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  1. Part of arguably one of the most complete midfields ever with Keane, giggs & scholes and he wouldn’t get in the top 100?? Give over mate.
  2. hopefully we'll buy one, who can also take free kicks & corners as well because our delivery all season has been dreadful
  3. I’d rather they stayed down, they’ll need to sell players otherwise they’ll smash through FFP
  4. He wasn't, the game passed him by for most parts... he wasn't alone in that to be fair
  5. Get rid. Can't knock him for effort, but no consistency & his decision making is so frustrating. Thank you for your efforts, but adios my friend.
  6. that worked out well, edged my bets by backing QPR to win just in case so won both bets happy days £500 quid better off
  7. Just feels a waste if he's got potential, within 12/24 months he could still grow.
  8. Seen this response a few times now, but what has lack of height got to do with anything in modern football?
  9. We only need a point so you could stick a wedge on QPR @4/1 & be quids in either way
  10. Preston away... never been before any tips gratefully received... Will be arriving in Blackpool Saturday morning then probably catch train into Preston... what’s best idea straight to the ground or any decent pubs on the way? Thanks in advance
  11. Di Canio That tail shouldn't be even mentioned anywhere near a dream team In my opinion
  12. We might be close in the form table since Jos left... but in terms of levels we are levels below what’s needed if that match is anything to go by
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