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  1. Anyone got the table since he left??
  2. Been in the Holte End at Villa Park the last three years running - Fletcher's winner this year was tough not to celebrate. Did Forest away two years ago when we played them off the park 3-0. Good times. Bad times. Having to half sing "Danny Graham, he scores when he wants" in December was a low point, Losing to Blackburn 4-2 sitting with my Blackburn supporting client right beside all of the Wednesday fans. Really, really tough to swallow.
  3. Fair. But, I live in Ireland; have flown over to 7 games this year, predominantly on my own - I sadly don't get points for sitting in home ends as I've had to do for Villa away etc. I bought flights initially for Brentford, then changed to come home from London which I had to buy three more of due to this ridiculous kick-off time (Sunday AM, then PM, then Monday) so here I am pathetically begging for a ticket. No doubt I won't get one but will still fly over and kip on my mates couch for two nights to sit on my hands in the Chelsea end. The chat in the ticket section isn't riveting so surely you can just avoid it if you're not looking for tickets!? WAWAW.
  4. Haha, me too. Then booked a third return from London 9.30 am Sunday morning assuming it had to be Saturday, then bought a fourth for 9.30pm assuming a game couldn't be later than 4pm on the Sunday. So... it could be worse
  5. I'm the idiot who booked five flights for this game, so I could also do with help if anyone can. Much appreciated. Obviously up the owls is in there first...
  6. Fifth flight booked. Straight into work in Dublin Monday morning an hour late - if anyone hears of a spare ticket handy before general sale, well, as you can imagine I'd love to hear from you.
  7. It actually hasn't been that bad. First flight over for Brentford was literally €25 return. First time I've slipped up and forgot to check FA Cup weekend. Will see how we get on tomorrow night before seeing can I make it a fifth flight, knowing I would probably end up in the Home End also...
  8. Absolutely fuming. Booked flights from Ireland for Brentford at home. Cancelled, that was bad enough. Then see we might have Chelsea away, see they have a Prem game so assume it HAS to be Saturday, book flight home from London at 9.30am. Switched to Sunday, worse again. Have never seen a Sunday game later than 4pm so book a fourth flight at 9.35 home that evening, wake up today to find it's on at 6pm. When has there ever been a 6pm Sunday evening kick-off in the UK!? Four flights down the drain...
  9. Barkley. Honourable mentions to Antonio, Wickham, Batth & Marshall... all of which I would take back in a flash.
  10. Probably be negged but honestly that is incredibly generous. I thought he was awful up until his goals, which I'm aware he took both of brilliantly, but his all-round play on Sunday was poor. Hector absolutely should be in that team though, man mountain!
  11. If Lee gets back fit, he walks into this side. Jos loves work-rate. Lee has that in spades, he'd find a way to fit him in. Genuinely think we've missed Lee more than anyone else over this past 12 months +...
  12. Born in Dublin, Ireland. Got a hand-me-down jersey from a guy in my estate when I was a young kid - I then asked "Santa" for the current jersey that Christmas in 96'. Came down to a couple of presents, but no jersey. However, there was a letter on the mantlepiece, old man told me to open it. Apparently, I refused... I was furious, it was literally the only thing I had asked for that year. My old man again asked me to open it, me being a little brat wouldn't. I had assumed it was an apology from Santa for not getting me the jersey. A little later he asks again and I open it. Two tickets to Arsenal (who he supports) and Wednesday on Boxing Day in Hillsborough and two flight tickets from Dublin to Leeds-Bradford. Couldn't believe it. Hooked ever since and try get to 10+ games a year if I can, quite a lot on my own, surrounded by Utd and Liverpool fans all my life over here but despite the heartbreak, you just wouldn't have it any other way. WAWAW.
  13. Excuse me if I'm being stupid but: - If the embargo's been lifted. - And DC is minted. (The reason we didn't sign anybody is not that we don't have the funds, it's that we were under the embargo) - And it's common knowledge that we're in massive trouble next year if we don't go up... Then why are we not rolling the dice and bringing some big loans in? If we're going to be in a mess next year anyway is it not worth giving it one last push this year and trying to compete. Would absolutely love 1/2 loan signings to improve the defence if possible.
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