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  1. Unfortunately, won't have a visual. Will just be following the game on here with a bottle or three of wine, hoping for lots of Gettttinnnns and no FFS's. Come on Wednesday!!!! UTO, WAWAW!!!
  2. Arsenal in early 1969 Hillsborough. They thrashed us 5 - 1 John Radford scored a hattrick.
  3. Make it 10006!!! Me and my dad were the ones sat in the middle of the west stand.
  4. It's pronounced Boerner - with a long "o" if that makes any sense.
  5. My dad was a big fan of Albert Quixall. I saw him play in a few charity matches in the early 70s and he could still do it. Ron Springett used to play centre forward in those games.
  6. I desperately wanted him to succeed, but enough is enough. Losing to the pigs at Hillsborough put the nail in Carlos coffin, and losing 3 - 0 to Rotherham was on a par with that. After this today against Inter Wycombe, there's no going back ..... Monk has nowhere to go now. Hope Chansiri has learnt something from his past mistakes - though I'm not confident
  7. Not a bring back Megson thread, although I wouldn't be totally against it. But I believe we now need a strong Megson like character to come in and build a team on a relative shoestring budget, just like he did following the Irvine era.
  8. Mickey Mouse would fit in well with the running of the club.
  9. Just waiting for someone to start a Megson thread. Just what this bunch needs atm.
  10. It's alright having all these ideas about who WE want, but if there's no money, there's no money!!! And atm, who would come here anyway, definitely no big names.
  11. I was there. Thirteen years old and sat in the West with my Dad. On that day David Sunley became a Wednesday legend!!!
  12. Don't believe a word of this!!! Just media talk, probabl invented by the bookies to squeeze more money out of the punters over an issue that had gone quiet over the last week. Let's just back our club/team and leave such decisions to DC.
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