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  1. bigsheff

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    My first ever away game, right enjoyed that break away for the 3rd, bit nervy at the end though, typical wednesday
  2. He does have a point... but I think everyone would agree in saying... unluckeeee
  3. bigsheff

    Birmingham away details

    Or you could just let someone with less points than you who wants to go buy one...
  4. bigsheff


    Despite his obvious shortcomings at the moment I'm more than happy to stick with him & work with the positives, if he continues in goal and all the young players in the team progress, in 2/3 years we could have a largely young home grown team that we are really proud of. Carlos's remit was to punch for promotion within 3 seasons & tried to buy accordingly, Jos's remit looks like it is to stabilise the club & build long term.
  5. bigsheff

    Bannan misses Boro game

    At least its over & done with, he's played non stop all season anyway, ideal time to give him a rest
  6. That's the most frustrating thing for me, we go to Villa & totally outplay them, then allow Leeds to come here & do it to us. Consistently inconsistent as someone said on a thread previously.
  7. 26-0 in favour of reach up to now
  8. bigsheff


    Is this why you couldn't get a pint at half time on the top tier? Dickheads
  9. bigsheff

    Villa Highlights from Sky

    Our sole highlight from the first half was a long ball from Bannan which a Villa player headed, haha what a crock of poo
  10. Proved he can do that last year but we offered nothing going forward, this year we look like scoring almost every game but leak goals, just needs to find something in the middle.
  11. We let a worldie in today... did we really defend that badly today? I think not
  12. bigsheff

    What’s up with Atdhe?

    Probably First on the coach, sat next to the driver in that single chair at the front.
  13. Straight down the tunnel today, tiny clap on the way, didn’t even come over to the fans. Not like him
  14. Vocal & physical, just what we need. Very promising full debut. Well done lad
  15. probably helped not having 25,000 on his back after his first touch like at hillsborough