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  1. It was just an observation on that line up mate, don’t get your knickers in a twist It’s not like he plays high up the pitch anyway & modern full backs attack.
  2. Does the studs up knee high challenge on Byers in the first 5 minutes get changed by VAR?
  3. Only one of them is attempting to play the ball, about time referees starting siding with that one
  4. If it’s late and the game is stretched his pace to run in behind works, but absolutely not from the start like the last two. I thought it was worth a look, but I think we’ve seen enough.
  5. Purchased 23rd not received anything yet
  6. It was a typical “I’m not going to get swayed by the big home crowd performance, so I’ll give them even less” we’ve had a few this season. Helmets.
  7. Eff them! Time wasting cheating southern ponces.
  8. Moore Can’t help himself can he… come on Wednesday prove me wrong!!!
  9. As title, 2 drop outs for work commitments so we have two spare tickets going, £24 each.
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