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  1. Message from Keiren Westwood

    Are you joking!? He made a mistake, yet we got the three points, and he's clearly the standout keeper in the league and has saved us season after season. Why the need for a pop?? So miserable mate...
  2. Owls v Rangers - OMDT

    http://www.vipbox.nu/football/496421/1/sheffield-wednesday-vs-rangers-live-stream-online.html Stream is pretty spot on!
  3. Owls v Rangers - OMDT

    I have a link here if anyone wanted to message for it, not sure can I share here?
  4. OFFICIAL - George Boyd signs

    I believe Fulham absolutely would have signed him if they could, yes.
  5. You can only sign one player

  6. Born in Dublin, Ireland. Got a hand-me-down jersey from a guy in my estate when I was 5. Asked "Santa" for the new jersey that Christmas. Instead "Santa" got me two tickets to see us play Arsenal on Boxing Day as my Dad's an Arsenal fan. 0-0. Hooked ever since. Got to 13 games two years ago and 9 last year, quite a lot on my own. Wouldn't change it for anything though.
  7. Heartbreak

    In tears here... But this isn't nearly going into administration, this isn't drawing 2-2 with nine man Yeovil at home. This isn't even Leon Clarke injuring himself against Palace when we needed to beat them to stay up. The progression is clear. We are knocking on the door. 18th, 16th, 13th, 6th, 4th. Let's keep the squad together, strengthen a couple of key areas and bounce back the way Brighton did when we did them last year. We're Sheffield Wednesday, we're on our way back.
  8. One ticket for the North tomorrow

    This ticket is now sold. Best of luck to everyone else searching for one.
  9. Irish Owl here selling due to personal reasons so the ticket is an e-ticket and I'd hopefully need payment via PayPal. Just want face value obviously, first come, first served.
  10. For those that bought in the neutral area previously for a Fulham-Wednesday game, you have "purchase history" if you didn't buy as a guest.
  11. Fulham tickets

    Bought two in the mixed fans area anyway in the closest row to the away fans... there's no barriers to the away end, can wear your shirt etc. so should be no difference to being in Wednesday if end if anyone who isn't a member is looking to go and didn't want to risk it selling out.
  12. Fulham tickets

    Assume they won't make general sale? You can get mixed area tickets beside the away fans at Fulham, has anyone ever done that?