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  1. Not a bring back Megson thread, although I wouldn't be totally against it. But I believe we now need a strong Megson like character to come in and build a team on a relative shoestring budget, just like he did following the Irvine era.
  2. Mickey Mouse would fit in well with the running of the club.
  3. Just waiting for someone to start a Megson thread. Just what this bunch needs atm.
  4. It's alright having all these ideas about who WE want, but if there's no money, there's no money!!! And atm, who would come here anyway, definitely no big names.
  5. I was there. Thirteen years old and sat in the West with my Dad. On that day David Sunley became a Wednesday legend!!!
  6. Don't believe a word of this!!! Just media talk, probabl invented by the bookies to squeeze more money out of the punters over an issue that had gone quiet over the last week. Let's just back our club/team and leave such decisions to DC.
  7. Yep, I can see this dragging on for a good while. And if so, we're not going to be an attractive proposition for a so called high profile manager.
  8. Cowley with Bodie and Doyle as fitness coaches!!!
  9. I'll miss both German Games .... I'll be in Sheffield!!! At least I'll get to Owls in the Park this year.
  10. Please have patience. HMSPTL is under going a complete overhaul before setting sail again.
  11. Can't be true, nobody knows where Bielefeld is.
  12. Steve Downes. After dribbling around the goalkeeper to score on his debut, he turned out to be a real flop.
  13. Poor Danny had a difficult brief. His job was to rebuild a basically unsettled side. As for the relegation, I think the writing was already on the wall. I started going the season before and apart from a memorable 5-4 home win against the great Man. Utd. team there were some dismal results. I particularly remember a painful 1-5 home loss to Arsenal. At my young age I couldn't imagine there was worse to come. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe Derek Dooley followed Danny and brought back stripes and Peter Swan.
  14. This has also crossed my mind. Doesn't seem happy here, can't be arsed anymore, under fire from every direction. Why walkout for nothing when there's a good pay off when sacked. Invest the cash in a few years gardening then enjoy a peaceful retirement.
  15. With a bottle of red wine already gone and another one on the way, who would come to S6 and who could we afford. I would welcome his ginger Highness back to the hot seat at the moment. God help us, we need a saviour and why not the one who has unfinished business!!!
  16. Big Jack's first name on the team sheet!!!
  17. Can't understand the discussion about what will happen to Jos if we lose. We're broke!!! Let's face it, we can't afford to sack him. He's going nowhere unless he walks out.
  18. Sorry mate, only just seen this. Not in the north, but live in the south - Heidelberg/ Mannheim area.
  19. I'm on holiday in Naples, Italy at the moment. I've just been trying to explain to an old Italian guy that I once saw Naples play at Hillsborough. Can anyone help me, at the end of the 68/69 season (I think) Wednesday took part in the Anglo/Italian Cup and I'm pretty sure that it was Naples against who we played home and away. I was only 8 years old then so I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure it was 0-0 At home and they beat us in Italy. Anyone remember this one?
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