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  1. Haven't we had some right Pumpkins in the first team over the years.
  2. Sadly,No Long Term Future at S6 tbh. Should have been released.
  3. slightly going off the Alloment here : Former England Test Captain Joe Beetroot.
  4. Just heard that our substitute has had to come off the pitch due to a slow puncture.
  5. I don't think he's was that bad tbh.
  6. Sorted my Holiday Wear out for our fortnight at Skeggy.
  7. Didn't Watch the Euros Last Year tbh and it be the same for the World Cup as well. Only one thing matters to me in 2022/23 and that's SWFC, not the Corrupt Sh**feast that is being staged in Qatar.
  8. i see that Owlerton Ghost is ready for his Hols Then.
  9. i heard that she'd used to player for Luton Town in the early 80's as Clive.
  10. Steve Firestone the ex Forest and England Footballer.
  11. Antonio Continental or the Scottish Actor ' Tom ' .
  12. Forest Green making a last minute substitution.
  13. My missus says that we should go for a ' 165 65 r13 ' Formation
  14. Personally, This Tread sorry Thread is looking a bit worn and is well below the minimum Thread Depth.
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