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  1. Short article on When Saturday Comes looking back at his career, mostly focusing on his time at Wednesday, with some nice photos in there too. Incredible to think that he played a full game for Sweden then flew back and played the FA Cup final replay the very next day – such a classy player to watch. https://www.wsc.co.uk/stories/14190-focus-on-roland-nilsson-sheffield-wednesday-s-swedish-cult-hero
  2. Always take any excuse to watch highlights from that season, especially Blackburn away, but did the row over his position in the Cup final taint your memories of him? Here's the WSC article: http://www.wsc.co.uk/features/14127-how-defender-paul-warhurst-briefly-became-the-country-s-most-fearsome-striker
  3. Article on the When Saturday Comes website here about how the uniqueness of the Steel City Derby because power is constantly shifting between the two clubs. Written more from a Wednesday perspective and also summarises why fans remain divided on Chansiri despite reaching the play-offs twice, but reasonably balanced.
  4. The 3-2 defeat in 1991 has been picked as a classic match by WSC: http://www.wsc.co.uk/videos/13432-classic-match-sheff-wed-2-3-aston-villa-1991 What do people remember about the game?
  5. *bump* A bit of reading for the morning, before everyone goes to the pub (if they haven't already)...
  6. A piece on When Saturday Comes – Underdogs Sheffield Wednesday have earned their shot in the play-off final http://www.wsc.co.uk/wsc-daily/1210-may-2016/13289-owls-ready-to-grasp-premier-league-chance-against-hull
  7. For a number of reasons, actually. Firstly standing up for sustained periods in seated areas is inherently unsafe – anyone falling forwards after, say, a goal has nothing to stop them, resulting in a domino effect which can result in the people in front getting injured. Secondly, standing up in seated areas means the people behind you don't have a choice but to stand as well if they want to see the match. Not everyone wants to stand, particularly the elderly, while children often cannot see unless they are standing on seats – increasing danger. Unfortunately, in the situation you describe they aren't given a choice. A dedicated standing section would give fans who want to stand the opportunity to do so without damaging the experience for those who may not wish to. Thirdly, a dedicated standing section would be a natural destination for those fans who already enjoy standing and singing. Rather than being split between stands they would combine in one area, increasing the atmosphere for everyone in the ground. Finally, the standing section would also be an opportunity (you would hope) for the club to offer cheaper tickets on a regular basis, though this wouldn't necessarily be the case. To address Nev's point about access for emergency services: safe standing is designed in rows the same as seats are now, with aisles of steps that do not have the barrier across them – in essence, it would be no better or worse to reach someone than it is now. Indeed, it may even be easier as there is more space on each row.
  8. I work in Whitechapel and use that station every day but am neither hirsute nor suited. I also don't believe I have ever talked about Aiden McGeady on the train. In conclusion, it wasn't me.
  9. Fans don't set the prices. They were justified in complaining about paying £33 at Hillsborough, and should've been supported by Wednesday fans. We're justified in moaning about paying £32 at the Riverside, and should be backed by Middlesbrough fans. Both clubs' leading fans' groups, in conjunction with the FSF, should've pushed their clubs to strike a deal whereby both sets of away fans were charged £20. Rather than argue across arbitrary divides, fans can put themselves in a stronger negotiating position if they look at the wider picture and work together to reduce prices for all.
  10. Our match against Rotherham was the WSC Match of the Month in the current issue. There's write up of the game and it's pretty positive about Wednesday Carvalhal, the way we play etc. Always nice to hear from a neutral. There is now a photo gallery online too which includes some good shots of the Wednesday fans celebrating: http://www.wsc.co.uk/wsc-daily/1203-november-2015/12939-rotherham-v-sheffield-wednesday-photo-gallery
  11. I don't agree that it's "rubbish" to say that Wednesday have had plenty of "false dawns". The rise under Paul Sturrock, Lee Strafford becoming chairman, Brian Laws' team that finished ninth, the Megson and then Dave Jones teams that led to promotion and optimism before struggling again. There have been numerous points over the past 15 years where there has been talk, both among media and fans, about waking the "sleeping giant", "new eras" etc. The point the article is making is that none of these actually worked out, and it is too early to tell yet whether this time it's going to be different.
