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  1. Current Form Table

    Anyone else find it ominous that Leeds haven't conceded a goal in those last 5 games?
  2. Carlos Out...?

    You really think that was the assistant's instruction? CC will have sent them out with it ringing in their ears
  3. How the mood changes

    What are we going to loose? Shoelaces? Arrows? Belts? If we play like today we won't lose against the piggies
  4. When you see things like this, it reminds you how negative a lot of people are. The key is to get as close to 30 points as possible out of each 15 game break down to be around 90 going into the last game. if we'd have lost today people would have been all over the idea that we would have been 2 points off the relegation zone and only won once. Those same people will now never look at this situation as we are 1 point off the playoffs and only lost once (to a penalty) whilst only having one fit CB. The season isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. Judge the race at key split markers such as 15 and 30 games.
  5. Carlos Out...?

    I knew someone would put this. Do you not think he was in regular contact with the bench? If anything being in the stands today gave him a better view than normal.
  6. Carlos Out...?

    We are now at the point where he has little excuse. He has the squad he wanted and is playing a formation that works for the players that we have. When Lee is fit he pulls the strings and does FF's job better than FF. Up until this point this season he has been overly defensive to cover up the shortfalls in CB but now the 2 young lads are in then he can go for it more and it showed today. People calling for him to go before he got the transfer business done were jumping in too quick for me. I'd look after 15 games and if we didn't have at least 22 points then I'd ask questions. 30 points after 15 games is top 2 form.
  7. Must have slipped me by :)
  8. For gods' sake. It's 1-1 and we've had the better of the game. At least wait until we've fell behind to start moaning...
  9. I'd be amazed if it was given that he isn't on the bench...
  10. Rhodes must be sat on the bench swearing seeing all these crosses coming in and wondering where they were when he was playing. This is what he feeds off.
  11. I love this site sometimes. News article saying they are new signings, don't expect them to be perfect straight away and will take time to settle in (aka common sense) and some on here immediately take it to mean that he has no intention on playing them until March or if we lose every other centre back. It's astounding at times, it really is.
  12. I think it will be something like this... ....................Westwood................... .Hunt.....Lees........Van Aken...Reach. ......................,,Jones...................... ..........Bannan............Butters........... .........................Lee.......................... ............Hooper..........Fletcher........... Subs: Wildsmith, Pudil, Venacio, Hutch, Boyd, Rhodes, Nuhiu
  13. What's Happened

    There is a distinct difference between those who raise concerns in a practical manner and voice their opinion in a way it should be heard. Those of us who went through the dark times of DA and the court cases know all too well the reason for complaining in an appropriate manner. Many fans though don't remember that time and so after some moderate success over the past couple of years the issues are suddenly that we don't have millions to spend where others seem to throw it around like confetti, our kit isn't to everyone's liking and has met ridiculous delays and we have got off to a slow start AGAIN. Yes, our commercial side is a laughing stock right now. The only club in the league unable to sell new kits to their fans and didn't even make the deadline for the biggest milestone in the clubs history. Yes, we haven't spent the same as other teams in the division, but did we NEED to? Our squad has been strong before and I think CC has exactly what he wanted in terms of additions and he will now just pret key players (Hutch and Lee) get and stay fit. We have had a slow start again, but we haven't had our best lineup yet and I think CC overcompensated for the lack of a CB by making the team more defensive then it needed. Is all this needing the levels of calling for the managers head and questioning the integrity and ambition of the chairman? IMO, no. At least not yet. But then I still see how far we've come, see the vision of what he's trying to do but has to sort out off the field as a priority now. I just think at times it's easier for some to jump on bandwagons that will make a lot of noise and be a vocal minority than have patience with a plan. But maybe that's the wisdom of age and experience of the crap that preceded it all.
  14. No pace

    But this is where I expect to start seeing Joao on the bench more often now that Winnall is out on loan. I actually think that this has been the plan since day one but now we actually have the players to make this work. If Bannan and Butters can hit it off in the middle of a diamond then they will tear teams apart with their passing.
  15. No pace

    Repost from squad thread because it needs to be said again... Pace on individuals is not the be all and end all that everyone goes on about. The problem we have had at times is that we haven't moved the ball or switched the play quick enough to pull players out of position. Butterfield and the two new CBs sort this issue somewhat. you don't need individual pace when the ball is moving quickly and accurately and positioning is good. We needed a change of pace but that doesn't always come from an individual runner, it can come from a quick increase in passing speed.