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  1. German Owls - One member :-)))
  2. Hillsborough Park.
  3. Germanowl

    Basement Bargains?

    Gerry Young!!!
  4. HMS PTL relaunched.
  5. Grew up on Walkley Bank. Now live near Heidelberg, Germany.
  6. Was born with blue and white blood. Went to see The team come home after the cup final in 1966. Started going to reserve games in 68. First home game was against Arsenal in early 69. We lost 5-0, John Radford scored hat rick , but I was hooked!!!
  7. Colin Prophet retired in the 1970s
  8. Sven probably fancies his chances with the new CEO :-)))
  9. Germanowl

    Neil Warnock

    The Club and us fans are sinking into disintegration...... may as well get Colin in to finish the job.
  10. Germanowl

    Bullen's resignation speech?

    Comparisons to when Megson last came in and said he couldn't believe some of the contracts some of the players were on
  11. Germanowl

    The Cult of Megson

    On one foggy Xmas Eve, Chansiri came to say, Megson with your hair aflame, You can manage the derby game :-)
  12. On way to work in good old Germany. Home early evening for game ....... can't wait!!!! Wish I could be there!!! Any Tips for a live Stream???
  13. Germanowl

    Owl spotting in Berlin

    Watched last years final in irish pub in Mannheim. No other Owls, but good Atmosphere. Unfortunately, Berlins a bit far.