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  1. In the league: Derby (H) Coventry (A) Wycombe (H) Massive.
  2. Absolutely MASSIVE shift from this man tonight. Hope some of the doubters will acknowledge it.
  3. Not really a buzz word. Every club has their small share of toxic fans, only natural but doesn't make it right.
  4. Agree. Generic comments about him not being a striker, being overweight etc. He's not played 10 games for us yet and guarantee the people who are commenting haven't even watched half of them anyway. Some toxic fans just need a whinge.
  5. 09:58 "Obviously people think Paterson is a forward. I'm not so sure he is the forward that everybody thought he was gonna be. But he's playing for Scotland, they've just qualified, so he's a good player, so it's finding out what he's about, what his best position is..." Very honest.
  6. You a link? Would love that to be true, if a new manager came in and wanted to give him a chance.
  7. Nice one, onto Milwall now. Would be great to have Lees and Luongo back in the mix.
  8. Again, I've not seen it but great to see a clean sheet given the opposition. Great to have Iorfa back and Wildsmith hopefully taking his chance.
  9. Missed tonight with work. Was it a back 5 or back 4?
  10. Doesn't want to come to us due to the points deduction. fizz him...
  11. Agree. Paterson & Kachunga seemed absolutely spent when they both came off so wouldn't be surprised to see either Brown replace Kachunga if he's fit or Marriott replace Paterson.
  12. It's only early in the season but looking at their last three games he was taken off at 52', then at 61' and then didn't feature v Norwich. I know I'd rather have Marriott as our 9 this season than him.
  13. I'm very confident we will, without underestimating what an ask it is. If we absolutely click it would be great to see if we can get enough points (ignoring the 12 point deduction) for a place in the top 6. Think it would be a decent sell-in next summer for players to know that if it wasn't for the deduction we were a side capable of being in and around the play-offs.
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