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  1. been reading owlstalk for a while now and i very rarely post but i had to comment on this thread. trev i dont know you and ive never spoken to you, but i hope you have a brilliant day on sunday no matter what the result, you deserve it. proud to be a wednesdayite
  2. apparently its the supply to the forwards thats the problem, not the strikers themselves!! gonads i say!!
  3. no im not but its not just this game tho is it? they're two off the most experienced players we have at the club and they've done f*** all for months. says it all that a 21 year old with limited experience is the main man.
  4. cack. really disappointed with morrison and mellor, hardly heard them mentioned.
  5. know what you mean tho mate, my thoughts are with EVERYONE in japan
  6. mel sterland mick lyons gary bannister lee chapman martin hodge hirsty waddle
  7. the interview with MM on wednesday player suggests there may be an appointment tomorrow. everytime i listen to the guy he fills me with confidence..... i trust him to do the right thing. mm is GOD!!
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