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  1. I don't think the player exists for a Championship team's budget to play the lone striker role that would win promotion. I think you know my point is that if we get the right roles for FF, SF and LJ we have a pretty potent attacking threat and if we can get the midfield balance to support them we have every chance of promotion. Whatever happens we should be looking to offload Rhodes, Winnall and Nuhiu before any of those three. Unless of course the new manager insists on playing them out of position eg. FF as a striker where he plays much of the game with his back to goal being bullied by centre backs.
  2. I don't agree with the general feeling that Joao is afraid of the physical aspects of the game and is incapable of leading the line. I think it was at home against Cardiff last season when he made Morrison and Manga look like schoolboys. I admit that he doesn't do this all the time but I think with the right manager/run in the team/consistent role in the team he is capable of changing some people's opinion.
  3. I agree with your general opinion of Joao as he is capable of so much more than he seems to deliver at times. Given the right set up he is capable of scoring from nothing on his own, as is FF. I don't agree with your assessment of Fletcher. He is a very clever footballer and has consistency and determination. We need to find a way of maximising FF, Joao and Fletcher's contribution to the team. I'm not sure any team in the Championship has better attacking options if a way of playing them all to their strengths together can be found.
  4. I went for Hughton so disappointed to see speculation on here that he's turned us down. I'm not really thrilled by any of the others on the list but they would all be preferable to Zola. I suppose if Lord Snooty was brought in as Director of Football to help him then Zola might just be able to do a job.
  5. That's true to a certain extent but most adults don't get too far in their head until they have signed all the paperwork etc. If Bruce is in that mindset so quickly knowing what he knew about compensation and MA and DC's characters then he has been a silly little lad.
  6. I think it is highly likely that he has spoken to Newcastle but we don't know any of the details and I agree entirely that we can't make a judgement without the facts. We particularly don't know the mood of the meetings with Chansiri. For all we know DC may have explained that he has to make it difficult for him to move purely for business reasons and Bruce may totally accept that without resentment. This would not preclude resuming the formerly good working relationship if the deal collapses. It is a bit stupid if we show resentment towards Bruce if DC and Bruce are still on good terms and he carries on managing us to the best of his ability.
  7. Yes he seemed to love the job here before Newcastle turned up.
  8. Exactly. If DC plays hardball enough to scupper the deal then logically it should be because he believes Bruce will still do a good job for us in spite of any disappointment he may feel at not going to Newcastle.
  9. Are you thinking back to around that time when we could only get a loan deal for that untalented old man from league 2 called Ross Barkley? We do need someone with Aarons' pace but it need not be someone that may cost as much as him or with his possible injury problems. The threat of pace can be very effective even if the end product is not always top quality. I wouldn't be overly upset if we loaned him again but it seems any real money we have to spend on a permanent signing could be much better used in other areas.
  10. Is this a stray from the Odubajo thread? Costello - I was only joking about you hi-jacking threads. I didnt actually expect you to demand this one be flown to another thread
  11. better to blame it on morgan fox thinking about it
  12. yes you stand accused and the mods will read you the riot act
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