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  1. Yeah it is. Was going to buy my 4 month lad one yesterday will grow out of in a few weeks, should be 20 quid
  2. I've paid 32 quid today for South stand you plastic
  3. 10 quid to anyone who needs ticket for north a last min drop out
  4. Sure with 3 days solid for sales we can get this upto 30 k but it's all about how many tge away team bring aswell don't forget.
  5. Why can't you just order now if your online now just book tickets now
  6. Serious question if we boycot buying these shirts do our club lose out on money or will it just be sondico?
  7. Any evidence he's a Wednesday fan ? I bet they post this on blades mad too just begging it
  8. Get everyone you know to get a ticket as soon as possible
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