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  1. bigsheff

    What a wonderful sight..!!!!!!

    hopefully mate, just hope we see more of him
  2. bigsheff

    Alex Hunt

    Game passed him by, played it a bit too safe which you can understand, looked a bit better after we scored. certainly won’t have done him any harm.
  3. bigsheff

    What a wonderful sight..!!!!!!

    He just looks old. although he seemed to look faster almost immediately after being released from left back.
  4. bigsheff

    What a wonderful sight..!!!!!!

    Who’d have thought it... Penney a left back looking decent at left back rather than an awkward looking Boyd. Its about time Jos starts putting some round pegs in round holes in the league too
  5. bigsheff


    Hard to say which one is better than the other at the minute... Dawson hasn't made the sort of mistakes which Wildsmith did last year probably gives him the shirt at present
  6. Everybody got same numbers & letters
  7. Super Cup is on tonight, Real v Atletico. Might be that matches aren’t allowed to clash with that as a UEFA ruling.
  8. bigsheff

    Wingback Options

    Dave Jones wing back? It’d take him 90mins to get up & down the pitch once
  9. bigsheff

    Marco Matias

    Most players seem to improve when they are in the last year of a contract either by playing for a new deal or a move... hopefully we’ll see the best of him
  10. bigsheff

    Booing at half-time on the opening day.

    Having a pitch that can last a full season, a decent youth set up & a fancy score board is the bare minimum for me & not something to be lauded.
  11. bigsheff

    Booing at half-time on the opening day.

    Just about sums it up as far as i'm concerned.
  12. bigsheff

    Jos fall guy

    I don't think anyone blames him for where we find ourselves... But it's still his job to pick the best players in the right positions & generally get the best out of what we've got. One game down, lets hope for better next time out.
  13. bigsheff

    Season ticket monies?

    Chansiri is beginning to look like the Venky's mob who made a mess of Blackburn when they first took over.
  14. I'm sure loads of people can come up with plenty of sensible solutions but... I just want to throw tennis balls on the pitch like to do abroad