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  1. Just has ‘LIVE NOW’ but there’s nowt: after ages without a game I was really looking forward to listening tonight
  2. We still created chances after Pessy came on, we didn’t stop going forward
  3. Bazza was using his two-iron-off-the-fairway boots yesterday, those low corners were shocking!
  4. The opposites attack from the kick-off, ‘Westy’ races out of his box, handles it and gets sent off after 10 seconds, comfortably beating Kevin Pressman’s record of 13s
  5. I’d have liked to have seen us ‘go for it’ yesterday, to try something different. Maybe a triple substitution on 55 mins Izzy, Rhodes and Penny for Luongo (only as he was coming back from injury, thought he played well), Odubajo and van Aken. Just have a go and give them something to think about, it was all too easy for them.
  6. I’m kind of hoping he’s changed after a few months of reflection while he’s been out of the game, and that he’ll be introducing a more expansive game. Ever the optimist...it’s the hope that kills you haha!
  7. Let’s hope he kicks us on like Wilko, tight at the back, strong players and with fast pressing football, getting the ball into the box and players bombing up the pitch to chase it, Bazza as a 10, smashing in Callum’s knockdowns. Well, let’s see, I can dream...
  8. I have the same, in France. I thought it would be on today, gutted. Only have the commentary.
  9. Couldn’t understand why Joe Wildsmith wasn’t The Chosen One after KW was blackballed, clearly the better ‘keeper for me
  10. Did anybody else get ‘Error occurs’ and when it came back on about 20s later we’d missed the goal? Second time I’ve had that message today. Commentary only here in France too.
  11. don’t release the key and the accent/umlaut/etc options pop up
  12. ...and no subs brought on to freshen it up when a few were running on empty, 3 goals shipped from 67 mins
  13. Right wing back, in a 3-5-2 flexible system, not a 5-3-2 or a 4-4-2
  14. Kieran Lee? Former right back, great engine and an eye for goal. Would be worth a try surely.
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