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  1. Exactly, the owner couldn't strip assets to get his money back. It would be a simple investment and as with all basic investments, if the company looses money, theres no return. A bit like bankers, football club owners have for far too long had it both ways. Make bad decisions, run the club badly, no growth but a big payout at the end of it. You could compare the two to a sole trader verses a limited company. A sole trader has to make the right decisions he is solely responsible for any debt his company incurs and has to be approved for any loans in the first place. A limited company can ride roughshod over any creditors and the directors can leave that company in a right old mess but still come up smelling of roses. Someone else said that no one would invest in football clubs. I don't believe this would be the case because if you ran the club properly, developed players and sold them at a profit, each player sold would represent a profit for the owner/investor.. Promotion would create a profit and it would be a clear profit for the investor because all wages and transfers would already be covered (not still owed). This would undoubtedly deter a certain type of investor who wanted to gamble with the club and its assets at no risk to himself but personally i only see this as a positive.
  2. It would be relatively easy to implement via a simple bank account wherby the money would be put in when players are purchased, that cannot be touched except for wages, the initial transfer fee and any taxation on these. You sort of made my point when you said 'when that money had not been generated yet'. Thats the major problem. Club owners are spending money that they haven't got. My system would require them to have the money before completing the initial transaction. Now you may wonder why anyone would invest money for no return? The simple answer is that they would get a return if the club made a profit because incoming revenue would be going into a seperate account that owners could either collect on or reinvest if they wanted. This would stop all clubs from getting into debt in the usual way and stop clubs from owing owners tens of millions of pounds. The only way an owner could collect early would be to sell the clubs players but the money for the initially contracted wages would still be in 'storage' and effectively still an asset of the football club instead of an asset that could be collected by the owner as a means of cutting his losses. This system would make owners think twice about taking risks of any sort, for instance if he/she set ticket prices so high that fans stopped going, he would be reducing the return on his investment. If he spends too much on players and isn't successful he is never going to get his money back. In short it puts the risk at the club owners door rather than the fans, the banks and as you said the inland revenue (the uk taxpayers).
  3. As i said, the efl should ensure owners didnt rip clubs off (you selectively missed that off) What I mean by this is by preventing them from loaning clubs money at a disproportionate interest rate or even just by spending money the club doesn't have.. If all owners were made to put the money aside for transfers and the wages of players for the full length of their contracts; there wouldnt be a problem with any club over spending. There is absolutely no evidence that ffp will stop clubs from getting into financial difficulties... Take bury for example. Why set the maximum spending at £39m over 3 years? Ill tell you why, because it gives the former premier league club a far better chance of rejoining the premier league! If a club doesn't turnover that amount it might just as well be £80 or £350m but no it remains £39 which I would suggest is a pittance compared to the revenue recieved through parachute payments. My suggestion ensures that whilst owners might, the clubs themselves wouldnt go into administration. All ffp does is penalise clubs whos owners are willing to invest and maintain the status quo in the top division.
  4. If you think its incompetence, weve done no different to villa, wolves, derby etc. As for getting what we deserve i suggest if we do get points deducted we will be getting what no club deserves.. Aside from making sure owners don't rip club members off, the EFL should keep their noses out of internal financial affairs.
  5. Can't help but think that this will come back to bite them on the arse, one way or another.. Look at it this way, they find themselves at the bottom of the league, needing urgent investment (in terms of playing staff) but they are close to ffp limits.. What do they do then after sticking it to us about selling our assets???? It could easily end up in a downward spiral, from which they might not recover.
  6. This is the sort of thing i was talking about.. We actually don't know that this has happened but you would really have to be fxckxng stupid to do this if you were the manager of any business.
  7. Monk looks a beaten man. His general demeanor WILL have been apparent to the players and it WILL filter onto the pitch (it seems to have done already). There simply is no coming back from this. Im afraid it is all of Monks own doing. The public statement that players needed to go was unprofesional but more to the point it was suicide (no matter how true or otherwise). If one thing has become evident in the last few weeks (and several of us saw it before monks appointment), its that monk cannot deal effectively with the political side of management. He cannot cope with charecterful players and he certainly doesn't have the nous to say the right things at the right time, nor to keep his mouth shut when such action is appropriate. Within these limitations, monk has not only lost the dressing room he has also lost the stadium and the press box.
  8. https://www.footballfancast.com/championship/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-gary-megson-comments-true-garry-monk-owls-latest I could watch the 2 part interview over and over again. It was interesting what he said about the bolton budget in part 2.
  9. At this moment id give the job to mick mcarthy, for a whole range of reasons. I wouldn't wait till the next game even.
  10. All have owlstalk accounts under usernames revowl, zicosterland2, Lord snooty, A12, Hitcat, sallycinamon and Mr Farrell.. That last one is just a guess. The rest of em are nailed on.
  11. Its difficult to predict wjat team will turn out. We seem to have signed players who can pass quickly and take on defenders but then we lump it up. It almost makes forestieri, de cruz, bannan, lee and reach redundant and it would seemingly make hutch and nuihu our most important players. It all seems very strange. I do think we got de cruz mainly to play centrally as we already had 3 reasonable options out wide but that in its self is weird because if you are going to play 3 up front that have a free licence you cannot also play wingers. If got 2 theories. The first is that monk plans to play wingbacks. The 2nd theory is that monk has no particular plan at all.
  12. Agree 100% with your point...if it were possible.. Unfortunately we need to get our spending back below ffp regs and top managers demand big budgets. We simply won't be able to do this unless the spending regulations change in our favour. Indeed the only teams able to do this are those with parachute payments. Our best and only hope (under the current rules) is that we find a tallented manager on his way up who can produce the goods with a limited budget. Without being unduly negative, such managers are rarities.
  13. It was obvious when (and long before) the giant monkfest was going on, on here; that monk was not the 'perfect' candidate in terms of man management. The man can barely string two words together. Ok that might not be considered essential to some but all the great football managers in my lifetime have had the linguistic ability to assert themselves.
  14. The are subtle signs that monk has lost the dressing room.. Theres two solutions and personally im not sure which one is best..... I think id clear the lot out and start from scratch.. coaching staff and players (as far as contracts allow).
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