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  1. Anyone else a member who sits on the kop? How much have you paid for an adult ticket? Thought it was £23 but it saying it £21
  2. Thanks everyone hopefully we will all receive something soon
  3. Anyone bought a membership this season and received anything through the post? I'm not sure if you do get anything but I paid delivery for it so I thought I would of especially the one for my 5 year old Cheers
  4. I'm tempted to go. I think every competition we are in we should try and win. Winning just gives us more confidence and at end of the day if we get to wembley we will easily take 30 to 40k who wouldnt want to be part of that
  5. I had same issue for getting my lad one. I had to create an account for him then add him to my relationship thing on my personal details then you can assign him a membership
  6. I dont go to all the home games but i thought we missed them today i just dont like it wen they play stupid songs like the wallace & grommet theme tune. Where wo they anyway?
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