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  1. Wayne Rooney’s Derby County LLLLL Rotherham United LLLLL The Mighty Owls LLDWL We’re the in form team out of this shower...it’s ON!!!
  2. I’m just amazed that after this dreadful season with such shocking results three teams have won fewer points than we have. Incredible that with two games remaining we are still in with a shout!
  3. It has been working fine for me, in France
  4. Kachunga’s performance in those last 20 minutes was shocking: through on goal and stopped to turn it out wide, poor attempt to head that good chance, caught offside, falling over, etc etc at least Rhodes and Paterson were giving their defence something to think about
  5. We were truly dreadful after the sending off and subsequent ridiculous substitution
  6. The body language of the players since the sending off has been appalling, it looks like they’ve given up
  7. Josh Windass does it all the time, very frustrating
  8. Oh no, Stoke commentators, and calling us ‘Sheffield’ arghhhg
  9. JP has posted a picture from the ground, so should be OK
  10. Pleased for him. Speaks well, future pundit for sure.
  11. No video option, and audio has ‘this event has ended’ WTF
  12. Just has ‘LIVE NOW’ but there’s nowt: after ages without a game I was really looking forward to listening tonight
  13. We still created chances after Pessy came on, we didn’t stop going forward
  14. Bazza was using his two-iron-off-the-fairway boots yesterday, those low corners were shocking!
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