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  1. Anlaby Owl

    FFP and all that.

    This is almost bang on...almost. Players who are surplus to the clubs financial situation should have their contracts taken over by the f.a. And then be farmed out/sold on to recoup some of the losses. This would prevent any club from gaining an unfair advantage from the failure of relegation by being given millions to risk at the roulette wheel.
  2. Chris Morris has to be close if not in the list. I felt quite sorry for him at the time as I'd never seen a crowd get on a players back so much but the truth is he let the side down, costing us results; game after game.
  3. Anlaby Owl

    Clare rejected us??

    over inflated egos nearly always result in deflation at some point.
  4. Anlaby Owl


    I quite like the current shirt. When you look at out history as a whole we have probably spent more time out of stripes than in them. If anything the current shirt is more/as traditional.
  5. Anlaby Owl


    We knew this was going to be the case when Jos came here though..I'm not defending this style of play (as i said i find it dull) but i do think with a pre season and his own players, Jos MIGHT make us more competitive. i said in another thread that i didn't feel jos trusts our defenders to be combative enough to play as a back 4. I think last night more or less proved the point that we are STILL lacking in defensive positions.
  6. Anlaby Owl


    Fully in agreement. Also i find the style of play utterly boring. However, last night he clearly tried something different, it didn't come off. We used to slaughter Carlos for NOT making changes..Rome wasn't built in a day..
  7. damn, missed off alexanderson, thome & chamberlain.
  8. gk martin Hodge Chris turner Kevin pressman def zico sterland Nigel Worthington mick lyons Nigel Pearson Lawrie madden peter shirtliffe Paul warhurst Roland nelson Phil king mf john Sheridan Chris ,waddle Brian marwood Gary megson Gary shelton Carlton palmer forwards Trevor Francis Paulo dicanio Dalian Atkinson rip carl shutt
  9. As said by others, think with a full pre season, Jos might have some of the underperformers firing goals in. re wingbacks, expect jos to utilize/coach boyd in this position and I think he will be perfect for the role when he is fully aware of what's expected in this role. Agree we need at least one other wb
  10. Anlaby Owl


    bugger off Watson, she's mine.
  11. Anlaby Owl


    much better odds on foookin Rachel Riley than on us getting int playoffs.
  12. Anlaby Owl

    It's happening again!!

    its the closed season you dirty poaching chubsmuggler.
  13. Anlaby Owl

    Premiership Scouts

    He just needed someone to have confidence in him, and a team set up that stops the opponents doubling up on him. If he goes anywhere we will regret it.
  14. I remember being devastated that we had lost the game. unusually me & my dad were in the north stand and before the ball even left marwoods boot, everyone around me was already celebrating.
  15. Anlaby Owl

    Modern full backs

    A lot of teams are now playing with a similar system to ours, with three central defenders two wing backs and one or even two defensive midfield players. It reminds me a bit of the style of play adopted by the Italians during the eighties whereby teams compress (close all the space down) even when they have the ball. The roles of the wingbacks are first & foremost defensive because committing men forward makes the whole system break down, there by reducing the number of times teams take the risk. Even England do it now. I personally find it incredibly dull & slow.. It does tell me something though. Neither Carlos nor jos had/have the confidence in our central defenders to let them deal with opponents 1-2 on one.