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  1. Probably 40% of those produced by myself. Thanks Hootie
  2. One positive for me is that I still have 50 half n half scarves leftover from last time
  3. I wish I'd not started this thread !!! My source was a Glasgow grafter who sells outside the grounds asking for a pitch on the proposed date. Prior to that , a few Chelsea mates told me they were up on the 30th for the Blue Alliance - Chelsea / Gers malarkey.
  4. Yep same ground as used for the Braga game in 2015. Home to the Immortals. Nice simple Stadium with bar facilities , it was free admission as well that night. From memory , there were SWFC flags all around the 4 sides of the ground that night.
  5. Yes I've heard the same as well - Thursday night
  6. 15 minute walk from main bars. Taxis are in plentiful supply and well priced.
  7. That night in Faro , although the most boring game I've ever seen. The open air bar / ale seller at the front of the stand was something that needs introducing over here. Absolute quality that.
  8. It were miles away !!!! I remember the hassle getting a taxi afterwards. Same night after in Faro , like a ghost town.
  9. James , do you know who else is out there this summer ? For obvious commercial reasons
  10. As that the ground where we played Braga in 2015, Very good turnout that night - 600+ from memory.
  11. Anyone see the copper get drenched at the portimonense game the other night ? Sprinkler turned on at full time. Classic.
  12. A good 150 Wednesday fans in attendance tonight. Great turnout for a Monday night.
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