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  1. The FREE event linked to this is almost sold out but there are still some tickets for 1pm on Sunday, October 10. (There are also some left for 3pm on Saturday 9 but presumably you'll all be at the match that day.) It's an outdoor promenade performance and journey through time in Hillsborough Park – you can get more information and book on the Eventbrite page.
  2. Largely unimaginative development – in my opinion Hillsborough is crying out for some more interesting places to eat and drink, and some innovative event spaces, rather than more generic shops – but at least it will be used for something, and presumably all the companies moving in see it as a good prospect or they would look elsewhere. However, it's a bizarre missed opportunity to get developers to pay for better walking and cycling infrastructure that would improve links with the city centre. The reasons the Council gave for not ensuring this was the case are absolutely bizarre (apparently Penistone Road is not a "Strategic Cycle Route"... err, well, it should be?!). You can read more about it here. It's a pretty disgraceful failure of planning, to be honest.
  3. A few events coming up related to this, including a "Community Heritage Activities Day" in the walled garden 10am-2pm on Saturday, if anyone wants to drop in on their way to the match.
  4. Thought this may be of interest to some people on here – a new project has been launched to collect stories, pictures and memories of Hillsborough Park past and present, to build a new community archive. The contributions, alongside official historical documents and images, will be used to create a permanent timeline exhibition which will adorn the walls of the Age UK Sheffield Coach House Cafe when it opens, and also to bring the characters from history to life in an outdoor performance in the park later in the year. You can share your story by visiting hillsboroughparkive.co.uk or pick up a postcard from Hillsborough Library and drop it into the Parkive Postbox, designed by local artist Samantha Groom, during library opening hours. Throughout the summer you will be able to take part in creative workshops and pop-up events, and those with an appetite for drama will be able to sign up to join the community cast for the performance. This is the first project being run by RivelinCo, a new neighbourhood arts centre without walls which is based in Hillsborough. Their programme takes place in parks, supermarkets, community centres, high streets, car parks, empty shops, libraries, schools, and care homes – temporarily transforming them into theatres, galleries, workshops, classrooms and forums. You can find out more about them and sign up to their mailing list here: https://www.rivelinco.org/ or you can find them on social media @RivelinCo DISCLAIMER: RivelinCo has been set up by my partner, but I hope it's OK for me to post about it as I figure there are plenty of people with fascinating stories about/interest in the park on here.
  5. Short article on When Saturday Comes looking back at his career, mostly focusing on his time at Wednesday, with some nice photos in there too. Incredible to think that he played a full game for Sweden then flew back and played the FA Cup final replay the very next day – such a classy player to watch. https://www.wsc.co.uk/stories/14190-focus-on-roland-nilsson-sheffield-wednesday-s-swedish-cult-hero
  6. Always take any excuse to watch highlights from that season, especially Blackburn away, but did the row over his position in the Cup final taint your memories of him? Here's the WSC article: http://www.wsc.co.uk/features/14127-how-defender-paul-warhurst-briefly-became-the-country-s-most-fearsome-striker
  7. Article on the When Saturday Comes website here about how the uniqueness of the Steel City Derby because power is constantly shifting between the two clubs. Written more from a Wednesday perspective and also summarises why fans remain divided on Chansiri despite reaching the play-offs twice, but reasonably balanced.
  8. The 3-2 defeat in 1991 has been picked as a classic match by WSC: http://www.wsc.co.uk/videos/13432-classic-match-sheff-wed-2-3-aston-villa-1991 What do people remember about the game?
  9. *bump* A bit of reading for the morning, before everyone goes to the pub (if they haven't already)...
  10. A piece on When Saturday Comes – Underdogs Sheffield Wednesday have earned their shot in the play-off final http://www.wsc.co.uk/wsc-daily/1210-may-2016/13289-owls-ready-to-grasp-premier-league-chance-against-hull
  11. For a number of reasons, actually. Firstly standing up for sustained periods in seated areas is inherently unsafe – anyone falling forwards after, say, a goal has nothing to stop them, resulting in a domino effect which can result in the people in front getting injured. Secondly, standing up in seated areas means the people behind you don't have a choice but to stand as well if they want to see the match. Not everyone wants to stand, particularly the elderly, while children often cannot see unless they are standing on seats – increasing danger. Unfortunately, in the situation you describe they aren't given a choice. A dedicated standing section would give fans who want to stand the opportunity to do so without damaging the experience for those who may not wish to. Thirdly, a dedicated standing section would be a natural destination for those fans who already enjoy standing and singing. Rather than being split between stands they would combine in one area, increasing the atmosphere for everyone in the ground. Finally, the standing section would also be an opportunity (you would hope) for the club to offer cheaper tickets on a regular basis, though this wouldn't necessarily be the case. To address Nev's point about access for emergency services: safe standing is designed in rows the same as seats are now, with aisles of steps that do not have the barrier across them – in essence, it would be no better or worse to reach someone than it is now. Indeed, it may even be easier as there is more space on each row.
  12. I work in Whitechapel and use that station every day but am neither hirsute nor suited. I also don't believe I have ever talked about Aiden McGeady on the train. In conclusion, it wasn't me.
  13. Fans don't set the prices. They were justified in complaining about paying £33 at Hillsborough, and should've been supported by Wednesday fans. We're justified in moaning about paying £32 at the Riverside, and should be backed by Middlesbrough fans. Both clubs' leading fans' groups, in conjunction with the FSF, should've pushed their clubs to strike a deal whereby both sets of away fans were charged £20. Rather than argue across arbitrary divides, fans can put themselves in a stronger negotiating position if they look at the wider picture and work together to reduce prices for all.
  14. Our match against Rotherham was the WSC Match of the Month in the current issue. There's write up of the game and it's pretty positive about Wednesday Carvalhal, the way we play etc. Always nice to hear from a neutral. There is now a photo gallery online too which includes some good shots of the Wednesday fans celebrating: http://www.wsc.co.uk/wsc-daily/1203-november-2015/12939-rotherham-v-sheffield-wednesday-photo-gallery
  15. I don't agree that it's "rubbish" to say that Wednesday have had plenty of "false dawns". The rise under Paul Sturrock, Lee Strafford becoming chairman, Brian Laws' team that finished ninth, the Megson and then Dave Jones teams that led to promotion and optimism before struggling again. There have been numerous points over the past 15 years where there has been talk, both among media and fans, about waking the "sleeping giant", "new eras" etc. The point the article is making is that none of these actually worked out, and it is too early to tell yet whether this time it's going to be different.
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