  12. There's a piece about Wednesday on the WSC site today. A bit of a summary of Chansiri's reign so far, the strength of the squad, what the Arsenal game meant for the club and where we go from here etc http://www.wsc.co.uk/wsc-daily/1201-october-2015/12898-momentum-key-for-improving-owls-with-bogey-forest-up-next
  13. Was just about to flag this up. It's only the price of a beer in the ground, is an independent magazine and has free UK delivery from the WSC site. Sample quote: "At these prices attending Hillsborough will become a 'treat' rather than a tradition for many fans." Agree that The Blizzard is very good too, if you are looking for some more longer-form writing.
  14. Out of interest, whether it was Kivo or not, what is actually wrong with voicing disagreement about something your club has done to other football supporters?
  15. Hillsborough showed the world how standing and stadium management shouldn't be done, and that should never be forgotten. It would be great if we didn't shy away from Hillsborough's past but instead learned from it and turned our ground into a positive example of how safe standing can be brought in to English stadiums to the benefit of all.
  16. On Westwood, our good defence/terrible attacking and why we have reason to be happy with our season so far. http://www.wsc.co.uk/wsc-daily/1190-january-2015/12098-owls-can-remain-positive-ahead-of-return-to-man-city
  17. A fairly optimistic article on WSC about Wednesday's progress under Stuart Gray and Milan Mandaric, and why we can make an impact at the Etihad tonight. http://www.wsc.co.uk/wsc-daily/1186-september-2014/11885-stuart-gray-lifts-dark-clouds-from-sheffield-wednesday
  18. An (unusually optimistic) article on WSC about the excellent draw for the FA Cup and how anyone still in it craving a tiny bit of success, including Wednesday and United, should allow themselves to get a little bit excited about this weekend. http://www.wsc.co.uk/wsc-daily/1174-february-2014/11235-sheffield-clubs-eye-route-to-wembley-and-fa-cup-success
  19. Quick pint in the Market Porter for me too I think, if I leave the office in time. Lovely little pub.
  20. So, hang on. Not only are you at university without knowing the correct spelling, even roughly, of "rapport" – indeed you seem to think it is something to do with the Egyptian sun god and a flow of fellow fans – but you don't even check the basic functionality of the survey you want us to fill in. Worse, you clearly know it's a rubbish survey because you admit it. This is for your DISSERTATION for your DEGREE. If you can't be bothered to take time and care over your work, why would anyone bother to take time out of their day to give you high-quality answers? And what are you going to gain from them, knowing how flawed the survey is? Christ, if I was your tutor and I had seen this thread I would fail you immediately, the idea of you producing plans for a structure is terrifying. Just sayin'.
  21. A summary of the situation on the WSC website in the build up to the Leeds game, on Connor Wickham, Stuart Gray and the worrying short-termism being displayed by Wednesday at the moment. http://www.wsc.co.uk/wsc-daily/1172-january-2014/11010-sheff-wed-relying-on-connor-wickham-to-beat-leeds
  22. Yes, it's exactly what we should be doing. We take a lot of fans away and get stung for the highest prices a club can charge us virtually every time. Meanwhile, we have an away end at Hillsborough that is barely full all season. About time our club took the lead in something positive.
