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  1. We have one of the best English strikers ever seen at our club with a mediocre attack and he doesn't teach them. Step up Daaaavid Hirst! Come on Stu sort it.
  2. My absolute footballing hero, if Carlsberg did strikers! I was lucky enough not to miss many games from 84-95 and saw (well should I say) was there for most of his goals. However I was looking through heavily tinted Stella glasses through that period. It's nice to watch them properly. If he was playing now he'd break transfer records. Nice to show my kid.
  3. Our squad is poor, Lee, Semedo, Hutch and McGuire are it outfield. Defence poor, forwards? Well no abundance of goals. 0-0's and 1-0 if pos. But we can't keep goals out with that defence. Another nail biting season avoiding the drop, but without excitement.
  4. Only at Hillsborough can something that seemed so promising a few weeks ago suddenly seem so bad!
  5. Have we got enough players for Sat or is it 5 a side?
  6. New catering? Think that's best we can hope for
  7. Onyewu and we really missed Buxton big time we looked so much better with him back we actually had a right back insted of two right sided centre backs the space Palmer left was acres
  8. please do away with Sondico, cheap sports direct 5hite
  9. strange wasn't it considering we created by far the most chances and looked the most likely to win 2nd half even at the death. Antonio MoM easily, I don't get this giving it to someone who just scores a free kick?
  10. To the away fans Scooby Dooby and its nice to know your here. They should be reinstated with immediate effect
  11. very generous, Palmer, Afobe and Best 2, if that!
  12. Its well deserved though Dunsby, Maghoma the crab is dire!
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