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  1. Barkley. Honourable mentions to Antonio, Wickham, Batth & Marshall... all of which I would take back in a flash.
  2. LoanRanger

    EFL team of the week

    Probably be negged but honestly that is incredibly generous. I thought he was awful up until his goals, which I'm aware he took both of brilliantly, but his all-round play on Sunday was poor. Hector absolutely should be in that team though, man mountain!
  3. LoanRanger

    Gary Hooper and Kieron Lee

    If Lee gets back fit, he walks into this side. Jos loves work-rate. Lee has that in spades, he'd find a way to fit him in. Genuinely think we've missed Lee more than anyone else over this past 12 months +...
  4. Born in Dublin, Ireland. Got a hand-me-down jersey from a guy in my estate when I was a young kid - I then asked "Santa" for the current jersey that Christmas in 96'. Came down to a couple of presents, but no jersey. However, there was a letter on the mantlepiece, old man told me to open it. Apparently, I refused... I was furious, it was literally the only thing I had asked for that year. My old man again asked me to open it, me being a little brat wouldn't. I had assumed it was an apology from Santa for not getting me the jersey. A little later he asks again and I open it. Two tickets to Arsenal (who he supports) and Wednesday on Boxing Day in Hillsborough and two flight tickets from Dublin to Leeds-Bradford. Couldn't believe it. Hooked ever since and try get to 10+ games a year if I can, quite a lot on my own, surrounded by Utd and Liverpool fans all my life over here but despite the heartbreak, you just wouldn't have it any other way. WAWAW.
  5. Excuse me if I'm being stupid but: - If the embargo's been lifted. - And DC is minted. (The reason we didn't sign anybody is not that we don't have the funds, it's that we were under the embargo) - And it's common knowledge that we're in massive trouble next year if we don't go up... Then why are we not rolling the dice and bringing some big loans in? If we're going to be in a mess next year anyway is it not worth giving it one last push this year and trying to compete. Would absolutely love 1/2 loan signings to improve the defence if possible.
  6. LoanRanger

    Bristol City (Away) - Tickets x 2

    Thank you, sir. Will do!
  7. Hey, folks. Bit early here but chancing my arm in-case two Bristol City tickets pop up for Oct 7th - thinking maybe the fact it's a Sunday might help my chances. Flying over from Ireland and have flights sorted for Stoke, Villa away, Derby, Blackburn away before December. The Bristol City one is a bit more special as I'm bringing my best mate over from home for his 30th before he goes travelling for a couple of years a week later. Hoping to get tickets that we can bounce together one last time. If not I'll be sat on my hands in the home end but said I'd try, aware it's a while away. Thanks in advance. WAWAW.
  8. Only 24 as well. Hope he continues this run in the side and we have an option to buy in summer.
  9. LoanRanger


    Loads of time left. Would absolutely love nothing more than for us to go on a run and go up through the play-offs. Our fans have become absolutely toxic. Heartbreaking coming on this website anymore. Everyone so quick to forget just how far we've come in the past three years.
  10. LoanRanger

    Championship Top 6

    3 points against a really high-flying Bristol City will be another signal of our intent. Hopefully we can get Hillsborough rocking on the 18th, stick with the same side that started Saturday with Butterfield and Bannan pulling the strings and a confident JR and I'd be optimistic we can. If we could then take another 4 points from Ipswich and Reading we would be right bang in there. Big ask but not unattainable, we really were very, very good on Saturday. Let's go on a run now...
  11. LoanRanger

    Message from Keiren Westwood

    Are you joking!? He made a mistake, yet we got the three points, and he's clearly the standout keeper in the league and has saved us season after season. Why the need for a pop?? So miserable mate...
  12. LoanRanger

    Owls v Rangers - OMDT

    http://www.vipbox.nu/football/496421/1/sheffield-wednesday-vs-rangers-live-stream-online.html Stream is pretty spot on!
  13. LoanRanger

    Owls v Rangers - OMDT

    I have a link here if anyone wanted to message for it, not sure can I share here?