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  1. I don't think you can underestimate the benefit to Monk having his own backroom team on-board either. We've already heard a couple of the players reference the character Andrew Hughes is, it's so important.
  2. Should really have been a reduced rate or offer for tonight to try get some people in to trial it ahead of league games...
  3. What's that episode called can you remember?
  4. Have you watched him lately? He'd be an absolute class above nearly every forward in this league. And this is coming from someone who would have laughed at the thought of him coming to us years back...
  5. That's the thing, the margins in this league are minuscule so it's not about writing off the first four games, Do I think the current squad could last the distance over 46 games, no. Could it pick up 4 or even 6 points in the first few games as is? Absolutely.
  6. Absolutely agree. We're obviously waiting for a deal that's right for the club. No doubt we could sign someone available right now to bulk up the numbers, that could maybe get us 6-7 goals, and may or may not fit the system that well... or we can wait and try and get the right player, potentially a late PL loanee in a month's time who hits 15-16 for us. Everyone is acutely aware of the need to come out of the blocks quickly but if you look at the two above options the latter is the one that gets us the points to stay up, even only starting from October. Really struggle to fathom posters who think Monk is just sitting there happy-out with his current lot. He knows we don't have enough, and knows he'll lose his job if we don't hit the ground running. Too many people here have played too much football manager...
  7. Think he's a snip at that price but both the fee and wages could be a problem. I know we had £1m set aside for Leko initially, but then again, Windass' fee might only have been used because Leko failed. Murphy or Jutkiewicz would be absolutely incredible signings anyway.
  8. Michael Brown John Terry Mo Diame Knockaert Colin Quaner
  9. Bannan. I don't think Rhodes would have the confidence to be the regular taker anymore, I still think about him not taking one against Huddersfield every once in a while... christ that night is never going to stop hurting 😣
  10. I was hoping to see him start too. Is there any chance Monk's not starting him as he knows he's starting against Cardiff and doesn't want to fully risk him? He's the only player we don't technically have a replacement for.
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