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  1. tbh, Rotherham are going to be in for a very hard 2022/23 now.
  2. No Matter. Just sit back and enjoy the Meltdown that's on MillersMad.
  3. Notice that ' Paul the Miller ' is keeping quiet over this, but there again, There's no F/H at the moment.
  4. we already know that. You've still got a Semi on not full auto.
  5. i can just hear the Squeals of Discontent at the Sty right now and the Snoutfists are already flying.
  6. That's perfectly true in this day and age.Question for you , When was the last SWFC Testimonial match played? its got a good few years now.
  7. In this day and age of players showing very little if any loyality to their clubs given the obscene amounts of money that they earn, Liam Palmer derserves evey plaudit for not chasing the money elsewhere and also getting on with his job with out too much fuss.If we'd still had them now, I think would be a case for Liam Palmer to get a well earned Testimonial and use the money raised to donate to his choosen charity. Well Done Liam for being such a credit to yourself and SWFC.
  8. Not at all.Just Seen a clip of the 1988 FA CUP 3rd Round, 3rd Replay against Everton that was posted on another thread, and that chance he had in the first minutes of the game was a lot more difficult than first thought and at the time, was absolutely frustrated that he couldn't keep his shot down and get it on target.Also was at the Man Utd game at Old Trafford when he'd got the equaliser.But overall, Colin West wasn't a bad player but he wasn't a great player either.
  9. the only thing that she's fit for is the Knackers Yard At Wooley Bros on Holbrook Ind Est.
  10. Only had my tea a couple of hours ago, and i've just started throwning up my Pulled Pork when i saw that.
  11. That reminds me, we're having pulled Pork for tea shortly.
  12. New Badge of Honour for the Porcine Scrubbers.
  13. Who needs to levitate when you have the latest state of the art transport.
  14. Was at that game in 1983 and what great support we had there that day. Over 10,000 supporters made the short trip to 'Maine Road '
  15. See what you mean there because looking at it another way, it just shows how the EPL has such a grip on the EFL and they cannot do a thing about.it
  16. The moment that a EPL U21/23 Side starts winning the Papa Johns Trophy on a regular basis, Then it is time for the EFL to scrap the whole thing altogether.
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