mighty wednesday

    Sam Hutchinson's twin brother

    I don't remember thinking it was anything like "throwing FF under a bus". I didn't think it was anything out of the ordinary really. Also the poster you replied to meant that at the time of the WBA game we had not got 1 point from 15 so he could not be accused of being a struggling manager " at that stage".
  2. the mighty wednesday

    Sam Hutchinson's twin brother

    If this is true I'm sure the most serious aspect is offending teammates. Any manager is likely to clamp down more strictly on open disrespect shown to colleagues rather than disrespect shown to himself in private.
  3. the mighty wednesday

    Press Conference LIVE NOW

    He uses the word "will" as in having the will to win or in wanting to win. He says things like "of course we will win tomorrow " meaning "of course we want to win tomorrow". not making a seemingly, these days, ridiculous prediction. I'm sure in saying they will win he meant they want to win.
  4. the mighty wednesday


    This has been the D Taxi publicity launch plan all along
  5. the mighty wednesday

    One for our older readers - Name this player..

    It was tommy craig we got for 100k from Aberdeen Jim Macalliog came from Chelsea but I think you are right it was a record fee for a teenager, 36/37 k seems to stick in my memory.
  6. Kenny Brannigan, Ian Cranson, Colin Walker and Tony Gregory from Wlko's era may be worth a mention.
  7. the mighty wednesday

    Match pass on iFollow

    Doesnt Rob work for BBC Radio Sheffield. I assume its got to be a non BBC person now.
  8. the mighty wednesday

    Just Got back - Ratings

    Probably only the one reason - injury
  9. the mighty wednesday

    Hunt the 1st to go - more to follow

    So if Hunt's wages over the length of his remaining contract are say £1.5m and we sell him for £1.5m we have to pay him the amount of his remaining contract? This means we gain £1.5m and lose £1.5m. Why not just keep him? If this is correct there is no point in the sale unless he waives part or all of the sum and I'd suggest it renders the majority of player sales totally pointless from a financial point of view.
  10. the mighty wednesday

    This is hell.

    Not impressed with his attitude. Reading that made me spit my Ovaltine out and I was so angry I turned up the volume on my Now That's What I Call Punk Rock compilation LP to 3. I didn't know Pete Thomas was from Hillsborough. He is a great drummer.
  11. the mighty wednesday

    This is hell.

    I saw this thread title and my first thought was "it never gets better or worse but you get used to it after a spell cos heaven is hell in reverse" as you do. I was pleasantly surprised to see I may not be the only obsessed loon on the planet. I always think he got it wrong with one of his albums it would have been much better as sweetest little fella everybody knows dont know what to call him but hes mighty like The Wednesday Wednesday and Elvis Costello is a particularly potent combination. Not necessarily the best for retaining a slender grasp on sanity.
  12. the mighty wednesday

    Westwood interview

    I think you've got a Gaul saying that
  13. the mighty wednesday

    Fernando Forestieri

    Tend to agree with you there. He takes the centre of defence up a level. I wouldn't underestimate the performances Pudil has been putting in either. Pudil and Lees have formed the base of the cake. However FF is not just the icing on the cake he is also the cream in the middle. This combined with Bannan's marzipan and Hooper's cherry on the top can get us promoted next season. I'm just worried Bake Off will come in with multimillion pound bids.
  14. the mighty wednesday

    Fernando Forestieri

    Fixed it for you
  15. the mighty wednesday

    Hull City 0 - 1 #SWFC - OMDT

    Feed the Jor and he will score