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  1. Dont worry about it Inspector but remember (just for your own sanity) that most of the posters on here are 12 years old.
  2. I think penalties cheapen the whole business. I remember all those replays against everton years ago. Ok the final outcome was dissapointing but the 'journey' was immense.
  3. Or the most expensive price depending upon how desperate palace are to farm him out and how 'needy' we are.
  4. If it teaches some of the fanbase a lesson in economics then it will almost be worth it in the long term. Sadly this doesn't seem to be the case.
  5. You have to be a bit careful about muscle development in terms of gym work because it can and does serve to slow the body down. I know the modern technique with boxers is endurance training rather than weight training, precisely for this reason.. Presumably someone small would rely heavily on turn of pace and isn't going to outmuscle someone in the nuihu mould regardless of how strong they are (remembers the cyril regis/gordon strachan anecdote).
  6. I can't remember who suggested it but how the hell can the teams defensive midfield player be 'out of position'?? Its the least technically demanding position on the field. Basically you just follow the ball around (to any opposition player who has it) in front of the back 4. As such, it is also probably the most physically demanding position (you are chasing something around that usually moves much faster than you do). From what ive seen joey does this just fine.. He doesn't make long forward passes but equally he doesn't overcomplicate the job and get caught 40 yards too far forward. If anything his decision making is better than hutch with regards to giving away needless free kicks / professional fouls or diving in when it isn't necessary.
  7. I really do wonder if the club has tried to address the problem (whatever it is???). The thing for me is that during preseason he looked powerful, pacey and a real threat. Later on and we have the forrest game.. Something worked/clicked for him so obviousely he CAN still do it. If its psychological, have we employed a psychologist? If he is just unhappy or doesn't fit in, have the other players been instructed to make an effort to integrate him. Is it just laziness? If so does he need his arse kicking (leaving him out obviousely doesn't work). Is he just a coward? Strange question i know but these players do exist (it is well publicised by opp players that if you clattered chris woods, he tended not to go near them). Im not normally one to slag the club at every opportunity but in this instance I do wonder if everything has been done in an attempt to address the problem. Assuming it has there is only one solution left.
  8. Speeking from experience, a bad attitude amongst work collegues is something that is infectious.. You can clear three staff members out but by that time its too late, the rest have 'caught it' and it is inevitable that the three new replacements will also soon be infected. Usually the carriers of such infections are the staff members who have the most influence, the ones that young members of staff are drawn to and the ones who consider themselves irreplacable.
  9. Ivan tony and/or the lad at rotherham (not vassel, the other one) both look to me like they could play (and more importantly score goals) at a much higher level.
  10. I actually think travis should maybe have seen a yellow for the lunge. Theres no way that wasnt a potential ankle breaking tackle.. The thing in his favour is that he bent his knee in an attempt to avoid this (he realised himself) but imo the theatrics were more to avoid a booking himself then to get luongo sent off.
  11. You are correct, because the right leg is over the left thigh, those studs can't be anything other than UP unless the player is super human. The knee bends forward to back.... Not left to right.
  12. There will at some point and i reckon it will be some time after next season.. Half the teams under embargo/charged/points deducted, the other half rolling in PL wonga.
  13. I agree with most of what has been said but this sums it up.. We would have been in the premier league a long time ago if gary had still been here.. I have no doubt at all that megson was our version of wilder.
  14. Both teams have struggled with the physical side of the championship (not what i expected from stoke) .. And therin lays one of the risks of bringing in big money signings from the premier league. Oddly i don't think weve played much better than stoke we just seem more physically cabable of grinding out results.
  15. The other half will have points deductions or pending action. Seriousely though, this hasnt given stoke or huddersfield any major advantage.
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