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  1. It was a great goal and in no way were they biased. The bbc team annoyed me slightly though when we went 2-1 up and they then spent 3+ minutes talking about what a good squad villa had and if it would put pressure on Bruce. The word Wednesday didn’t even get mentioned other than to say we scored.
  2. I'll go as far as saying that I think Palmer is a solid defensive full back that isn't great going forward. I'll say that he is better defensively than Hunt was but lacked going forward. So when he was asked to play wing back, a key position going forward that needs that attacking play and crossing he was exposed. In this system, he fits in fine and will be a solid 7 or 8 player.
  3. The thing that makes this work, ironically is the outside centre backs (Venancio and Pudil/Thorniley) can both play fullback too. So when one wingback goes forward the other can drop in to make a back 4 with the outer centre back covering the space the wingback left. in this system you want your wingback to be comfortable going forward and competent defensively but the key traits are the crossing ability and work rate. Reach has both those in spades. He is by far the most natural we have for the role on that side.
  4. CC’s record P23 W6 D9 L8 F27 A29 PTS 27 Home 4-5-3-18-15-17 Away 2-4-5-9-14-10 Jos’ games P20 W7 D6 L7 F29 A26 PTS 27 Home - 4-2-4-19-13-14 Away - 3-4-3-10-13-13 Jos’ 1st 10 Games P10 W1 D4 L5 F8 A16 PTS 7 Home 1-1-3-6-9 Away 0-3-2-2-7-3 Last 10 (return of bannan and lees) P10 W6 D2 L2 F21 A10 PTS 20 Home 3-1-1-13-4-10 Away 3-1-1-8-6-10
  5. I think the fear is that he needed quite significant surgery after the first injury, we brought him back quite quickly due to the injury issues and he was injured again so quickly after that return. How many times have people seen player's careers go off the rails because of persistent serious injury?
  6. Very good :) foxes v terriers is the other. the underdog cup winners game as well ensures that a team in league one or lower will reach the last 8, romance of the cup and all... the pigs game is a rematch of the “battle or bramall Lane” where they got the game abandoned intentionally with less than 7 players left on the pitch.
  7. In terms of stories the best draw would be: Owls v Swansea Pigs v WBA Man Utd v Man City Coventry v Wigan Brighton v Southampton Leicester v Birmingham/ Hudds Spurs/Newport v Chelsea Millwall/Rochdale v Hull bonus if you can figure the stories and why the last one was put together
  8. Anyone else find it ominous that Leeds haven't conceded a goal in those last 5 games?
  9. You really think that was the assistant's instruction? CC will have sent them out with it ringing in their ears
  10. What are we going to loose? Shoelaces? Arrows? Belts? If we play like today we won't lose against the piggies
  11. When you see things like this, it reminds you how negative a lot of people are. The key is to get as close to 30 points as possible out of each 15 game break down to be around 90 going into the last game. if we'd have lost today people would have been all over the idea that we would have been 2 points off the relegation zone and only won once. Those same people will now never look at this situation as we are 1 point off the playoffs and only lost once (to a penalty) whilst only having one fit CB. The season isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. Judge the race at key split markers such as 15 and 30 games.
  12. I knew someone would put this. Do you not think he was in regular contact with the bench? If anything being in the stands today gave him a better view than normal.
  13. We are now at the point where he has little excuse. He has the squad he wanted and is playing a formation that works for the players that we have. When Lee is fit he pulls the strings and does FF's job better than FF. Up until this point this season he has been overly defensive to cover up the shortfalls in CB but now the 2 young lads are in then he can go for it more and it showed today. People calling for him to go before he got the transfer business done were jumping in too quick for me. I'd look after 15 games and if we didn't have at least 22 points then I'd ask questions. 30 points after 15 games is top 2 form.
  14. For gods' sake. It's 1-1 and we've had the better of the game. At least wait until we've fell behind to start moaning...
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