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  1. On reflection I agree. Guess therefore that means it’s his defensive midfield skills that needs upping to an 8+
  2. Re Joey specifically, he seems to be a 6/10 defensive midfielder at the minute and a 6/10 attacking minded player of the ball. He needs to focus on what what his strengths are (I’m not sure) and bring it up to an 8+
  3. Couldn’t have put it better myself tbh
  4. @KitmanSWFC: Any @swfc fans travelling without a ticket. The lads have left some for you. They appreciate your support. A guy with an orange jacket near the media room has 40 #smallgesture #wawaw
  5. Ref made a ricket by allowing the FK to be taken. 4th official put him right. Whose to say that Joao wasn't down to mark Cooper at the FK? Evans of course is making a mountain out of this molehill as its conveniently taking the focus away from his teams inept performance.
  6. I remember one game where soft toys were being thrown onto the pitch. Andy Dibble, their keeper who was already getting lots of stick from our fans, decided to moan to the ref. At which point hundreds of the soft toys rained down on him.
  7. Fits the bill, he has a surname shared by a current player. Who next, Kenny Miller?!
  8. I have managed to select and purchase my tickets, however it wont let me print them off online. I go into 'Order History' and select 'Reprint e-ticket' and it just brings up a new browser page called About:Blank and then goes back to my account screen. Any suggestions?
  9. A shocking performance of epic standards. Huddersfield were absolutely awful aswell, yet were never going to lose. The most worrying thing is that the players played competently i.e. it seems to me that they did everything that was asked of them. They lumped it upfield well, didnt track back well, didnt pass well. I think I understand the Irvine out shouts now. His coat is on a slack nail.
  10. Just got back - he was fantastic at the back. Won everything in the air, out muscled DJ Campbell. Distribution could be better but at this moment in time - who cares! Wonder what he made of Leons scarf though...
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