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  1. Understandable answer when you look at the premier league. I'm very happy that DC addressed the questions mentioned within this thread as I was starting to wonder/worry if some if some of the social media speculation was true.
  2. Sam Hutchinson

    Either way you can't knock the lad for wanting to play, nor the club for wanting to protect the player.
  3. Hull city's former manager...Turned us down so DC sent agent meir to 'get him'.
  4. Gary shelton (wonder what became). Very under rated. Him & meggo used to dominate some games when the opposition played three or even four man midfields against the two of em
  5. It won't work like that because of the way ffp is spread over a period. Income has to be consistent while the players contracts run down to counter the effects of the limits imposed by the loss AGAINST ffp; until the restriction has run down....however just because a club has reached ffp limits, doesn't necessarily mean it won't challenge during the lean years;though in our case i agree it is unlikely.
  6. Brian Laws

    I'm not slating Jos in the slightest. It would 'seem' the job has been all but impossible during the last few weeks. The fact is, Jos looks and sounds a beaten man & I have a strange feeling he will depart tonight. Brian would at the very least move the emphasis from defending for our lives (which it would seem we are incapable of) to attacking.
  7. I was going to post more or less exactly the same. The chairman has ploughed millions into the club and it seems has done as much as the rules allow to try to be successfull on the pitch. The only footballing decisions he has made that could possibly be considered for criticism is 1. Over spending (in an attempt to make us competitive) and 2. Not giving Gray a chance when he first took over. I suspect 'fan power' has had as much influence on recent events as the owners directive. It's been said many times, opinions are like arseholes.....
  8. The Carlos obsession continues

    Against us Swansea played exactly the same style that we played under Carlos. Forget the formation it was the same defensive style (that most of our fans eventually labelled as boring & negative) They really struggled to create anything in the first half and didn't commit many players forward even in the 2nd. We played this way during all 3 of Carlos seasons here. It's funny how it was only when giddings started slagging Carlos that the fans started calling for his head and citing the negative style as the main reason.
  9. Watching those goals, I was surprised by the sheer variety however a very high proportion of them involved the attacking team outnumbering or at least equalling the defence in numbers. We've rarely thrown numbers forward like this under either Carlos or Jos.
  10. Why didn't Gary Megson get the job?

    I'm a big fan but think he would immediately have been at loggerheads with dc over the lack of recruitment during Jan.
  11. Reach best player?

    To me he seems to have a 'confident' demeanour (which seems to win a lot of you over) but struggles to produce the right pass when in tight spaces. A steady player that will benefit from the inclusion of more creative players but he isn't the superstar that he has occasionally been credited to be.
  12. strange, i thought jones and vanacio were the two to come out of the game with some credit. Jones not only did his defensive work well, he kept up with play for most of the game and didn't seem to misplace many passes.
  13. Rhodes

    I'm not one for slagging any player but he isn't making the runs in behind that have produced lots of goals for him in the past. Maybe its confidence or maybe instruction but there's no point in playing balls into no one! For what its worth Joao was not much better, preferring to play in front of their defence...if this was the game plan, I'm not impressed.
  14. If true, its total and utter disrespect for the fans who paid their entrance fees, when the clubs owner was engineering a season of failure right from the first kick of the season.