  23. A summary of our season so far in the build up to the Birmingham game on the WSC site: http://www.wsc.co.uk/wsc-daily/1166-september-2013/10276-dave-jones-feels-pressure-at-winless-sheffield-wednesday
  24. Great, thank you for taking the time to reply. I understand why you didn't respond to the original question, I just thought I would try to turn yet another boring Owlstalk thread with the regulars having a go at each other into something mildly worthwhile. We are indeed members of the FSF - and yes - we support (as a group) the principles of the Twentys Plenty campaign. We have given our support to the campaign publicly and privately by encouraging fans (all fans not just our members) to sign the petition organised by the Twentys Plenty campaigners. Having spoken to numerous fans groups at the recent Supporters Direct Conference in Burton - its not as widely supported as you might think. Many groups can see the flaws in the arguments presented - not least the legal arguments in not charging fans differing prices in different areas of the ground - and thats why (personally) I feel its much better targetted at the FA/Football League/Premier League than at the clubs individually. The club have consulted Wednesdayite (as part of a larger consultation group) on ticketing schemes like season tickets in the past - although this group was not put together the last time this was done. I find it interesting the campaign isn't too widely supported. There are obvious flaws in it, of course, but I think the whole movement is a positive one. Sometimes I think groups such as the FSF can get bogged down in small details earlier than they need to and stop moving forward because of it. The idea that fans are getting ripped off and we need to do something about it is a strong one that should be gaining a lot of support, I'm glad you have been encouraging people to sign the petition. Personally I wish our club would take a stand, pay our players less and lower ticket prices for all fans, but then I look at the people whining in the matchday section because we haven't bankrupted ourselves by signing average players and remember why. Yes! Again - we asked for them to bring the Safe Standing Roadshow to a game at Hillsborough this season - personally (again) I think it would be a brilliant way to publicise the scheme given Hillsboroughs history Great! I think Hillsborough should have been the first place they brought the roadshow to. We are indeed members of Supporters Direct. I vaguely recall your post about ACV's - apologies that you weren't kept fully up to date with what was happening regarding that. I personally brought the Asset of Community Value proposal to the Board of Wednesdayite as I believe it is something that as a group we should be doing. We discussed this as a group and numerous aspects of the ACV scheme were explored. At the end of the meeting a vote was held and unanimously (I abstained as Chair) agreed that it wasn't appropriate for us to proceed with such a scheme unilaterally. A number of reasons for this were given; 1. The scheme is pretty toothless anyway. All it does is give you 6 months to put together a bid. 2. You can be the highest bidder and still be disregarded 3. The stadium can be sold anyway within that 6 month period and nothing at all can be done about it 4. Any costs the club incur in appealing against the scheme can be levelled at the group involved in listing it (this is happening with Old Trafford) It was agreed (a week last Wednesday) that steps should be taken to consult with the club to work with them to list the stadium and agree a joint way forward. I still haven't done that but I've been pretty busy at work I'm glad to hear this issue has been discussed. I guess the main (indeed, only?) advantage to an ACV is that it means the intention to sell has to be made public by informing the group who applied. I don't for a minute think it's an issue for us at the moment (unlike at somewhere like Ipswich, where they are nervous about their owner's current intentions) but were we to be taken over by shady investors I desperately don't want a Coventry etc to happen so I thought this might be one way to avoid it. Your reasons sound fair enough though and I would love someone at the club to signal their intentions to protect Hillsborough. It is central to our identity, in my opinion. It is indeed and we have a great relationship with Alastair. Alastair is usually our first port of call for discussions on numerous aspects of life for all Wednesday fans we make representations on behalf of (its not just members, we get enquiries from all of our fan base demographic) and he sees things through very well. Yes - of course he takes his role seriously. Not sure why we would need more than one?? We talk pretty regularly with others at the club (they don't insist that everything is filtered through Alastair) such as Kelly Spencer and Trevor Braithwait from the clubs Communications Dept, James Hargreaves, Marcus Brameld, Spencer Taylor and Andrea Hudson from the Community Programme, Andy Daykin, Ian Leech and Chris Thacker from the Commercial Team, Lindleys (currently we are discussing our survey on the catering).... and many more far too widespread to mention. Great to hear Alastair takes his role seriously – I know clubs must have an SLO now but apparently some just name a random member of staff and see it as an inconvenience. I also know that clubs in Germany have more than one – Dortmund have five or six I believe – but then I suppose there is more supporter involvement in the decision-making process at the upper levels of clubs there. I've noticed the catering stuff you have been