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  1. Almen Abdi back playing

    Think we will now find out if there is still the player there that was instrumental in watfords promotion. You could blame the system before, him not suited to a 4-4-2. With jos playing a 3-5-2 and with players coming back, he really has no excuses to not flourish.

    I personally will wait to see how Carlos acts. If he applauds the fans at the end of the game I will applaud back. If he dosen’t then it would be abit disrespectful. But until then i would ignore him as he is just an opposition manager. I certainly wouldn’t before or during the game as its our lads that need backing. I would applaud purely for that first season, unfortunately it didn’t work here and hes on the long list of managers who havent managed to turn us around. But he has come the closest (albeit with vasts amounts of money). I don’t quite understand the bitterness to be honest. We’ve moved on so as he. And i hope he applauds the fans at the end as they did back him and sang his name for his tenure. hopefully hes applauding after been on the receiving end of a hammering after good performances from players he left out in the wilderness.
  3. Matias

    Think you could accomodate reach FF and mattias in a 3-4-3 or a 3-4-1-2 GK Lees Venacio Hutch Hunt Pulepussy Bannan Reach mattias Hooper/joao FF or maybe drop mattias in the hole behind a front two. We really do suit 3 at the back.
  4. Team for Saturday

    Due to us having no defenders i would be tempted to play a 4. Gives us a CB on the bench incase of injury. 4-2-3-1 wildsmith hunt venacio pudil fox jones pulepussy wallace reach boyd joao bring mattias on if boyd tires.
  5. Neil Warnock

    Isn’t going to happen and i will get slammed for this but i would have him here in a heartbeat. I couldn’t give a monkeys who he supported as a boy growing up. Everyone has to support someone, just a shame he chose wrong. What i do care about are credentials to get the best of players, get them playing with passion and effort and getting promoted. And “pig” or not, there’s not many better than him in this league at doing that. People need to get out of this obsesion of who a potential player/manager supports. Its football and a business. And quite frankly abit sad that you would want to not see the club you love evolve due to a persons preference in clubs.
  6. The thing that pleased me most

    Exactly this.. win lose or draw the crowd will stand by him as long as they show that intent and desire for 90minutes.
  7. Birmingham - V - Wednesday OMDT

    To me tonights performance means more than sunday, because if the players really back the manager then they should be coming out and show us a reaction. Really not seeing it! Think it speaks volumes
  8. Joost van Aken

    I know we won't change a system now, but i would really like to see him in the middle of a 3-5-2 with loovens and lees either side of him for that experience. Have reach and hunt/wallace as wing backs with bannan lee and jones in the middle and hooper and fletcher up top. The players we have really seem to suit a 3-5-2 system. P.s great win today.
  9. Just tried to get mine online but I cant remember my client ID and the email registered got hacked recently. Il have to try tomorrow
  10. The credit where it's due

    This feels like a carlos out anonymous meeting! Don't fear any team in the play offs. Where as last year Brighton and Hull were the strongest teams in there. This year, looking at our squad it has to be us.
  11. Adam Reach

    To be fair to him he is. Hes played 4-5 positions and hasnt disgraced himself. Hes like a championship james milner. Can play anywhere and you will get shift out of him. Yes he may not be a 9/10 often but he does give you that 7/10 in any position. Utility men like that are worth there weight in gold and a managers dream. And he will only get better.
  12. Reading & Fulham Run In

    I play cricket with their physio. He said at the start of the season this year with the coach they have they fancied a top 6 finish. I didn't believe him at the time thought he was on a wind up.
  13. Time for a change

    On behalf of most of owlstalk. Roger off
  14. Winning 2-0 ....still finds something to moan about.
  15. If Matias is ever fit again

    Love the idea of a 4-3-3 with mattias in. Westwood hunt lees loovens fox/reach hutchinson lee abdi FF Rhodes mattias