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  1. You do know rotherham are as crap as us? & he missed a chance to win the game from six yards
  2. I respectfully disagree mate... he's poo
  3. this should be an absolute landslide
  4. Except for the brand new pitch & investing in the youth set up
  5. bigsheff

    Jones and Boyd

    Jones & Joey screening the defence might not be that bad.
  6. If our lass let 13 goals in 4 games I don’t think it would matter what I was chanting, lights would be off & I wouldn’t be getting any anyway
  7. You keep clapping pal
  8. If you see that as a dig at Dawson then your so blind... that’s a reaction to the way the club is being managed from top to bottom.
  9. Is the crowd singing Westwood’s & Hutchinson’s name...
  10. bigsheff

    what a emotional weekend

    Are you confusing him with the Reading chairman...
  11. bigsheff

    That miss by Palmer

    Very true. It’s just tiresome coming on here & seeing the same players getting bashed by any means necessary when IMO he’s had an OK season so far.
  12. bigsheff

    That miss by Palmer

    It was a bad miss... but it least he's showing ambition & putting a shift in getting into those positions. It's easy to bash a right back for missing a chance like that, it'd be nice if some of our strikers got into positions like that let alone score from them.
  13. bigsheff

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    My first ever away game, right enjoyed that break away for the 3rd, bit nervy at the end though, typical wednesday
  14. He does have a point... but I think everyone would agree in saying... unluckeeee