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  1. Craig Shakespeare

    It would shock & horrify me. Hate the sort of thing that appeared to have happened to ranieri
  2. This thread doesn't half sum up Wednesdays fanbase, some of us appreciate intricate passing football, some of us just want us to hoof it, getting the ball up quickly and picking up the scraps. One thing is for sure, we can't have it both ways and whoever is in charge there is going to be a large proportion that are disillusioned.
  3. He is synonymous with the type of football most on here seem to want (not a criticism btw) with regards getting (hoofing) the ball down the channels quickly & either crossing or out running the back 4; rather than a patient passing game. Since our current 'purist' style of football hasn't worked great this last two years, why not?
  4. Something isn't right

    I've backed Carlos despite his inability to break down predominantly defensive teams but now's the time for a change, pure & simple. With a few weeks until January it would give the new bloke time to assess & plan.
  5. Best performance under Carlos?

    I touched on this in another thread. It doesn't work when teams stick 11 men behind the ball. The options at cc's disposal in these circumstances are 1. Play possession football and patiently wait for an opening...result Carlos gets lambasted because of the sideways passing. 2. Sit deeper, invite the opposition out, to create space behind...result, Carlos gets grief for playing negative tactics. We all need to chill out, be patient, and support the team in a positive manner.
  6. yes I have as a matter of fact, at Birmingham we passed the ball about beautifully, maintained something like 70% possession, ran them ragged at times but we couldn't break down a team that kept 11 players behind the ball for most of the game. The only way we could have manipulated that situation would have been to sit deep and invite them to come forward which would have resulted in you lot winging like old ladies.
  7. Always being the right word. I can't remember a game he reffed for us when he didn't make some sort of really bad decision to our detriment.
  8. After That Press Conference..

    That's strange, it strikes me most of the owlstalk community, get their opinions from Giddings.
  9. Carlos Press Conference LIVE NOW

    I honestly see both sides to the argument but the fact is we had 60+% of the play and had a rare poor defensive performance. carlos can't really win in this respect. We sit back and invite pressure and we are solid or we go for it and concede goals. Maybe the amount of possession was a factor in the defensive performance or maybe the new defensive partnership have not had time to bond. Ok maybe Carlos can be blamed for not addressing our defensive weaknesses sooner but what if this was not possible. Frankly I'm willing to believe what was said in the conference and believe that the mistakes won't happen again. taking the positives out of the game, no one can say it wasn't entertaining, even if it was from the respect that both defences looked poor.
  10. I agree almost totally with the op. The main difference with world football then and the championship now is the amount of space available...ie the tight marking. Carlos has encompassed a similar system but with more discipline. My main reservation is one of fitness and this has proved justified at times. If you have one player (usually the fullback) who doesn't have the legs or the discipline to fall back into position after we have lost possession then it can lead to the back 4'and the dm player not having the confidence to maintain a high line and the link between the defence and the midfield breaking down...in this league... In the premier league I recon it would not be so critical because there is often more space.
  11. I couldn't ever envisage Mel refusing to take a penalty. The team could really use some of his desire and determination now.
  12. http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-owls-great-can-t-wait-for-150th-anniversary-dinner-1-8727257. I'm not surprised looking at the size of him. Seriously, it doesn't seem possible that we've all aged that much since Mel was marauding down our right hand side and clattering into wingers just for fun. Class player Imo and never shirked responsibility.
  13. Probably testicles but....

    soz s36 just repeated your post..great minds etc
  14. don't be a tailface, for a start there are those clubs that HAVE got punished for breaking FFP rules (that planned to go up and avoid punishment, but failed).Secondly, I'm not suggesting anything of the sort, rather im merely mulling over the idea that dc has possibly found a way around said rules, without breaking any laws.
  15. i don't think would be fraud. Ffp is a set of rules designed to help prem clubs regain that status. it's not the letter of the law and a few clubs who have gone up having broken ffp have not been punished...lots of people donate money anonymously to all sorts of causes and as long as they aren't somehow stealing, there's no law against it. The rules might rule against this but we all know ffp rules have been broken by lots of clubs. No laws were broken in doing this though.