doing, good work. This is the sort of thing I mean – something where, when people say "Yeah, but what do Wednesdayite do for me?" you can say "We forced the club to serve us better food at cheaper prices, we suggested they got those local ales on tap, we got them to charge £5 less per ticket, and make the kids for a quid available on the gate..." etc. Things that people notice have improved in their standard matchday experience. Just over a 1000 at present - and increasing all the time. We have recently moved to season long memberships rather than regularly renewing standing orders - so all members can now be classed as being 'active'. It doesnt sound many given our base of fans - but it actually puts us in the Top 5 of all groups in the country (and the biggest outside the Premier League). We are desperate to increase it - we have simplified the signing up process. The club actively support our efforts by working very closely with us to promote Wednesdayite via the programme, events at the club when they release staff to come and talk to members/fans, getting us heavily involved in the Community Programme etc I think the move to season-long memberships is a good one. I'll be honest, I sort of lost track of whether I was a member or not a few years ago. Great numbers, too. I think it is Arsenal have a pretty small group considering their status – under 1,000. Whereas MUST is extremely active and well organised, from what I have seen. I guess the problem with Wednesdayite is that they will always divide opinion among our ridiculously fragmented fanbase. We have such a big following we could be a real force if we all wanted the same thing and got involved in making it happen. But, like you say, too many people are preoccupied with sniping at each other to see a bigger picture. My statement about coaches, car parks etc that you have a problem with. It's not that I don't understand why these activities are done – I applaud them, my dad uses the car park, I like the big flag, I used to use the coach for away games when I lived in Sheffield, rather than London. I just never seem to hear about the other stuff you do – hence the questions. They weren't meant as a dig at the organisation or you, I admire anyone willing to give up so much time for the club and its fans. Anyway, I need to go as I'm at work. But thanks again for answering the questions – it's given me a clearer idea of where Wednesdayite stand on the issues that I care about. Maybe it's time I considered resurrecting my membership.
  25. The original poster didn't really get many answers in this thread. I let my membership lapse quite a long time ago and was thinking about rejoining but I don't really know what they do for the average fan. And yes, I've looked on the website. You run coaches, have a car park, sort out the Smile tickets and coaching, which is great, but it doesn't really affect my experience of going to Wednesday games. Nor does it feel like they are making too much of a positive impact on the way the club is run for the fans. So, at the risk of being berated for asking questions about a fans' organisation on a fans' forum, I'm going to try anyway. I see you are members of the FSF – do you support their Twenty's Plenty campaign? Are you putting any pressure on our club to adopt this? We are often charged the highest prices away from home because of our large following so it would seem like an initiative that deserves our support. I'd like to hear Wednesdayite come out and condemn the £36 ticket prices at Leeds, explain why so few fans made the short trip, while also admitting the amount we charge away teams is too much. Do the club consult Wednesdayite on pricing before the season starts? If not, why not? While we're on the FSF campaign subject, how about safe standing? Have Wednesdayite asked their members how they feel about it? I personally want to see it introduced across the country, including at Hillsborough. How about asking the FSF to bring the Safe Standing Roadshow to Hillsborough, so fans can see what it's all about? You are also members of Supporters Direct. In another thread I asked about listing Hillsborough as an Asset of Community Value - a status recently earned by fans' groups at Man Utd, Liverpool, Oxford, Ipswich and Nuneaton for their grounds to protect them against sale by owners. Leicester have also just applied. I was told there was talk with the club "behind the scenes" - what stage is it at? Why is it happening behind the scenes? I can't find anything on your website about it. The point of an ACV listing isn't realistically to stop a sale, it's to make sure one can't happen behind anyone's back. I would've thought you would like to keep the whole process in the open. The Supporter Liaison Officer at Wednesday is Alastair Wilson, the ticket office manager, apparently. Does he take an active role in these duties? Attitudes towards the role vary from club to club. Do Wednesdayite work closely with him? Do we need more than one? How many members does Wednesdayite have these days? Is anything being done to increase it? Are the club willing to help to increase it, while making sure Wednesdayite remain independent and able to question the club's actions when they see fit? Did any Wednesdayite representative join the march on Premier League HQ in June? There were plenty of non-PL clubs represented, as the issue of ticket prices etc go all the way down the leagues. In fact, do you ever liaise with other supporters' groups in the region? How far does this go? Coaches and car parks and big flags are all very good and stuff but it's all a bit superficial for my liking.
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