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  1. Thrown name in on another thread. Unpopular player Lee Bowyer but looks like he’s going to be a good manager. Uneasy relationship with Charlton chairman and think he only signed a one-year deal. Might jump ship and could be what we need.
  2. We need to make a permanent appointment. Terrible sense of drift at the moment. Not many top class managers out there who are available / would come. I know he was a horrible player but Bowyer’s doing one hell of a job at Charlton. I was delighted when we appointed Bruce because we needed someone to steady the ship. Feels a bit now like we should roll the dice - if it doesn’t quite work out, I don’t think we’ll go down, but if it does maybe team could achieve something greater than the sum of its parts.
  3. Realistically, I'd be happy with Monk, Cook or Rowett. Slightly uninspiring choices but in the circumstances there's something to be said for a safe pair of hands. At different times, all have shown that they can work on a budget and have won more games than they've lost and know the league. Stendel, Cowley or GvB would be more of a risk but if we're going to roll the dice a bit more then one of them might surprise everyone and take us to the next level. I'd like us to steel clear of Holloway, Coleman and Karanka.
  4. Reading are looking at Liam Moore from Leicester apparently. His career's stalled a bit after a promising start. Probably not the first choice we're looking for, but could be a savvy signing.
  5. Still scarred by last time we signed an ageing Dutch midfielder. Hopefully this guy can make up for Wim.
  6. But surely they're just getting linked with all those players because of Lennon's Celtic connections - seems like lazy journalism.
  7. I think Chansiri targeting promotion in two years led to inflated expectations. Everyone knew for this to be realistic, it was going to require a significant and well-spent outlay. It doesn't appear this is going to come. I don't think you can compare the model we're using to Watford. The Pozzo network of clubs gives Watford access to players they wouldn't otherwise be able to obtain. As said for playoffs/promotion to be possible, and for us to catch up, it was going to require funding and a really well-thought out transfer strategy. I can't see particular evidence of either but that may come. I have more concern at the moment, not about catching up with the others, as this seems a distant hope, but more consolidating last year's finishing position and keeping ahead of the rest. Reason is, Gray and Mandaric were two of our greatest assets, with know-how of the league. Whatever Gray's failings he knew how to get results. And despite Mandaric tight control of the budget, he knew when to release funds for a loan signing to pick things up. A couple of more exciting signings and I'll have cause for optimism. Obviously, I can see why we seem to be looking at the foreign market. However, I would like Marshall or McGugan - a symbolic signing, even with a slightly inflated price, because of the goodwill it would bring and help to create a good/positive spirit around the club to start the season (something we haven't really had for a while). Overall, as long as the ship stays steady this season, I won't see any cause for complaint. It is hard to see, though, with Derby making the signings they have and Boro looking at the ilk of Downing, how we can have promotion aspirations in the forseeable future, unless we have a freak Burnley-like season.
  8. Paterson was doing really well for Forest last year. Almost got into double figures. For a player of his age in first season at this level, that's brilliant. Hasn't been able to push on under Pearce, but finding yourself behind Burke and Antonio (particularly in current form) is nothing to be ashamed of. I, too, get a bit frustrated by pessimism on here about any potential signings. Unrealistic to think you're going to get a player playing at peak of performance on loan. Teams are never going to let such players go. Best you can hope for is a player with talent, who's suffering a dip or not playing, and hope that games and change of scenery cause him to pick up. Considering this, Paterson-type is best we can hope for, seems to be, and even with him, be surprised if they let him go. Criticism of him reminds me that of Marshall when we were linked to him. Players go through peaks and troughs. Team in our position have to pick players up from the trough and build them up again. Look at Lees.
  9. Ibe was in Liverpool's matchday squad at the weekend, and it'd be very surprising if Suso went from playing in Spain's top division last season on loan, to dropping down to England's second division the season after; when these clubs want their youngsters to be continuously progressing. And I presume neither of those will be loaned out until Markovic and Lallana are fit. In terms of Ake and Feruz, they could probably take their pick of Championship clubs to join, and I presume Chelsea are weighing up their options, as foreign loan moves could be on the cards for both, so I don't see any reason to think we could force moves for any of these, when their clubs are in no rush. We've got a lame duck owner. I don't think there are even any pennies to pinch, so i don't think it's penny pinching - just the reality of the situation. No doubt when the takevoer definitively falls through, Mandaric will put a small amount of cash in to protect his investment. But I don't agree with the idea with the right 3 players we've got a top 6 squad. If it happened, we might just not have a bottom 6 squad.
  10. Never knew before looking at his Wiki just now that his youth career was spent with Man U and Crewe, before going to Stoke - pretty good footballing education that.
  11. I don't think being moved on by Leicester was only related to his performances, but Pearson favouring more energetic/dynamic wingers. And few Blackburn fans I know, and a glimpse at their forum, seemed to suggest that they were largely happy with what he'd been doing there. So I don't think it's right to suggest Championship is a level above him. Presume a season long loan, with loan fee to satisfy Blackburn, would suit us best, but likely Blackburn are looking for a permanent, if they need to move someone on for sake of their budget.
  12. Couple of Sky Sports articles where Blackburn manager has said that he wants to re-enter transfer market but FFP stopping him doing so. Article just now says defensive reinforcements a priority and hopes from meeting w/ owners will be able to address this. But figures are figures, so surely if wants permanent signing, only thing they can do is sanction a sale. So never know, Marshall might be sacrificed, as they've got a few options on the wing.
  13. Wasn't N'tep the one that QPR wanted last season but couldn't get, went on to move to Rennes (a midtable Ligue 1 side) and is seen as the one of the best prospects in France. Doesn't seem realistic.
  14. Not sure why people want Holloway. Living off past glories. End of his reign at Blackpool was a debacle, with players saying they were hardly training and Holloway had given up. Only just got Palace across the line and win % there was pretty unimpressive. Crawled over the line in large part to his inheritance of Murray and Zaha. Then adopted a complete scatter gun approach to transfers in the summer, disassembling a promoted squad and replacing them with players barely better and therefore destroying any team spirit. Who does that remind us of? By the end of his time at Palace, looked forlorn and bit of a broken man. Said he needed a break and really looked like he needed it. We need someone who can boost the spirits of a whole club, not just maintain their own spirit. Holloway doesn't seem capable of either at present. Holloway of two years ago would have been the right man. Not sure the Holloway of now is quite the same man or manager.
  15. No, i don't have an encyclopaedic knowledge of OT but the same uckers moan about anything that can be moaned about. So they will have moaned about this, like they moaned about that.
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