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  1. Not a bad turn in form since NT took over, if you put the Coventry performance down to abit of rustiness after the covid outbreak it looks promising
  2. The timing of it is fascinating (though probably beyond sense) . Looking at the fixture list with derby Coventry wycombe in succession , you'd think keeping pulis for these 6 point games in terms of survival would be safer than letting him go. Must have been quite a clash on the transfer strategy , hence the "other issues". Feels like they're using his poor start as a Scapegoat, knowing they can't back up what's needed financially. A quick decision after seeing bilic become available ? Doubt he would come tbh but it's anyone's guess really , it's all pretty ridiculous. Never a dull moment as a
  3. Wouldn't mind ordering one of the training tops the lads have been wearing but haven't seen anything on the site about a pre-order, release date e.t.c. Or have i missed something ?
  4. Would you be able to share the raw data for this ?
  5. Wildsmith Iorfa. Borner. Palmer Lee. Bannan Murphy. Luongo. Harris Rhodes. Wickham Only way I can make sense from that starting 11 in a 3-2-3-2
  6. Lad at work (blackpool fan) sent this over this morning, Bannan looks about 10 year old
  7. Found their excuse with the rangers defeat, think this could be the opportunity to offload ?
  8. Have been thinking for a while that i would love to see us test 3 at the back with Iorfa, Lees, Borner
  9. If Lees was fit, would like to see us once experiment with 3 at the back, moses and palmer able to drop in from the opposite side of play when needed, drops reach to the bench and can easily revert back to 4 at the back replacing moses for murphy to place iorfa at RB palmer at LB. Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Moses Hutch Bannan Palmer Luongo/Lee Harris Fl
  10. Apologies if this has already been cleared up, but found it odd to see the kit on sale without a sponsor. Was expecting by the time they hit the shop floor, "Chansiri" would be printed. Anyone know why this is ? p.s. i do really like the green kit
  11. Hector has said he is looking to settle though so if we were to offer a longer contract he could be swayed. Seems to have a good relationship with the Wednesday squad (commented on Bannans twitter today). Could see a contract with Fulham to be more volatile, i.e. moved on again if they were to get promoted back to the premier league after their huge overhaul last time round. Optimistic about this one if we have the funds available.
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