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  1. Have you not seen my boyish good lucks in my avatar??
  2. Chin up fella! You won The Rumbelows Cup back in 1991!
  3. Last person who said that to me was Callum Best! Look what happened to him!
  4. Matty Done, only been used as sub this season (like yesterday), he always seems to make an impact though. I thought that we won the game on the flanks in the first half with Done and Adams along with Wiseman and Widdowson(our two full backs) running riot.
  5. Southampton at home next Saturday - a promotion clash against the biggest club in the division, so no we don't have long to wait.
  6. We'll be playing the BIFFO's in the final! Big Ignorant Fookers From Oldham!
  7. Yeah they turned me down in the role as a bully! Hope you'll cheer us on against Huddersfield in the playoffs!?!
  8. I posted on here yesterday and gave your fans advice on enjoying your visit to Spotland. The first half was sooooo one sided and even though we're a small club I'm glad that some of you can see that! The four chances I'm talking about are the two we scored, the one when Done missed a tap in in the six yard box and when 'Super' Chris O'Grady hit the post in the dying moments of the first half! I am giving the BIG UN slightly but why not, you would, take it as a compliment!
  9. Been told after the game today by the landlord of the church inn (where most of your fans were before the game) that their behavior was excellent, however what I saw during the second half was really poor with regards to ripping advertising boards off and throwing them towards the pitch (I believe a youngster was left with a cut face due to this!). As for the game, the first half we murdered you and despite your position as being a much bigger club that us you can't dispute that! 4-0 would have been a fair HT scoreline! Good luck for the rest of the season, who knows if United carry on the way they are you might end up playing them next season!
  10. Titmuss and Loos are the real ones you want to be stranded in paradise with! On the ITV2 'Love Island Un-Covered' show you'd could hear a quiet ruffle going on as those two were snogging for the cameras! That ruffle was me under the Mango Tree!
  11. I'd had a few that day and called his Dad a 'wee wee Head'. Good friends now me, Callum and Fran Cosgrove9he had to seperate us!), we get along really well and share alot of things, take Miss Ellison for instance..........
  12. It was a nice little stop gap job that 'Daz Advert', I've bettered myself since leaving those w*****s at Hollyoaks, I've been in two (yes that's right TWO!) series of 'Celebrity Love Island' and now I'm appearing at Rochdale's Gracie Fields Theatre (that's why I'm following Dale at the moment) as 'Porkpie' in 'Desmond's - The Musical', there's one or two tickets still available for tomorrow's night's show if any of you Owls fancy staying after the game???
  13. Thanks for calling us 'Lancastrians', Tranmere fans were calling us 'Mancs' the other week! I'd never been so offended in my life before! Not even when Hollyoaks sacked me for claiming my acting was 'wooden and predictable'!!!
  14. Only trying to help you! Enjoy your visit to Spotland!
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