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  1. I'm a bit undecided about Blair. I am sure though that it is wrong to abandon the Labour Party because of one PM facing an issue which I don't think a Tory government would have handled any differently, especially when the result lands us with the current bunch of charlatans and right wing nutters.
  2. It is the not scoring when we are on top which is even more of a problem than the defending. If we score as clinically as our opponents seem to do against us we put games to bed. We need Windass to be fit every game and to continue being as clinical as he has been recently. We need to be much quicker to get on the end of crosses and ricochets in the box and quicker to get shots off in the box. We were dangerous every time we went forward yesterday. Their second goal was a fortunate ricochet (2 if counting BPF's point blank save bouncing straight back at Taylor) and came at exactly the right time for them. If we had scored one of any number of chances we had before then it would have felt like a consolation goal to them not a momentum shifter. I too don't know why Dele Bashiru gets so much stick. He can be a handful at this level. He looks cumbersome sometimes but he very difficult to get off the ball. His decision making and end product will improve with games. Both goals were as good, movement and passing wise, as I have seen since the days of Carlos. Even after going 3-2 down we could and probably should have won 4 or 5-3 with Paterson, Brown and Gregory missing sitters.
  3. Yes but only made so recently. You are not telling me that over the years he never ever thought it could be a bonus of becoming PM and visiting Buckingham Palace every week.
  4. Let's be realistic about this I put Boris Johnson at the top of the list. Possibly the second and probably the third and fourth in your list look right up his street.
  5. I don't see these freedom fighters stepping up to make anybody's life better - just the opposite. Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees Mogg, Steve Baker, Mark Francois, Andrew Bridgen, Ian Duncan Smith, Rishi Sunak, Priti Patel, Nigel Farage, Dominic Raab, Matt Hancock, Owen Paterson, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Tommy Robinson, Dominic Cummings, Robert Jenrick, and many more - too many to mention. I think the last people to be sentenced to be hung drawn and quartered for high treason were the Chartists in about 1839. It would be some small justice if some of the above found themselves facing a charge of high treason in the not too distant.
  6. Don't think that's quite right. Kids wanted to be footballers when the maximum wage was £20 a week. It does have to be a more or less FIFA wide initiative to succeed. We can't go it alone. There would be massive legal wranglings anyway if they tried to bring in some kind of wage cap.
  7. Whats wrong with wanting to do good? I think many people can't believe anybody is sincere and wants to do good because it is so at odds with their own selfish "me me me" attitude. I think the twisted Tory propaganda that it is somehow not right that someone who is wealthy should want to help those less fortunate than themselves is borne out of their own greed and selfishness. Just saying.
  8. Agreed plus amateur finishing from start to finish. Should have had 3 or 4 in first half and Brown, Paterson and Gregory all contrived to miss sitters in final few minutes. We need someone other than Windass that has a modicum of composure in the box. If we put them away in the first half our defending doesn't matter so much. Their first goal was a diagonal ball which either defender or keeper should get to before Taylor on the edge of the 6 yard box. Their second was due to a couple of lucky ricochets, the kind of which, our strikers are unable to take advantage of. The timing was exactly right for them and we seemed to stop attacking which is always fatal for us. Btw Luongo MOTM again.
  9. So is FDB in your line up. I'd be tempted to go same as last week and not rush Windass back. Unless of course DM's forensic analysis of the opposition suggests a tactical change to all 11 positions !!!
  10. I saw our golden era players and I think he has great potential. Possibly those who don't are those that can't let go of the golden era memories. To be fair I'm still clinging onto them with my fingertips He was never going to stand out yesterday as Luongo had a great game and Bannan was getting into scoring positions as well as his usual work rate. Just to not look out of place against those two means you've had a good game.
  11. That's how I see it. It is just banter to his son who he is obviously proud of and an "if I can do it anybody can" joke.
  12. He has improvements to make in playing the right pass at the right time, making more decisive runs and consistency over 90 minutes and from game to game but it is his shirt to lose at the moment. He has the attributes to become a top six championship player in a year or two.
  13. Agreed, plus while they both affect the NHS's ability to provide care over-eating doesn't directly harm anybody else. Smoking, however, does so it has been banned in public places. It seems reasonable to me that similar laws should be in place to protect the spread of a much more immediate and direct threat such as Covid. Do the anti mask/vaccine people also think that the smoking laws are an unnecessary breach of liberty?
  14. Fixed it for you. We could do a lot worse i'm sure but it seems pretty unlikely he will come here. If Hibs and Hearts are interested surely that would be a no brainer for him even if there is no fee involved.
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