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  1. Anlaby Owl


    found it and i apologise it does seem that the piece could be interpreted in two different ways. It was the term 'cajoled' that threw me as much as anything. The first time i re read this i still read it as if Oneil wanted Westwood to move but Now I'm not sure having heard your take on it. https://www.thesun.ie/sport/football/1027123/martin-oneill-wants-keiren-westwood-to-take-lead-from-wes-hoolohan-and-excel-late-in-career/
  2. Anlaby Owl


    sorry, don't even remember when I read it. Possibly even before jos was appointed That doesn't necessarily mean it isn't an issue though.
  3. Anlaby Owl


    The piece i read suggested he would only be considered undisputed no1 choice if he was playing his trade in the premiership... cajoling to do what exactly? Are you on crack?
  4. Anlaby Owl


    no i didn't. I get that people think he's been dropped so that we can sell an injury free player but after Jos rather dubious statement we really don't have a clue what's going on with him. It is just as likely some sort of disciplinary issue that the club don't want to admit to (perhaps lowering the players value). It's all very mysterious.
  5. Neither you nor I really know this with any certainty. Neither Huddersfield nor Cardiff looked like potential premier league teams. Both just kept maintaining positive results, often against the run of play. I thought cardiff in particular looked very ordinary for much of the season.
  6. Anlaby Owl


    not necessarily, it could be that jos doesn't want an unsettled side at the half way point (because Westwood has engineered a move). The reality is that none of us really know what's going on and the 'real' reason why our 'best' keeper isn't playing.
  7. Anlaby Owl


    To be fair, it isn't long since his international manager was quoted as pushing him towards a move. We really don't know what is going on but if i were jos, i wouldn't be too happy at this (assuming it is true)..
  8. Anlaby Owl

    His name is Atdhe...

    No im saying that not one person has used the name as an insult, so why be so sensitive as to take it that way. I've been called much worse in fun and have never once taken offence because i was aware of the context it was meant. Much worse things in life such as the pc brigade making life unnecessarily complicated/legislated/expensive.
  9. Anlaby Owl

    His name is Atdhe...

    He's a footballer ffs which let's not forget is a profession with working class roots. If the lads down the pit or the steel works got offended when someone gave them (what amounts to) an endearing nick name, most of them would end up getting a pretty hard time from their colleagues. Im a big fan but Atdhe needs to concentrate on his job and accept his lot. Personally i don't buy that he is that prissy anyway, its some of you on here that win that title. Let's leave the pc testicles to Fulham and Brighton fans.
  10. Anlaby Owl


    listened for the first time today. I was quite impressed. Commentator allowed pundit to have his say without interruption or directing the conversation. No political agendas from either, just honest commentary including the good, bad & ugly. In short much more 'balanced' than other commentaries ive listened to in the last couple of years. £5 fee was much better value than the licence fee Imo. I can see why dc has opted out, though i sympathise with those who it has inconvenienced.
  11. Doesn't always come off. Phil brown at hull, cloughy at Leeds, wilson here being just three out of lots of examples. But let's hope the players respond positively.
  12. Obviously directed at certain individuals in an attempt at asserting himself. This either goes one way or the other. Let's hope it works out for him.
  13. might be wrong but when I was told about hector, my source also said he can play in front of defence, though he is probably coming to play cb.
  14. Anlaby Owl

    there’s something about Jos....

    I'm warming to him after the other night..cautiously. I have no time for the tippy tappy stuff, pass out of defence in 58 moves; then back to the goalie. I find it dull. Possession football is ok but it must have some urgency and purpose to keep me entertained. The other night was the first time ive seen this for over 2 years.
  15. Anlaby Owl

    Your team for #SWFC vs Ipswich

    for me the main decision is pelupessy or hutch. Hutch seems to sit a bit deeper to me but pelupessy linked the back 4 with bannan and reach much better. It was more of a 4-1-3-2 than a 4-2-3-1 but joey seemed quicker than hutch to move up when we had the ball.