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  1. johnnybalsace


    Did anybody else get ‘Error occurs’ and when it came back on about 20s later we’d missed the goal? Second time I’ve had that message today. Commentary only here in France too.
  2. johnnybalsace

    At the double!

    don’t release the key and the accent/umlaut/etc options pop up
  3. ...and no subs brought on to freshen it up when a few were running on empty, 3 goals shipped from 67 mins
  4. johnnybalsace

    I think Jos has Palmer ahead of Hunt

    Right wing back, in a 3-5-2 flexible system, not a 5-3-2 or a 4-4-2
  5. johnnybalsace

    I think Jos has Palmer ahead of Hunt

    Kieran Lee? Former right back, great engine and an eye for goal. Would be worth a try surely.
  6. johnnybalsace

    A Bit of Bullie

    I really enjoyed that interview, positivity reigns again, well done Lee Bullen!
  7. johnnybalsace


    He's got to push that one wide, then game over. Gutted, after a fine performance.
  8. johnnybalsace

    IFollow for tonights match

    Again for balance, it works really well for me, commentary or video, through the app on iPhone or iPad, in France. And I have a low internet speed which wavers between 350k and 2.8mb (the picture is a bit flaky when it dips, but it auto-adjusts once faster again). It would be better if they'd synch the commentary with the pictures, but overall I'm pleased I signed up
  9. Excellent, working now, thanks all
  10. It's not working for me, and it says on the OS that no Carabao Cup games will be available on iFollow
  11. johnnybalsace

    Lee and Bannan

    Hutch should take Semedo's role on the bench, no more than that
  12. johnnybalsace

    next year

    I think you're overestimating the quality of the bottom half of the Premier League, look at Norwich and Villa this year, and we've improved our squad a lot since we lost to Hull at Wembley. I would prefer evolution to revolution.
  13. johnnybalsace

    £10 admission

    25 would be a more realistic proposal
  14. johnnybalsace

    Shelvey effort

    Amazing effort, great player...but Westy had it covered to be fair...funny when he then got his feet stuck in the net though
  15. I reckon Reach could do a job in the middle running box to box in the KL role, get Jones off, we don't always need to play with the same formation, put on McManamanamanamananam as a second winger, try something different...