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  1. If Chansari sacks Mank he could do worse than draw up a shirtliff including Garry Megson, Rowland Nilsson and Don Petrescue. I wouldn't be surprised if Carboni or D ick Anio threw their hats into the ring. We could do worse than get Carlos Carvalho back or maybe David Hurst would fancy a crack at the job. Chansari really needs to look at these names in some detail and dot all the i's and cross all the t's before making a decision. We can't afford to employ the wrong man yet again. It could spell disaster for us.
  2. Stuart Gray thought he didn't need to improve Maghoma. He preferred him to Antonio. Thought he had a footballing brain and Antonio didn't.
  3. First decision to be made is at the arbitration hearing which decides if the EFL are legally allowed to bring the charge. If deemed illegal that should be the end of the matter. If legal the independent panel have to decide if we are guilty of the charge or not.
  4. I think it is more to do with not having anyone that can or wants to tackle in midfield or out wide and forwards that have no ability to hold the ball up. The defence were constantly under pressure with no defensive shape in front of them.
  5. Yes that, worryingly, is not beyond the realms of possibility. As I understand it the auditors can rely on statements made by directors. if those statements turn out later to be untrue I think the auditors are not liable. Again though I have to say I don't know this for an absolute fact.
  6. I may be wrong but if the audit is deemed legal or in line with accounting conventions then the sale of the ground could not be deemed as being back dated. I would also think that if it has not been back dated illegally or judged to be against accounting conventions then the EFL can't punish us for some conjecture surrounding the spirit of the rule or it being a loophole that they wish to close.
  7. As far as I know I think they only do this when the sponsor is connected to the club and even then they don't stop the cash entering the club's coffers. They just don't allow it to offset any overspend.
  8. Last couple of games he's been trying to get forward more. He was offside running onto a long pass today near their penalty box and also played two or three really good long range passes today himself. He seems to be getting better.
  9. We aren't getting anything off the ref. It wasn't even a corner for their goal. Nuhiu blocked it against their player.
  10. He's left footed. He did similar on Saturday when we caught them in possession on the edge of their box. The pass was a bit behind him but he only had the keeper to beat from the right of the penalty spot on his left foot. I'm baffled by him over these last two games.
  11. I'm forwarding it to Lionel Hutz right this minute
  12. Logic says we will only get a slap on the wrist as we didn't intend deliberately to get charged by the EFL
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