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  1. Hype Mode: Activated Actually reputable sources are starting to mention it.
  2. Sorry, quickly googled and thought I'd seen 800k. Point even greater then, really
  3. Yeah if you have a city only just smaller than ours and have only one club in it, you're bound to expect good away support - and they do deserve the plaudits for their away support. Home support is pretty embarrassing though. Partly due to running of club I imagine, but still...
  4. Yes. They're more than welcome to play full time for Leeds Rhinos.
  5. Although generally I agree, you would have said the same about the same point last season. We played generally well so hopefully can keep clicking in an attacking sense and cut out these sloppy moments at the back ASAP - and a winning run won't be too far away.
  6. I'll be wearing a white top is that sufficient?
  7. As stated above, you should enter the ballot. A few replies to the original tweet from the ticket office says you should put ALL names and IDs down if you're looking for more than one ticket together. Worth a shot!
  8. Have been tempted to do this myself, £100 or so to cover costs if they win - and I would pay £100 for wednesday to win!
  9. Last time I went I used my Visa card and it charged the same as an Oyster, as far as I'm aware. Will be doing so again! EDIT: Checked my statement. We went to Fulham game and back to the centre of London and it was £4.80
  10. Used my contactless card on the tube last time. It calculates the ticket at the end of the day based on where you used it, and it comes out soon after. Thought it was a fantastic way to do it to be honest.
  11. Playing mind games when it's your best and most dangerous outfield player is a bit different to a keeper though. Surely we won't be changing much about our play depending on which of their goalkeepers is in the net? Would seem an odd one to play mind games over for me.
  12. I'm on the 9pm back; reckon it could be tight if it went to penalties, but still confident 20 minute tube back to Euston Square (met line) and a short walk.
  13. A lot of their fans saying their ticket sales process has been really badly handled and they actually haven't been freely able to buy tickets at all. No idea what's going on there, but fact is they're not available online any more and they might be selling a few thousand in person which might still leave upwards of 10k empty seats. Surely gotta be something we can do
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