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  1. Apologies if this has already been cleared up, but found it odd to see the kit on sale without a sponsor. Was expecting by the time they hit the shop floor, "Chansiri" would be printed. Anyone know why this is ? p.s. i do really like the green kit
  2. Hector has said he is looking to settle though so if we were to offer a longer contract he could be swayed. Seems to have a good relationship with the Wednesday squad (commented on Bannans twitter today). Could see a contract with Fulham to be more volatile, i.e. moved on again if they were to get promoted back to the premier league after their huge overhaul last time round. Optimistic about this one if we have the funds available.
  3. Lossl signs a 3 year deal with everton (sky sports transfer centre) Udders will be throwing more weight behind a transfer for Westwood now then ?
  4. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/latest-owls-news/quiz-can-you-identify-these-sheffield-wednesday-players-from-hilarious-snapchat-gender-swap-images-52914 kill an extra couple of mins
  5. Have thought Westwoods abilities in sorting out his back line and more over giving the defenders in front of him confidence he will be in the right position was important in our last two seasons (relative) successes. Can't think of any other club that would persist with a goal keeper who has kept just 2 clean sheets all season over a tried and tested keeper who saved us so many points over the last two seasons.
  6. I think pursuing a contract for Hector at the end of season could be more than possible. If the limit on the number of loan players a team can send out gets passed for next season, that puts Chelsea in particular with a huge surplus of players which would need to be moved on in some other way. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11496907/fifa-plans-to-limit-number-of-players-clubs-can-send-out-on-loan
  7. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/9994064/how-are-the-sky-sports-power-rankings-calculated
  8. Onomah looks to be more effective further up the pitch. would maybe position him in the middle of a 4-3-3 with bannan and pessy either side sweeping up and feeding the wings. optimistic about this signing though, looks a handful in the right areas and could free up some space around the box for nando/reach/Joao to cause some trouble
  9. Not sure if anyone else has seen this but just spotted a post from West Ham
  10. Too easy to defend against in this age. Another left footer in MM starting on the right wing shows we're unbalanced and the lack of chances created says to me we're wasting a man in midfield by having 2 up front. Would like to see a 3-4-3 or if CC is insistent on 2 up front use a 3-4-1-2: Westwood Venancio. Lees. Van aken hunt. Bannan. Jones. Reach Lee Hooper. Joao
  11. Would be interesting to see Westwood Lees loovens van aken hunt.Bannan. Hutch(jones). Reach Lee Joao. Hooper know it's never going to happen would just be interesting to see it in action
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