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  1. Unfinished Business was said at the time , and its relevant today
  2. Yep from Wales but still make the trek , and still pussed off with not understanding him. The trouble is as I see it , there are too many apologists for mediocre if not downright crapp football. Get your head out of your arsess and see whats in front of you . Oh and in case you wanted to ask ,very proud of Wales and what comes out of it even if its lamb
  3. Lets be fair how can the players actually understand Jos, I been to Holland a few times and the Dutch people speak very very good English. I cannot understand most of what he says , can he really give a bollackking at half time that the players actually understand, I suggest not .
  4. As we are , a poor season at the bottom, changes will be made and then possibly half way up the table
  5. I was and am trying to look forward , but whether he stays short term or long term , how long does Jos really have , seriously what do Owls fans think. We all have opinions , I have my own , I aint no Blade or anything like that , but have been an Owl since 1966 and will be there , next week against Hull , dont abuse cos its not worth it How Long does he have SWO
  6. I would like to see Big Ron given a chance - Unfinished Business , aided and abetted by Roland Nilsson , helped by Johnny Harkes
  7. I have always liked Carlton , was in my eyes , one of our better midfielders from a now bygone era, I see myself liking Bannan from the first time i seen him in a Wednesday shirt. No matter about the critics on here he is Mr Wednesday at the moment and the way hes going he could replace Carlton as my fav Midfielder for the Owls
  8. hi Simon , Come out of the station , turn right , and just follow that road, will take 20 minutes
  9. Cardiff 6.00am , then Ace cafe on The North Circular road for brekkie at 8.30ish , then Wembley by 9.30am
  10. Just to add to any other threads , myself and sons tickets came this morning, ordered on Saturday morning and arrived Tuesday morning, Come on you Blue and White wizards , UTO , I simply cannot wait SWO
  11. Probably have to run the gauntlet of the services on the way up, but will be good to see them with smiley faces on the way up and really sad ones coming back , Up The Owls
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