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  1. Di Canio That tail shouldn't be even mentioned anywhere near a dream team In my opinion
  2. We might be close in the form table since Jos left... but in terms of levels we are levels below what’s needed if that match is anything to go by
  3. think this will be a landslide for westwood thumbs up for Lees also
  4. No sorry, they’ve been returned to the ticket office
  5. funny how people see things differently... I thought Hector had summoned his inner donkey tonight & fletcher was one the best players on the pitch until he went off
  6. as per title, 2 x Leeds Away Adult (£37) tickets available , upper tier
  7. Most would agree but Nobody else is fit to start really
  8. SURMISING | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/surmising surmising definition: 1. present participle of surmise 2. to guess something, without having much or any proof: . Learn more.
  9. Except none of them are used to playing in the same team as each other, on paper I totally agree it looks great, but I’m not sure we can just expect them to suddenly become a great team.
  10. I watched a similar game to the OP, Pelepessy did alright... nothing special or sparkling, but just alright. Some of the 4/10’s on the player ratings thread are just silly.
  11. It came off the full back, that’s why it goes straight across the area rather than curling back out
  12. Perfect? It took a deflection & bamboozled everyone
  13. He might not be mate, but Winnall can't play more than 45 mins just yet, he was cream crackered at the end.
  14. Nhuhi did well against derby, hopefully he carries it on tonight... we need it!!
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