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  1. shock... horror... player improves when the crowd aren't booing him before kick off played well 3 games on the trot now & all on sky too, might have even won over the armchair fan too........ nah
  2. Hope he rediscovers something of his old self somehow, somewhere... but sadly it shouldn’t be at Hillsborough. We basically become 10 men when he plays & you just can’t carry players in the championship.
  3. As title, available at face value £30 each,
  4. It's no good moaning about their players, everybody could see QPR were on top of us for all bar the first 5 mins & Bullen did nowt to change it until we were 2-1 down & even then he started lobbing players on anywhere. If the players aren't being managed & coached correctly it's no surprise they'll play poorly.
  5. We need some backroom staff too... if he was highest paid British manager at that time you could argue he was the best too... who was he up against Moyes, Pardew, McClaren?
  6. Steve Bruce was on hefty wage by all accounts, I'm sure it'd be enough for Big Sam.
  7. As title... two young un’s have dropped out so there is a pair going for £10 if anybody wants them.
  8. Don't mind him in the middle away from home to play on the counter... but not at home.
  9. With a good pre season under his belt, he'll probably be alright for next season
  10. Good for them, I don’t think it does... but it doesn’t matter what I think. i admire the bravery on both parts though.
  11. Jury’s still out tbf... They were willing to take the risk, I wouldn’t & i’d rather my club didn’t. Personally I’d rather someone with experience like “Hughton” had taken the job, although I’m not sure how that fits with my “agenda”?
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