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  1. As title... two young un’s have dropped out so there is a pair going for £10 if anybody wants them.
  2. Don't mind him in the middle away from home to play on the counter... but not at home.
  3. With a good pre season under his belt, he'll probably be alright for next season
  4. Good for them, I don’t think it does... but it doesn’t matter what I think. i admire the bravery on both parts though.
  5. Jury’s still out tbf... They were willing to take the risk, I wouldn’t & i’d rather my club didn’t. Personally I’d rather someone with experience like “Hughton” had taken the job, although I’m not sure how that fits with my “agenda”?
  6. Which is what? Enlighten me on my agenda? Does keeping a team in league two qualify as enough of a success to then take the reins of a team vying for a shot at the premier league? That’s the crux of my argument right there, I don’t think it does.
  7. If finishing 3rd bottom of the entire football league is success... fooook me, get him in the champions league
  8. Did you try entering the South stand from leppings lane? Think your coming from the other side, i'm talking about coming from burger king past lawbrothers rather walking all way down penistone road to south stand.
  9. They did from Hillsborough Corner, I walked in from Burger King side & didn't see anyone wearing owls shirts walking down. But why would you walk down if you can't get in that way?
  10. feel sorry for the shops on leppings lane that rely on the fans custom, the chinese, sandwich shop & programme/memorabilia shop will have been well down on takings today
  11. Just the crush & bottleneck onto penistone road leaving the south stand
  12. No mention of the south stand in that statement.
  13. So South stand & grandstand still able to use lepping lane? stone island = Penistone road river island = leppings lane
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